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Collecting Lost Items

December 3, 2013


How often have you held your fist up in the air, shaking it madly as you curse into the abyss of nothing because something you wanted to buy is no longer available? My guess is more than once. Sure, we tell ourselves that it wasn’t meant to be, that we were never supposed to own that pair of fur trimmed Alexander Wang heels, that our money is better spent somewhere else; but deep down we feel that hollow pang of a hunger unsated. Weeks, months, even years pass as we try to forget the one that got away, but true love never dies now does it? What if I was to tell you that there was a way to find whatever it is that slipped through your finger tips? You’d call me your fairy godmother, right? An all powerful sorceress! Fine, I’ll take the title, but I’m sure many of you already know the powerful and promising world of eBay. I’m sure that most of you also find eBay to be one overwhelming hullabaloo of stuff that seems too complicated to take part in, and boy, do I understand. The first time I purchased something on eBay was my freshman year of college when I didn’t understand the whole bidding system and wound up paying $300 for a vintage skirt that had a starting bid of $24. I paid this much because I bid $300 and well, let’s just say the skirt wasn’t that exciting so no one bothered to outbid me or bid on the item at all. Lesson learned.


Very often I find myself searching for the same thing on eBay. Penny Lane coats. Oscar de la Renta mules. Carry on bags that don’t scream flight attendant. But keeping track of everything I’m watching and searching for has, up until now, been like what I said earlier, a hullabaloo of stuff. I’ve also always wondered what it is that eBay ninjas (aka the people who are so talented at eBay they’ve practically outfitted their whole wardrobe and apartment in scoured goods) search for. What terms are they using? What sellers are they following? What is it that they are looking for that I seem to be missing out on? All of these issues are solved with the launch of eBay collections, a platform that allows users to curate and track their own groups of products and must-haves from the site’s 500 million+ items. With just a few searches and clicks —Proenza Schouler PS11—Mongolian Fur Trimmed Coat—First Edition Hemingway—I can keep all my findings in organized folders that make buying and bidding all the more easy. Even when an item sells out, eBay finds and suggests similar, if not the same items that are currently available. And what’s more is that you can follow other users’ collections — i.e. those eBay ninjas — to see what they’re tracking and buying. Now, I’m no ninja, but if this were karate I’d say I’m a purple belt when it comes to eBay hunting and gathering and you can follow all of my collections here. And if you like what you see above then act fast fast fast because all of those items are currently available for a limited time only in my compilation of collections. Oh wait, that’s right, if one sells out, eBay will suggest similar, if not the same items in its place! It’s time we all said goodbye to the days of missing out.


Your Fairy Godmother

My eBay collections were created in collaboration with eBay. #FollowItFindIt


September 18, 2012
by Sonia

Before each Fashion Week I get a little nervous wondering if the on-trend silhouettes and color palettes will be A-OK for little miss Sonia. I had a minor heart attack last Spring when every runway had an array of pastel colors as the light hues seriously wash me out. This fall however, is showing perhaps one of my favorite colors of all time, oxblood (otherwise known as maroon/burgundy for the PETA-enthusiasts).

I was browsing through AllSaints the other day with my friend Suz, blabbering about how we’re both in need of a new leather jacket this season. Normally, I would dive for black as it’s the most versatile “color” in my fall/winter wardrobe, but the buttery bloody ox leathers (ew) were calling my name. SooOooOooOoooooonia!!!

I showed major restraint by not purchasing anything, but the jackets I saw have positioned themselves at the forefront of my mind. Seeing these also launched my desire to infiltrate even more of my wardrobe with the dark moody color. I’ve long had the Proenza Schouler PS1 bag in burgundy on my “must-have” list, and let’s not forget that I dressed in an head-to-toe maroon outfit back in January.

In anticipation of the day that New York decides humidity is a climate of the past, here are some oxblood pieces I hope to sink my teeth into in the very near future.

Clockwise from top left:

AllSaints Leather Jacket | Isabel Marant pumps | Tom Ford lipstick in Black Orchid | Marc by Marc Jacobs Doctor bag | JW Anderson x Topshop sweater | T by Alexander Wang skirt | Alexander Wang booties


August 16, 2012
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by Sonia

Jason Wu

I have always loved a fashion illustration. One quick line here and a dab of red there and ta-da! it’s an outfit ready to hit the runway (or my body?).

I was going through some of my old magazine tear outs the other day and stumbled upon at least a dozen illustrations by Karl Lagerfeld, which then had me flipping through my fashion illustration book followed by some ferocious scouring on the web. How cool would it be if the designers published their sketches in a book each time they showed a collection during fashion week. I’d love to see how they translate from paper to catwalk strut.

Here’s a collection of some of my favorites but I have to say, finding designer sketches online is not an easy task.

Karl Lagerfeld

Stella McCartney

Tom Ford

Yves Saint Laurent

Scent of Summer

June 13, 2012
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by Sonia

Growing up in California, seasons were never a big thing for me; probably because we didn’t really have them. I’ve been living on the east coast for seven years now, but it’s only in the past few years that I’ve really embraced the whole lifestyle change according to seasons. I now switch out my winter clothes for summer clothes (who wants a down jacket hanging in their closet when it’s 80+ degrees outside?), I start keeping iced coffee in my fridge around May, and most recently I start using different perfumes depending on the time of year.

I prefer something a bit more vanilla based in the fall, patchouli based in the winter, deep and rich floral for spring, and crisp, clean florals for the summer. In other words, Gucci Guilty in the fall, Tom Ford Violet Blonde in the winter, Viktor & Rolf’s Flower Bomb in the spring, and Chloé’s Eau de Parfum in the summer.

It’s strange how just one simple spritz of a fragrance can jumpstart a season for me, but it’s a strange feeling I happily embrace four times a year.


November 9, 2011
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by Sonia

{ Finally bought Tom Ford’s “Violet Blonde” }

I go through periods where I’ll have nothing new and exciting in my closet and then bam! a whole slew of new treats make their way into my wardrobe. As frustrated as I get having nothing new to work with (we’ve all had that moment of “I have nothing to wear!!”), it definitely makes me work harder and try new looks with the pieces that I already have.

Having said all that, these are a few new yummies that have been in frequent rotation for the past week or so.

{ Earrings have made their way back into my life with these eagle beauties from Asos }

{ City Year Jeans (outfit coming soon!) & Jodhpur Jeans (worn here) c/o J Brand }

{ Gorgeous horn necklace c/o Jigsaw }

{ Topshop silk/velvet tees in 2 tasty colors (here & here) }