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The 10 Piece Wardrobe

May 14, 2013


Clockwise from top left: Topshop blazer | Isabel Marant shirt | Issa dress | Isabel Marant boots | Proenza Schouler bag | Asos belt | Ray-Ban sunglasses | Asos heels | Equipment blouse | J Brand jeans


The other day a friend of mine put me up to a challenge; she asked me what items I would choose if I was limited to a 10 piece wardrobe. Naturally, my first thought was, “Joseph’s beard! I can’t even limit myself to packing 10 pieces when going on a weekend getaway!” But I was into this challenge.

Before giving her my answer which, mind you, took about 30 minutes to put together, I made sure that I could leave items like underwear and socks off my list. Obviously those are “essentials” but that just seems too obvious to me. Once I got the go ahead to exclude the under-pieces, I began reciting my 10-piece wardrobe list, which I kind of want to turn into a song to the tune of Beyonce’s “Count Down”, but that’s for another time.

Now let’s break this ultimate wardrobe down.

1. The Black Blazer — Boring? Yes. Necessary? Abso-freakin-lutely. I cannot list the amount of times I’ve reached for my hip-length black blazer to add some polish to a look. The fact that it works with dresses, basic blue jeans, and even sweatpants is enough justification for me to own at least five of these, but we’re dealing with a 10-piece wardrobe so let’s just say I own one.

2. The White T-Shirt — Another basic necessity. Much like the blazer, I’ve found that the white tee can be dressed up and dressed down,  and functions as one of the more comfortable pieces in my closet. Suffice it to say, I wear my plain white tees as pajamas too.

3. The Day-to-Night Dress — Everyone believes the LBD (Little Black Dress) to be the ultimate wardrobe staple. I used to be one of those people, but I’ve changed my ways. I think that every woman should own a dress that transitions from day to night seamlessly. You want a dress that you can wear to brunch with the ladies before meeting up with Jack from Friday night for drinks. If this is a black dress for you, that’s fine, but don’t feel the need to limit yourself; hence my choice of a bright red Issa number.

4. The Ankle Boot — I never thought of boots as a year-round staple, but ones that let your ankles catch a breeze are comfortable and extreme climate friendly. I tend to opt for ones in a neutral color with a modest heel so that they go with everything and are easy to walk in.

5. The Shoulder Bag — Ok, this Proenza PS11 has been at the top of my must buy list for easily three years. When I first set eyes on it I knew it was the ultimate everyday bag. It’s a reasonable size, sits perfectly at the hip, and literally goes with everything. I know it’s on the pricier side,  but for something that’s going to be worn on a daily basis is worth a splurge (though I have yet to pull the trigger). For a more reasonable option, I suggest trying this Rebecca Minkoff cross-body that’s just as versatile and chic.

6. The Neutral Belt — Belts are one of those accessories that add dimension and breaks up silhouettes. An outfit consisting of jeans, a white t-shirt, and some ankle boots (all members of the 10-piece wardrobe) looks far more stylish when the tee is tucked into the jeans allowing the neutral belt to show. At least in my opinion, which is why you’re here. OK…moving forward…

7. Aviator Sunglasses — I’ve never met a person who doesn’t look good in aviators. Their tapered shape and slim frames are flattering on every face shape and aren’t the kind of shades that steal the spotlight like cat eye sunglasses or giant round ones as favored by Paris Hilton.

8. The Simple Heel — It’s up to you whether you prefer the pump or the sandal, but a straightforward heel is as necessary in a woman’s wardrobe as underwear. Just make sure that they go with everything and are one of the more comfortable footwear options in your closet — no one wants to wear shoes that make them walk like a drunk camel.

9. The Classic Button Down — I wear a button down almost every day, but reach for the one with blue and white stripes more often than not. The vertical stripes are flattering, it can be dressed up or down, and if you’re lucky, your boyfriend already owns a few so you can just borrow right from his closet. Whoa! Did I just narrow this down a nine-piece wardrobe!? 

10. The Skinny Jean — As much as I love the Mom Jeans, there is nothing I wear more often than skinny jeans. Once you find a brand and cut that fits you like a second set of skin, I guarantee you will wear them until the butt rips. This just happened to me with my favorite pair of Hudson jeans, though I am also a huge fan of J Brand, Rag & Bone, and Paige Denim.

Do you think I’m missing anything? I’d love to know what you think is the ultimate 10-piece wardrobe! TELL ME PLEASE!

The Graphic Tee

April 1, 2013
tags: beetlejuice, brian lichtenberg, , celine, editor, frat boy couture, graphic tee, homies, , i don't get drunk, i get awesome, i'm with stupid, idaho no udaho, msgm, , , put me on your blog, , , , , , tees,
by Sonia


Clothes emblazoned with obnoxious sayings have played interesting roles in my wardrobe since 1995 — the year Clueless came out. It was around this time that I hit up stores like Contempo Casuals (RIP), Delia*s, and Alloy for shirts with words like “Whatever,” “As If,” and “Like Totally” written out in holographic letters across the chest. Fast forward to 1998 and I was the ultimate Abercrombie + Fitch girl. I’d wear the ‘crombie, I’d wear the Fitch, and I also wore the Juicy Couture pants with “Juicy” pasted across my gluteus maximus. Since then I’ve taken a rather long hiatus from wearing any sort of words on a piece of clothing as most of them are fratty dumb sayings like “Idaho No Udaho,” “I’m With Stupid,” and “I Don’t Get Drunk, I Get Awesome” — ugh.

But even I, the ultimate hater of frat boy couture, can be swayed by the right saying. So here you see me wearing perhaps the most obnoxious shirt a blogger could wear and it makes me wonder if this is the start of something tragically awesome. I’ve already started reaching for more printed t-shirts when getting dressed, pairing them with everything from pencil skirts to the printed denim you see here. And now I can’t help but think that maybe this is a step back in my sartorial maturity — though I still love a good turtleneck. I probably won’t start wearing shirts with A+F printed across my chest, but with all the Céline, Homies, and “Put Me On Your Blog” tees, it’s a fair bet that graphic t-shirts are making a major comeback; at least in my wardrobe. And while I don’t think you’ll find me chugging beer with a bunch of dudes over a game of beer pong, given the look I’m getting from the guy in the picture below, I’m pretty sure I’ve got an in with the male crew. Maybe he has a blog, too?


Love is in the glare.


I think he liked me!



Zara jacket | MSGM shirt | Hudson jeans | vintage hat | Kelsi Dagger heels | Angel jackson bag
// photos by Emily Malan

Consider the Hybrid

February 27, 2013
tags: blazer, body, booties, , celine, , , fit, fur, , khirma eliazov, leather leggings, leather pants, nine west, outerwear, , paloma leather leggings, pamela love, pamela love x nine west, , pink, , , , sahar dada, skinny, , , , , sunglasses, top blogger
by Sonia


Several months ago I caved and bought my first pair of leather pants. I admit they were a bit snug, but I wanted them to have that extra skinny fit. With a couple of wears and a few too many episodes of sweating on the subway, I was not only in love but convinced that all the hoo-ha about leather pants being the number 1 item women most regret buying was a misconstrued statistic.  These edgy pants were comfortable, glorious and cupped my butt beautifully!

But then the worst thing to happen to a woman in skinny pants happened. As I was getting out of an SUV taxi in the most unladylike fashion — legs spread like I was doing a grand plié — I heard a ripping noise followed by a waft of cool air around my nether regions. Looking down, my $Did-You-Really-Just-Spend-That-Much-On-Leather-Pants? were split right down the middle. Thankfully this was a taxi ride home to my apartment so I didn’t have to deal with crotch-ripped pants in public, but I was devastated and mortified nonetheless. Not only did I feel like a hippopotamus but my beloved leather pants were done-zo. Finito. Tombstone ready. This is what all those women were complaining about! Their pants ripped! I’m convinced.

Fast forward a few months later and I came upon a pair of pants that were half leather/half leggings. While skeptic given my previous leather pants debacle, I decided to give these hybrids a go. With a wiggle here and a lunge there, I was in my new skinny fit leather leggings and beyond pleased with their flattering cut and pajama-like comfort. But the ultimate test had to be done because God forbid I rip another pair without the luxury of being so close to home like the last time. So, I turned my apartment into a mini ballet studio trying out grand pliés, grand battements, and just about any other “grand” movement I could think of.

After a good sweat and probably one of the better shows I have ever given my neighbors, I am pleased to announce that not so much as a seam popped. I have since worn these almost everyday and am also pleased to announce that they have barely stretched out. So, if you’re one of the women who curses the moment she bought leather pants or find yourself debating whether or not to take the plunge, I urge you to consider the hybrid. And much like a 1980s mullet or that time in 8th grade when you thought that if you only shaved the front of your legs no one would notice the hairy situation going on in the back, these pants are bound to make you look awesome from any angle.






Rag & Bone jacket | Sahar Dada fur stole c/o | Zara shirt | Paige leather leggings c/o | Khirma Eliazov bag (borrowed) | Pamela Love x Nine West boots | Celine sunglasses | Saks beanie

// photos by Emily Malan