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October 13, 2011

I don’t know why but something about this outfit makes me think of traveling to Europe with friends and eating/drinking at sidewalk cafes. I think it’s because all of the pieces by American Living are versatile and comfortable (crucial when packing) and yet a pop of raspberry red lips, a bright flower and a classic pair of heels make them slightly more sophisticated.

One of my favorite things about traveling with friends is the process of getting ready for a night out on the town. Everyone’s rummaging in each other’s suitcases, the frequent question is “does this look ok?” and by the end of an hour spent getting ready, everyone is wearing each others clothes and usually far dressier than they need to be.

Although I don’t have any travel plans in the near future, I’m definitely making a mental note of this outfit for the next time I jet off to a fun place with friends.

{ gifted American Living jacket & cargo pants, H&M shirt, vintage Louis Vuitton heels, YSL Muse Bag }

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*this is a post sponsored by American Living - all of the ideas and outfit selections are my own.

São Paulo Photo Diary

June 2, 2011
tags: brazil, museu de arte de são paulo, photo diary, , sao paulo, ,
by Sonia

These past few days in São Paulo have been so fun! I’ve just been wandering around, exploring the city and ducking my nose into museums and shops. Yesterday I walked from Erin’s apartment to the Museu de Arte de São Paulo (quite the hike) and had the strangest experience; one second I was walking along an extremely busy street and the next thing I knew I was practically in a jungle. We’re talking full on exotic plants and trees and strange animal sounds coming from every corner of the “jungle” and then poof! I was at the museum…Brazil definitely sneak attacks you with nature. Although the Museu de Arte de São Paulo was small in size, it definitely had some incredible pieces of art including some Manet’s and Modigliani’s that I’ve never seen. After that I walked around a ritzy shopping street and treated myself to a brownie and a cappuccino. After not traveling to an unfamiliar country for so long, I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the lonely independence of exploring a city by myself.

~ this is an entire wall of post-its! ~

~ oh, hi! ~

Rio Photo Diary

May 31, 2011
tags: brazil, , photo diary, rio de janeiro, , ,
by Sonia

After a perfect weekend in Rio, I’m now back in São Paolo with a decent tan sunburn, a colorful new dress/jumpsuit and a bevy of photographs to edit/upload. Among the highlights of my short but sweet stay in Rio was the trek up to see the ever-so-famous Christo where I also happened to see a monkey in the wild eating a banana (hello amazing!), slurping up a fresh coconut on the beach where I also turned into a lobster, and a dinner at Zuka where Erin and I polished off some of the most delectable food I have ever eaten, and that’s sayin’ somethin’. Oh and before I forget, another highlight was falling in QUICKSAND while walking along the beach. Hands down one of the most hilarious and shocking experiences I’ve had in awhile, not to mention I thought quicksand only existed in movies like The Princess Bride.

And now, I’m going to go soak my body in some aloe before venturing out into this big city to do some serious exploring. More to come tomorrow! But until then, here’s some photos from my weekend in Rio.

~ a loser and the christo ~

~ new friend ~

~ this used to be a hotel… ~

Austin, TX

April 26, 2011
tags: austin texas, barton springs, , guide, hotel san jose, jos coffee, , tex mex, , , what to do
by Sonia

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent the weekend with two of my bestest friends in Austin, Texas. Before this past weekend I’d never been to Texas (aside from the airport…don’t think that counts though), but had heard only wonderful things, particularly about Austin. We stayed at the Hotel San Jose and immediately fell into a routine of Jo’s iced coffee and breakfast tacos in the morning followed by long walks, a bit of sight seeing and silly dance-offs in our hotel room. Some of the highlights from the trip were the countless numbers of food trucks, a dip in Barton Springs (turtles and salamanders live in it! ooh la la!), and bike riding around the city. Austin is definitely a place I’d love to return to, and I only hope that the next time is for SXSW because that’s something I’ve been dying to experience.

{ yum yum yum in my tum…their tex mex isn’t joking around }

{ fo’ realzies }

P.S. (!) I’ll be posting some more photos of my trip to Austin on my Facebook page later today, so be sure to ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!

I’m the Wanderer

April 19, 2011
tags: , , , , what to pack for a trip
by Sonia

It’s amazing how quickly a week or month can fill up with plans and events. Back in February I had no idea what I would be doing this spring, and now I have a calendar that’s packed with back-to-back traveling (Austin this weekend, San Francisco in the beginning of May and Brazil toward the end of May). Since I’m a planner by nature, I always start thinking about what I’m going to pack weeks in advance and even though my closet is filled to the brim, nothing ever seems suitable enough for a trip to a new place. I always end up buying things wherever I go, but there’s something wonderful about busting out a new dress or pair of shades on a vacation that you know will only bring happy memories. Here are some of my latest must-haves for my upcoming trips:

  1. Topshop Stars & Stripes Hot Pants - $66
  2. Diving Eagle Cuff - $32
  3. Rebecca Minkoff Baby Belle Cross Body - $150
  4. TBA Mira Dress - $174
  5. ADAM Satin Circle Shirt - $195
  6. Giant Dwarf Starlette Crown - $65
  7. Zara Wedge Straps - $70
  8. Rachel Comey Ruffle Shorts - $340
  9. Rachel Roy Elephant Ring - $55
  10. Opening Ceremony x Pendleton Cropped Knit Poncho - $290
  11. Marc by Marc Jacobs Bright Yellow Stripe Silk Dress - $685
  12. Topshop Silver Warrior Necklace - $60
  13. Illesteva Leonard - $160
  14. F Troupe Suede & Mesh Saddle Shoes - $170
  15. Topshop Hot Pink Blazer - $110