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I’m Quitting Platforms (Maybe)

July 29, 2013
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by Sonia


I was in Barneys the other day shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding I’m attending next month when I decided to take a quick gander at the shoe floor to browse its glorious sale racks. Miu Miu, Tabitha Simmons, Giuseppe Zanotti, Manolo Blahnik, Pierre Hardy, Fendi; all the good guys were there and my feet and I were basking in beautiful shoe ecstasy. After trying on multiple pairs, I came up for air and remembered why I had come to Barneys in the first place; I needed a dress for a black tie wedding and what new dress doesn’t need a new pair of shoes to go with it? The answer is none. Collect $200 and pass Go.

Since the wedding is being held primarily on grass and dirt, the option of a sleek stiletto is pretty much out of the question thus limiting my footwear choices to wedges, flat sandals, or a pump with a thick heel. Though I had at least eight pairs of shoes infront of me, I sifted through and pulled out the only feasible pair for next month’s affair: a pair of green suede Miu Miu platforms (with a thick heel) marked 40% off. They fit perfectly and the color was a more fabulous pistachio green than any pistachio thats entered my lips, but they just weren’t hitting the spot. Though this usually means I don’t like whatever I’m trying on, that really wasn’t the case. I did like them. I even wore them around the shoe floor for a solid ten minutes debating whether or not to buy them. But what finally made me put them back in their box and walk away was an issue that I face more frequently than the issue of needing more nude underwear. I didn’t like the platform. It felt dated. And though my opinion rarely fluctuates when it comes to style and taste, my thoughts on the platform versus the classic stiletto change as frequently as Jessica Simpson’s weight. One second I’m pro-platform and the next I’m pushing all of my platformy heels to the back of my closet wondering why I ever bought them in the first place.

My current issue with platforms is that no matter the outfit, they immediately become the dominant feature (see Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection and tell me that despite the clothes being outlandish, you can’t take your eyes off the armadillo heels). And while I’m in favor of shoes taking the spotlight, sometimes I just want them to compliment a look. It’s like mustard; sometimes you use mustard to disguise the flavor of something on your plate, while other times you just want it to heighten the taste.

Does this mean that I’m off platforms for good? No, probably not. You’ll likely see me styling them in some outfit next week. But for the time being, I’m taking a height-raising platform hiatus. Consider it a diet. Or maybe it’s me becoming more refined and mature. But as someone who’s a bit adverse to huge proclamations, let’s just call it a diet. Ok? Ok.

Heart String Band

February 5, 2013


 Having been chained to my bed with a feverish mucous monster for the past seven days, my recent sartorial choices haven’t been, shall I say, “blog worthy.”  Leggings and an oversize t-shirt, which I change out of only if a soup stain or snot dribble occurs, doesn’t seem like the kind of outfit updates you come here to find. So, on Saturday as I made yet another venture outside the confines of my duvet and six pillow mashup for more cough medicine, I slipped into a real outfit (including a bra!) to take some style snaps.

There are certain pieces of clothing that I obsess over so relentlessly that I don’t even get the pleasure of dreaming about them. No, these pieces pull so hard at my heart strings that they keep me up at night, taunting my mind with all their beauty and outfit possibilities. Miu Miu’s cat printed Spring 2010 collection is one member of my Heart String Band, and Stella McCartney’s latest resort collection certainly plucks at the base chords, but there are some members of this band that wear down my strings to a point that I can no longer take. Just like some dreams are made to become realities, certain pieces of clothing are made to be on my body, not strumming away at some ridiculous metaphor which I think I’ve worn out at this point. 

At last this brings me to these Isabel Marant jeans. The first time I saw them I literally said out loud to François, “Hello, Goooorgeous” (for those of you who have seen the movie Funny Girl, you will get that quote. For those of you who haven’t, go watch it). But alas when the time came for these printed pants to hit stores, my bank account was in no shape to buy them. For months I watched them fly off the racks; I even saw a pair on the L train one Tuesday morning and considered offering the girl wearing them all the cash in my wallet, but I only had four dollars. So I let the tormenting dream fade.

But then while I was bopping around a cute boutique in San Francisco a few weeks ago, the owner and I got to talking about our shared love for Isabel Marant. It was then that I opened myself up to vulnerability and relayed this jean dream to her, praying she’d understand my pain and would at least empathize with me. But she did better than empathize; she presented me with a solution. She told me to call up Barneys all across the US asking if they had the jeans in my size. I gave the owner a giant hug and ran home to call every Barneys imaginable. And with just a bit of fashion fever luck I was able to track down a pair (on mega sale no less!) and have them shipped to my very own Brooklyn doorstep.

So you see, while my sinus headache may be keeping me up at night, I can rest assured knowing that the pair of jeans I was convinced I’d never own are now a member of my denim family.




Mango sweater (similar) | Isabel Marant jeans | Boutique 9 heels | Zara bag | Converse sunglasses c/o

//photos by Emily Malan

Win Win Accessories (on eBay!)

November 6, 2012
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by Sonia

I’ve always said that with the right accessories any outfit can look chic and refined, especially in the fall and winter months.

While bags and shoes are the bread to my butter, I also have an affinity for scarves, hats, gloves, etc. I don’t enjoy the cold all that much, but I do love a good pair of mittens or mukluks.

I find a sufficient amount of my accessories by shopping/bidding on eBay, and consider myself to be quite the eBay scavenger — I’ve scored everything from a Marni clutch to a Hermes bracelet on the site, and at discounted prices no less!

Using keywords like “authentic” or “NWT” (stands for “New With Tags”) is helpful when searching for designer pieces on eBay, but I also find that looking a seller’s history is crucial to knowing that what you’re bidding on is coming from a good and honest place.

Another tip for eBay hunting is to not bid until the very last couple of minutes. The prices go up pretty quickly (especially with accessories) once you start bidding, so the longer you wait the better. I add things to my “Watch List” on almost a daily basis, and currently have my eye on the 8 pieces below.

I have yet to go into a bidding war on any of these, but mark my words, I know how to watch and win. It’s all about knowing your limits.









DISCLAIMER: This post is part of eBay Finders, a new partnership that present collections of items curated by a carefully selected group of style setters. Find more information at eBay Fashion #eBayFinders

Lolita Summer

May 16, 2012
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by Sonia

In the fall and winter I’m all about the edge - give me a leather jacket, dark jeans, and boots any day of the week and I’m set - but once summer comes around I trade all that grungy stuff in for sweet and feminine pieces. This season I’ve noticed that I’m really inspired by the 1950s style of Lolita. Cherry prints, lots of gingham, and saddle shoes are what I plan to gather for the fast approaching season along with Lipsmacker lip balm, lots of bubble gum and a good tan.

Here are some pieces on my summer wish list - can you guess which one I’ve already snatched up?

  1. Miu Miu Gingham Slingbacks - $595
  2. Selima Sun for J.Crew Sophia Sunglasses - $128
  3. Topshop Cherry Glitter Sun Dress - $72
  4. Étoile Isabel Marant Crochet Sweater - $460
  5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy Straw Canteen - $158
  6. BaubleBar Silver Star Studs - $24
  7. Chloé Eau de Parfum (my summer scent) - $85
  8. Style by Marina Denim Jacket - $74
  9. Juicy Couture Cherry Print Bikini Top and Ruffle Bottom - $160/$78
  10. Style by Marina Crochet Skirt - $59
  11. Rachel Antonoff x Bass Saddle Shoe - $138

Crazy Cat Lady

February 20, 2012

I have a real weakness for cat-printed clothing. Ok, fine. I have a real weakness for cats; but since this is a fashion blog, let’s stick to how cats may or may not have replaced the polka dot.

I’d like to think that it all began when Miu Miu sent out a line-up of sassy cat-printed pieces for its Spring 2010 collection* but I have a feeling it started well before then. Either way, I’ve picked up my fair share of pieces that would meow if they could, but nearly lost 9 lives when I saw the Glamour x Opening Ceremony Cat Embroidered Sweater on some of my favorite bloggers and editors during Fashion Week.

There was no question that this little sweater would soon make it’s way into my closet — though I did have some trouble deciding between the black and the white. I ultimately chose white because it reminds me of Kitten Marie from the Aristocats, but don’t be surprised if you find the black one sneaking it’s way into an outfit post in the near future…

*Note: If anyone is willing to part with any piece of this collection — namely the cat-print collar — I will gladly rip take it off your neck hands.

// photos via Tommy Ton & Google Image Search