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Out on a Brim

December 16, 2010

Yesterday as I was doing some of my Christmas shopping at All Saints I couldn’t help but try on their Salerno Fedora, a perfectly sculpted menswear inspired hat that I ended up wearing around the store while shopping for friends and family. I didn’t end up buying it which I now kind of regret, but it reminded me just how much I love a good fedora. In the summertime I’m rarely seen without one of my straw ones (see here), and in the fall/winter I find nothing adds texture to a bundled up look quite like my vintage felt fedora.

While some trends may come and go, the fedora trend has stood the trend test of time in womens wear. In 1937 silver screen siren Carole Lombard looked particularly fantastic wearing a fur fedora (see below), and today it’s impossible to browse through a street style blog or tabloid magazine without seeing at least one style icon sporting one of these gangster-inspired hats. So, in my efforts to find new ways to wear my fedoras instead of buying a new one, here are some sartorial inspirations for rocking these ever popular sturdy brimmed, wooly felt hats.

Carole Lombard, 1937

photos via google image search, refinery 29, stockholm street style & fashion toast

A Little Leg Room

October 4, 2010
tags: androgynous, baggy pants, , green pants, how to wear baggy pants, , loose fitting pants, , , slacks, , stylish, , , wide leg pants, womenswear
by Sonia

Although I will forever stay true to my skinny black jeans, I’ve always had a love for wideleg, baggy trousers. I’ve said it twice before and I’ll say it again, there’s something undeniably sexy about a woman wearing menswear inspired clothing. As gorgeous as a form-fitting Hervé Léger dress can look on a woman, I find that at times it’s nice to leave a little something for the imagination. Whenever I throw on a pair of trousers, slacks, wide-leg jeans - you name it - I find that I not only immediately feel more elegant and chic, but I am ten times more comfortable! Just like on an airplane, there’s really nothing like a little leg room.

Over the past few seasons there have been a plethora of wide-leg pants gracing the runway, but there have been also been a ton of loose-fitting blouses and pairing the two together is less than flattering. Talk about looking like one billowy blimp!

Indeed, finding the right top and shoes for a pair of wide-leg pants can be a bit of a challenge. However, if the trousers are high-waisted I’ve found that tucking in a slim fitted tank or tee provides the most flattering silhouette; and if the pants are a low-rise, relaxed fit then a structured and strong shouldered blazer is the best option. Below are some ladies who really know how to turn an androgynous pant into something feminine and sexy.

photos via the sartorialist, google image, chictopia

Stand By Your Man

June 3, 2010
tags: bow ties, cufflinks, how to wear men's clothing, mens fashion, , menswear as womenswear, topman,
by Sonia

Almost every time I go shopping I make sure to spend as much time in the men’s department as I do the women’s.  I have always preferred the boxier fit of a men’s t-shirt, and find that accessories like bow ties and cufflinks can create a much more polished look than say, a necklace and a pair of earrings.

I have always been fond of men’s fashion, and have been collecting what I deem to be menswear staples for quite some time. From a bright orange necktie (seen here) to an excessive amount of men’s dress shirts and suspenders, my closet is rapidly filling with pieces one might only expect to find in their grandfather’s wardrobe.

Below I have compiled some of my favorite pieces from online men’s stores.

  1. People’s Market Cheshelter Shirt - $96
  2. Forever21 Woven Straw Fedora - $11.90
  3. Burberry Knot Cufflinks - $114
  4. Forzieri Red Polkadot Pre-tied Bowtie - $42
  5. Topman Black Vintage Navajo Braces - $24
  6. Pegleg Mid-Stripe Tee - $52.50
  7. Timex Silver Core Easy Reader - $58
  8. All Saints Ostberg Cardigan - $125
  9. Sperry Top-Sider - $74.95
  10. Topman Tortoise Plastic Sunglasses - $28

Walk Like A Man

March 5, 2010
tags: mens fashion, mens street style, , menswear as womens wear, stockholm mens street style, the sartorialist mens street style, top menswear looks
by Sonia

It’s no news that menswear has become a major trend for women in the past year. Between boyfriend jackets and boyfriend jeans to oxford shirts and oxford shoes, women seem to be drawn to the clean-cut, class-act look of men’s clothing.

I myself am no exception to this trend…although, perhaps it started when I was a little girl with a plethora of hand-me-down clothes from my two older brothers. :)

me (in some hand-me-downs) and my two brothers circa 1992

That being said, some of my fashion staples (see here) are indeed both oxford shoes and shirts. I’ve just recently learned how to tie my own tie, seem to find myself browsing the men’s section more often than not, and am as equally drawn to men’s street style as I am to women’s.

I thought I’d share some of the men’s fashion that inspire my outfit choices, so below I have compiled some of my favorite street style photos. Enjoy!

source: the sartorialist, jak & jil, stockholm street style