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The Perfect White Tee

November 11, 2013


Clockwise from top left: Etoile Isabel Marant | Rag & Bone | R13 | Topshop | T by Alexander Wang


There are a couple of things I consider to be essentials in my wardrobe — a leather jacket, flattering jeans, a classic black bag — but I’ve found none to be as versatile and important as the simple white t-shirt. Worn casually with a basic pair of jeans or dressed up with a floor-length skirt, the options for styling a plain white t-shirt are literally endless — it’s the finding of the ultimate PWT (plain white tee) that can be tricky.

I used to wear white Hane’s t-shirts exclusively — they’re just so affordable and easy to find! — but realized that their boxy fit and crunchy fabric wasn’t the most flattering to my shape. I then turned my attention to American Apparel tees that feature a softer fabric but still have the unfortunate quadratic fit. Knowing fully well that I needed a better option/go-to for a white tee (and aware that I wasn’t alone in the quest to find the perfect one), I started to think about all the qualities I look for in a good tee. The first thing that came to mind was thinness; I want the fabric to be worn-in enough that you can see my areolas bra beneath it. The next thing that perked up in my noggin was obviously the shape of the tee. I don’t want anything too fitted, but I also don’t want to look like I’m wearing a shirt made for Spongebob. A slight tapering at the waistline with a looser and wider fit at the hemline is ideal. Then there’s the sleeve situation. I hate when sleeves are baggy and long, fitting like an extra large sweatshirt sleeve cut just above the elbow. But I also hate when the sleeve is so tight it looks like it’s pinching my sagging tricep arm. There should be a happy medium between the two where the hem of the sleeve sits about 4-5 inches below my shoulder and has room to slip one to two fingers between the fabric and my skin. I’ll bet you never thought someone could get so particular about something as simple as a white t-shirt; or maybe you have and that’s why you’re still reading this post. The good news is that there are multiple brands that understand the art of the perfect white t-shirt and though they’re not as accessible as a Hane’s t-shirt at your local Duane Reade, they’re just a click away from your fingertip (after you put in your credit card number and billing zipcode but whatever you know how to online shop).

My favorite t-shirt brands include but are not limited to: Etoile Isabel Marant, Topshop, T by Alexander Wang, R13, Rag & Bone, Wilt and LNA and can be shopped in the slideshow below.


The New Casual

March 11, 2013
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by Sonia


There are only two scenarios where you will find me dressed without thought: when going to the gym and/or when walking Finn. It’s not that throwing on a pair of leggings and some comfy shoes doesn’t cross my mind on a regular basis, but I like to look good and find I’m more productive when showered and “properly” dressed.

The last few runway seasons however, have blurred the line between sportswear and ready-to-wear. Colorful running shoes have become as much of a staple for the fashion elite as they have for gym rats. Track pants are no longer just paired with soccer cleats, they’re worn with designer heels. Sports bras have become a new sort of crop top, though you had better have a six-pack to go with them. And that’s just the thing — are all these new athletic style statements boosting peoples interest in exercise? I have no idea. Though I will say that people are far better dressed at the gym (myself excluded). It has also brought a new appropriateness to street style (myself somewhat included).

A few years ago I would never have considered running shoes and athletic-inspired pants as a feasible outfit for anything other than the gym or walking Finn. I have always shunned those women who wear sneakers for their commute to work and I was never one of those girls who looked good in oversize basketball shorts and a hoodie. So how could sportswear as ready-to-wear ever be right for me? I decided to test the trend this weekend.

I felt a little strange at first, mainly because never in my life have I worn running shoes for anything other than working out. But after a couple of hours I felt pretty cool — like one of those aforementioned girls who looks good in mens basketball shorts and a college hoodie. I was also ridiculously comfortable. Like I could have curled up and taken a nap or gone on a run. Had it not been for the blazer however, I would have felt a little slobbish. And that’s where the fine line is. I’m all for this sportswear trend, but if you’re going to wear it for a purpose other than exercising, at least throw something a little tailored and polished in with the mix.




BCBG blazer (similar) | MSGM shirt | LNA pants | Nike sneakers | J.Crew bag (similar & on sale) | BCBG watch | Catbird rings

// photos by Emily Malan

High (Not Turtle) Necks

August 13, 2012
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by Sonia

I have all kinds of issues with this skirt. When I first bought it I swore that I would wear it all the time. A year later and I think I’ve worn it twice. While I love me a midi-skirt, there’s something about the prairie like cut and oversize pockets that always makes it feel a little more colonial than I would like. After months of frustrated trials and errors, I realized I was getting too elaborate with my shirt choices and needed to go sleek and simple.

Recently, I’ve been drawn to tops with high, round necklines that show that extra bit of shoulder/collarbone. The cut is undeniably edgy while still retaining the simplicity of a basic tank — otherwise known as the ideal top for my pilgrim skirt dilemma. I’ve already repeated this outfit a few times which now has me thinking: I need more of these tops in my life.

Asos tank top | Rebecca Taylor skirt | Ecco heels c/o | Stella & Dot necklace | Miansai bracelet c/o

A Week in Review

July 20, 2012
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by Sonia

{ New lace up wedg(i)es from Rebecca Minkoff }

So…this week I hugged my air conditioner. Not even kidding. It was so hot that you could easily fry a person on the sidewalk — screw eggs, this is next level human boiling heat. Thankfully it rained and I think it’s finally starting to cool off but, woof!, it’s not nice out there.

When I wasn’t spooning my air conditioner, I was either ferociously working at a boring ol’ desk (I’m so exciting, right?), dancing with friends at a Hot Chip concert in Prospect Park, or shoveling mini cupcakes into my mouth at an event. Yum!

And now, off to the weekend!

{ Scrumptious pb & j cupcake at an event — look at that moisture! }

{ Hot Chip concert in Prospect Park }

{ Thou shall no longer hold my yogurt, thou shall contain my jewelry! }

{ Pistachio chair in my living room! I think it’s almost time for an apartment post… }

{ A pile of new yummies from LNA }

Brooklyn Standard

July 3, 2012
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by Sonia

There’s something so low key about living in Brooklyn that all I want to do is wear comfortable and relaxing clothing. Lately, that means a maxi skirt, comfortable tank top, and bold accessories.

I’ve been wearing this outfit for the past few days now because I love how easily it can transition from day-to-night. That’s the thing about summers in NYC, it’s just as hot at night as it is during the day, so sundresses, tank tops, and sandals are totally acceptable no matter what time it is.

{ LnA tank top, Dolce Vita skirt, Ralph Lauren sandals c/o, Zara bag, thrifted hat and sunglasses, Forever21, 2Bandits, and Tom Binns bracelets, Catbird and 2Bandits rings }

// photos by Claire Meyers (@cmey)