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Lauren Ward

April 28, 2010
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by Sonia

Often times when I’m bored, I find myself browsing through Flickr photos, trying to find photographers that catch my eye. It’s through this boredom that I’ve found Anna Amphigorously, Chelsee Ivan, and my latest Flickr fave, Lauren Ward. While her Flickr page doesn’t have half the amount of photos as her website, it was just from these few photographs that I fell in love with her whimsical works.

You might recognize some of her photos from ad/editorial campaigns like Alternative Apparel and Wildfox Couture, which are only two of the many names on her client list. Her photos remind me Cass Bird and Jeff Olson’s photography, and since she’s already been featured in NYLON and Black Book Magazine, it’s only a matter of time until we see her work in editorials like Dazed & Confused and Oyster Magazine.

Ward’s photography tells a story; whether it’s a bohemian beauty outside in a field, or a musician sitting alone in a dark, isolated room, each picture is just a tiny moment within a much larger plot line. Like a window to a house, Lauren Ward’s photography is a glimpse into another person(s) life. A perfect distraction from a boring day like the one I am having right now.  ;)

For more photos, be sure to check out her website and blog!

Tribal Instincts

April 26, 2010

My initial topic for this post was going to be my “spring wish list”, but once I started gathering items together I noticed that everything seemed to fall into the same category: tribal prints.

Perhaps I’m drawn to these clothes because I don’t consider my style to be extremely girly. As much as I love floral prints and bright patterns, I sometimes find that they look a bit cheesy on me. Feminine silhouettes adorned in tribal fabrics is the perfect way for me to add an edge to my outfits. I primarily enjoy buying these kinds of prints and patterns at vintage and thrift shops, but they aren’t always easy to come by. Thankfully, these primitive prints are all over stores these days. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Aztec Print Hareem Trousers - $70
  2. The Wanderer Cape - $58
  3. Samantha Pleet Baha Jumpsuit - $250
  4. No. 6 Ruched Bodice Dress - $285
  5. Pendleton x Opening Ceremony Boxy Blazer - $495
  6. Osborn Black Candela Jazzie - $98
  7. Animal Parade Bag - $328
  8. Wildfox Cowboy Baggy Beach Jumper - $108

Dear Santa

December 8, 2009
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by Sonia

Dear Santa,

Here are a few things that I would love to find beneath my Christmas tree this year. I know some of it may not be yours or Mrs. Claus’ style, but I would really appreciate it. I’ve been a good girl this year, so no coal please. Thanks!


Runway Hippie

Clockwise from top:

1. JCrew Chiffon Trim Silk Blouse - $98

2. Brocade Boyfriend Jacket - $168

3. Tapered Tweed Trousers - $70

4. Huipile Bootie - $135

5. Comme Des Garcons Cardigan - $360

6. DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Vest - $168

7. Witch Hunt Pant - $72

8. Issa Cherry Print Cape Dress - $558

9. The Dancer Booties - $250

10. Cowboy Baggy Beach Jumper -$94

11. Ronnie Herringbone Bomber - $84.50

13. Belle of the Ball Skirt - $49.99