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January 12, 2012

After posting about the bold floral and tropical trends to expect this spring, I’ve found myself sifting through the web racks for relevant pieces to update my wardrobe. I’ve never been the “tropical vacation” type of girl (I get antsy after sitting on the beach for too long. So sue me!) but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good rainforest hibiscus print! Though Stella McCartney had my back (doesn’t she always?) with her Resort 2011 citrus prints, she’s come back again with more bright tropicali prints for her Resort 2012 collection (which also boasts some serious deck chair wonders) along with other designers and brands (Asos, Topshop, Tory Burch, Hawaiian gift shops).

I just purchased this floral suit from Asos and am getting tingling sensations of joy just from looking at this Mary Katrantzou dress.   And since you all know me as being the shop-a-holic type that stops at nothing, I’m obviously going to share all the other floral explosion pieces I’m currently coveting.



  1. Topshop Hawaiian Floral Bomber - $96
  2. SUNO Beaded Beach Mini Dress - $660
  3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Horizon Teal Floral Silk Pants - $430
  4. Rodarte for Opening Ceremony Floral High Heel Story - $528
  5. Tory Burch Dalton Printed Blouse - $325
  6. Asos Fabric Envelope Clutch - $81.81
  7. Citizens of Humanity Mandy Printed Jeans - $190
  8. Topshop Floral Lace Pleat Skirt - $76
  9. Zimmermann Idyllic Taped Shirt - $560
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The Mystery Spot

November 12, 2010

Ever since reading the New York Times’ article on the Mulleavy sisters favorite childhood go-t0 otherwise known as the Mystery Spot, I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind.

Deep within California’s redwood forests, just outside Santa Cruz, lies a perplexing place called the Mystery Spot where the laws of physics and gravity are non-existent. Within the small area is a house where although standing “upright” you appear to be on on a slant, where a ball rolls up a hill instead of down and where someone taller than you actually appears to be shorter.

Many of the myths about this tourist attraction include stories involving an alien burying metals or a spaceship underground. Others include a hole in the ozone layer or carbon dioxide penetrating the earth. But to be honest I’m not concerned about what causes this particular area of the world to be so anti-gravity, what I’m concerned about is when I’m going to get there. As fun as it is to travel to exotic new places, sometimes a short little day trip to a place full of interesting and exciting facts is all you really need.

straight up or on a slant? •

• does the ball roll up or down? •

• redwood forest •


Have you ever been to the Mystery Spot?


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Rodarte for Target

December 7, 2009
by Sonia

According to Coutorture this is the complete look book by Rodarte for Target. I’m not really sure how I feel about the collaboration. I expected something a bit more exciting from the Mulleavy sisters.

I do like the yellow sweater in the third look and the jean jacket in the last look is fabulous.

What do you think??

Rodarte vs. Edward Scissorhands

September 16, 2009
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by Sonia


Spring 2010: RODARTE

September 16, 2009
by Sonia

The Mulleavy sisters strike again as gothic decay invaded the runway at Rodarte. I don’t even know where to begin with this collection because it, like every other Rodarte collection, is so jaw droppingly innovative that I often find myself speechless. This years theme was based around the notion of being “scarred and still beautiful”. While the actual fabric was not the typically beautiful (cheese cloth, ripped up plaid, and other grungey trimmings), the construction of each piece was absolutely stunning. Each design was draped with different materials that were manipulated and bonded together in such a way that left me questioning how one even gets these clothes on. While the pieces looked old and grungey, the construction of the designs along with Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, the dark lips and tribal like drawings on the models arms projected a sense of futurism.  The collection doesn’t scream springtime jolly, but that’s the essence of Rodarte; never do the Mulleavy sisters follow the trends of the seasons, they make something that people have never seen before. What I personally enjoy about Rodarte is that while so much of it looks almost unwearable, suddenly you see a dress walking down the red carpet and realize that the designs are indeed wearable and even more beautiful than you imagined.