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Working the Slouch and Chunk

November 12, 2013


One autumn morning several years ago, I stepped outside my Alphabet City apartment to grab coffee with my boyfriend at the time. He was waiting for me downstairs and upon seeing me told me that I looked like a lumpy pillowcase. I was wearing an oversize chunky sweater and drop-crotch harem pants, and though I was extremely comfortable — and why shouldn’t I be?! We were just going to get coffee! — I glanced down and realized he had a point. It looked as though I’d robbed the local coffee shop and stuffed multiple loafs of poundcake around my middle section. The only area of me that was slightly defined was my ankles since the drop-crotch pants tapered around there. I shrugged off his observation — again, we were just grabbing coffee (and poundcake?) — but that was the end of pairing tent pieces together.


I’ve more or less graduated from my days of harem pants (I say more or less because I have a feeling they’ll come back), but oversize chunky sweaters remain a crucial part of my fall and winter uniform. There are the obvious benefits of wearing bulky sweaters — warmth, the concealing of muffin tops and stolen poundcakes, did I say warmth? — but I’ve also discovered that, after failing miserably with harem pants, when styled with something a little more body skimming on the bottom (i.e. skinny jeans, flared denim, mini and/or pencil skirts) they can actually be quite leg-slimming. So, with Thanksgiving a little over two weeks away and your inevitable debacle of, “What can I wear that’s flattering but still allows me to stuff as much turkey, stuffing, and pie into my person without bursting a seam?” allow me to recommend a slouchy sweater paired with something slightly more dressy than the cargo jeans I’m wearing here. Or just keep something like this close by for next day tummy coverage as you will most likely still be full from the previous day’s gorging. Or is that just me?


Rag & Bone hat | Mango sweater | Rich & Skinny jeans | Kelsi Dagger shoozies | Proenza Schouler bag


// photos by Victoria Tsigonis


Heart String Band

February 5, 2013


 Having been chained to my bed with a feverish mucous monster for the past seven days, my recent sartorial choices haven’t been, shall I say, “blog worthy.”  Leggings and an oversize t-shirt, which I change out of only if a soup stain or snot dribble occurs, doesn’t seem like the kind of outfit updates you come here to find. So, on Saturday as I made yet another venture outside the confines of my duvet and six pillow mashup for more cough medicine, I slipped into a real outfit (including a bra!) to take some style snaps.

There are certain pieces of clothing that I obsess over so relentlessly that I don’t even get the pleasure of dreaming about them. No, these pieces pull so hard at my heart strings that they keep me up at night, taunting my mind with all their beauty and outfit possibilities. Miu Miu’s cat printed Spring 2010 collection is one member of my Heart String Band, and Stella McCartney’s latest resort collection certainly plucks at the base chords, but there are some members of this band that wear down my strings to a point that I can no longer take. Just like some dreams are made to become realities, certain pieces of clothing are made to be on my body, not strumming away at some ridiculous metaphor which I think I’ve worn out at this point. 

At last this brings me to these Isabel Marant jeans. The first time I saw them I literally said out loud to François, “Hello, Goooorgeous” (for those of you who have seen the movie Funny Girl, you will get that quote. For those of you who haven’t, go watch it). But alas when the time came for these printed pants to hit stores, my bank account was in no shape to buy them. For months I watched them fly off the racks; I even saw a pair on the L train one Tuesday morning and considered offering the girl wearing them all the cash in my wallet, but I only had four dollars. So I let the tormenting dream fade.

But then while I was bopping around a cute boutique in San Francisco a few weeks ago, the owner and I got to talking about our shared love for Isabel Marant. It was then that I opened myself up to vulnerability and relayed this jean dream to her, praying she’d understand my pain and would at least empathize with me. But she did better than empathize; she presented me with a solution. She told me to call up Barneys all across the US asking if they had the jeans in my size. I gave the owner a giant hug and ran home to call every Barneys imaginable. And with just a bit of fashion fever luck I was able to track down a pair (on mega sale no less!) and have them shipped to my very own Brooklyn doorstep.

So you see, while my sinus headache may be keeping me up at night, I can rest assured knowing that the pair of jeans I was convinced I’d never own are now a member of my denim family.




Mango sweater (similar) | Isabel Marant jeans | Boutique 9 heels | Zara bag | Converse sunglasses c/o

//photos by Emily Malan

Dreaming of Silk

June 12, 2012
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by Sonia

Ever since I wore those billowy silk Elizabeth and James trousers, jeans or really any type of pant feel like restrictive sausage casings. But that’s to be expected when you’re essentially wearing pajama pants outside, right?

This trend is nothing new, in fact it’s safe to say I’m late to the game, but breezy trousers are all I want to wear these days as the temps start rising. I mean who wouldn’t want to to feel a breeze up their legs without having the fear of pulling a Marilyn Monroe?

I haven’t pulled the trigger on buying another pair - who knows how long this trend will last - but I have a feeling one or two more  silky trousers will find their way into my wardrobe before the summer’s out.

Thoughts on this trend? Yay? Nay? Hey? Ok!

{ From left to right: Malene Birger, Sandro, Mango, Versace Versus, Helene Berman }

// first photo by Jak & Jil

Greys Anatomy

June 7, 2012
tags: basic, , booties, , comfortable, , , grey jeans, greys anatomy, , junk food, , , , , , ,
by Sonia

As I said, there are some days that I dress like a total whacka-doo and then there are others when I’m as simple as they come. Here lies one of the more standard outfits to emerge from my wardrobe. A linen blazer, skinny jeans, a pair of booties, and a graphically printed t-shirt that I turned inside out for something even more simple. The result isn’t nearly as exciting as what comes from pairing polka dot pants with a cropped tee and cat eye sunglasses, but sometimes a basic outfit can feel equally as chic.

In other news, have you guys ever watched Grey’s Anatomy? I know I’m late to the game, but I just started watching and am totally addicted.

{ Mango blazer (old), Junk Food t-shirt turned inside out c/o, Genetic Denim jeans, Roberto Cavalli heels, Angel Jackson bag }

//photos by Emily Malan

Affordable Jewelry At Your Fingertips

March 13, 2012
tags: affordable jewelry, , astrology jewelry, bargains, , baublebar, blu bijoux, , bracelets, , catbird, , claw, collar, cute jewelry, , gorjana, hermes, ikat, insects, joanna hilman, knuckle, libra, , max and chloe, miss selfridge, Modcloth, moustache, nail ring, nastygal, need supply, , , rachel roy, rhinestones, rings, , shashi, , skinny gold rings, , steals, , , under 50, urban outfitters, ,
by Sonia

Are you ready for a seriously intense shopping post? Good! Me too.

Last week I had a request from a reader to feature some affordable jewelry to add to her growing collection. Well, ask dear reader and you shall receive! I know what it’s like to see things in a store that are ridiculously expensive and feel like you’ll never be able to dress a certain way cause you don’t have the mula dula in your bankula (*read: insufficient funds in bank account). That’s where I come in.

Allow me to lend my personal shopper skills and show you a variety of bracelets, necklaces, and rings all for under $50! No scouring in the bargain bins for you, no siree!, these are pieces that I either own or am currently craving from a number of my favorite shops. Now lets go get our bling on! Exclamation points!!!

  1. BaubleBar Gold U Cuff - $26
  2. Asos Stud Bracelet - $26
  3. Need Supply Ikat Bracelet - $16
  4. Asos Arrow Drop Chain Bracelet - $18
  5. Forever21 Toggle Bracelet - $8 (I have this in red!)
  6. Urban Renewal Beaded Bracelet - $8
  7. Blu Bijoux Silver Crystal Cuff - $39
  8. Gorjana Astrology Charm Bracelet - $36
  9. Shashi Neon Nugget Bracelet - $22 (Just bought this exact one!)

  1. Asos Moustache Necklace - $10.74
  2. Modcloth Night Captivating Necklace - $25
  3. Miss Selfridge Silver Cutout Necklace - $12
  4. Rachel Rachel Roy Star & Moon Necklace - $38
  5. Forever21 Woven Chain Necklace - $6.80
  6. NastyGal Goldmine Collar - $18
  7. Modcloth Someone Special Necklace - $20

  1. Topshop Nail Tip Ring - $15
  2. French Connection Bee Ring - $32.23 (Insect jewelry lovers unite!)
  3. Mango Row Set Ring - $15
  4. Rachel Rachel Roy Libra Ring - $39
  5. Fashionology Silver Knuckle Claw Ring - $37
  6. CatBird Threadbare Rings - $44 each (I wear these everyday!)
  7. Urban Outfitters Bengal Bay Ring - $18
// first photo via Tommy Ton