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December 11, 2013
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by Sonia


Before leaving the house, my brothers and Dad use a saying to ensure that they don’t forget anything. It goes a little something like this: Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet, and Watch, Cash, Cellphone, Keys. (S.T.W.W.C.C.K). A pretty solid little mantra that, from as much as I can tell at my wise age of 28, has worked every time they leave home. I can’t remember the last time I went to a restaurant with my brothers or my Dad only to hear them say they forgot their wallet. I, on the other hand, have left home without my wallet many times and almost never remember to bring sunglasses with me (my form of spectacle since I don’t have actual glasses). In an effort to create my own, lady-friendly version (ovaries over testicles, am I right!?), I’ve rounded up the things that I can’t leave home without, which coincides with one of my favorite types of posts: What’s in my bag!


Keys, Ovaries, Sunglasses, and Balm, Wallet, Cellphone, Books, Headphones


Maybe not as catchy as the male tune, but it’s a start in making sure I don’t leave home without my necessities. And now a break down of the pieces above:

Orange reptile tote that carries all of this and then some by Hobo, classic black wallet by Alexander Wang, headphones that make me look cool even when I’m listening to Taylor Swift by Frends, Moleskin notebook for everyday thoughts and jottings, my latest read by the incredible Dani Shapiro, bright and easy to find cellphone case by Mara Hoffman, Top Gun sunglasses by Ray-Ban, radish key fob by Mulberry, and ultimate balm of the month in Rosé by Fresh.

How do you ensure that you leave home with everything you need?

The Winter Edit

November 27, 2013


The weather just went from zero to sixty, or should I say sixty to zero. It was just a few days ago that I was trotting around in my leather jacket and crunching leaves beneath my boots and then bam! hello, winter!  As long and uncomfortable as winter can be, there are certain sartorial elements that I don’t necessarily hate about the season. For starters, I like a good winter coat, especially when it involves a furry hood. I also love chunky sweaters and take comfort in wrapping my neck and jawline in a cozy scarf as I know it will act as a sturdy layer of armor against those cold, ferocious winter winds. So, without further ado, I give you my Winter Edit, otherwise known as the pieces I plan to accumulate and wear to look good while warding off the cold this season.

1. The Winter Parka - Parkas are a difficult thing. They’re bulky, they’re puffy, and they aren’t exactly the number one choice for throwing over a holiday dress; but damn, are they warm. This is why it’s important to take your time in finding one that you actually like (aka just because your grandmother swears by her floor sweeping sleeping bag coat, doesn’t mean that you have to look like a caterpillar too). The parka featured above is by the very reliable puffer coat brand, Woolrich. However, some of my other favorite brands include Canada Goose, Moncler (if you’re welling to shell out a hefty sum I can say from experience that it doesn’t get warmer than this), and J.Crew.

2. The Mirrored Sunglasses - I don’t know about you, but my makeup tends to look like shit in the winter. One step outside into the bone chilling wind and my eyes are watering, mascara dribbling down my face and smearing the layer of bronzer I’ve caked on to mask my Casper glow. Mirrored sunglasses are a great way to cover this up until you’ve had time to check yourself in a bathroom since no one can see past their own reflection and into your now raccoon eyes.

3. The Pom Pom Beanie - I love me a beanie. They’re warm, they’re soft, and they may be the leader in giving the worst hat hair ever. This is why it’s crucial to have one you don’t mind wearing all the time. A standard black, slouchy beanie has been my go to for several years now, but I’m ready to add a little fun to the tippy top of my head by way of a fuzzy wuzzy pom pom.

4. The Tartan Scarf - A plaid scarf is a simple way to add a little oomph to any outfit (check me wrapped in a tartan blanket here), and much to my delight and surprise they go with just about everything.

5. The Quirky Ring - Since the majority of our bodies are likely covered in cozy knit sweaters, boots, pants, etc., our fingers must take the spotlight in the jewelry department. Though most of my rings are on the daintier side, I like the idea of adding something a little more quirky like this here eyeball ring.

6. The Worn-In Jean - Comfort is key when the rest of your body is cold and shivering. Though I love me a structured pant, I tend to opt for jeans that are soft and worn-in since my skin becomes unfortunately sensitive in the winter.

7. The Moisturizing Lip Balm - And speaking of sensitive skin, having a luscious lip balm nearby at all times is as important as a winter coat. In fact, let’s just go ahead and call said lip balm the winter coat for your lips. Since I’ve already told you about my love for Dior’s Crème de Rose lip balm, I won’t go any further, but just know this is what my lips are wearing.

8. The Snow Boot - Ugh, snow boots. It took falling on my face in the snow and knocking out my front tooth to convince me that snow boots, as ugly as they can be, are necessary to surviving the winter. A friend of mine wears her LL Bean boots religiously come snow season and I have to say, she makes them look good! Paired with a cute parka and some worn-in jeans, I’d say you’re looking as chic one can get in the midst of a blizzard.

9. The Bright Glove - I lose gloves like I lose hair elastics. No matter what I do or how securely I place them in my pockets or purse, I will inevitably lose at least three pairs of gloves a season. This year I’m testing out a theory that the brighter the glove the less likely you are to lose them. I’ll let you know how it goes.

10. The Turtleneck  - Turtlenecks get a lot of flack, but I think they’re making a comeback. I like burrowing my neck and chin under a layer of soft fabric and I personally don’t care if it makes me look like my cheekbones begin at my shoulders.

P.S. See here for my Fall Edit.

On Finding That Perfect Lip Balm

November 19, 2013


It’s that time of year again! That time when our lips crack, burn, peel, and bleed no matter how many humidifiers we use and how much water we consume. I first realized it was Chapped Lip Season when I ducked into Duane Reade to quench the thirst of my lower, now cracking, lip just the other day. I cruised over to the health aisle (why it’s there and not in the beauty aisle is still a curious choice to me), admittedly excited to pick out a new chapstick since I lose mine on a far too frequent basis. But once I got there, the choices, which I had imagined to be endless, were plucked over like the candy section before Halloween. Given my lips’ current state of dehydration, I was in no place to dawdle, so I grabbed a mini tub of medicated Carmex and made my way to check out. One application later and my lips were tingling with the same sensation one gets when jumping from a cold pool into a hot tub, aka uncomfortable at first and then gratifying. Though my lips were temporarily quenched, the satisfaction I was looking for was not there — this was not my lip balm.


Whenever I’m out with friends — girls and/or guys — someone inevitably asks, “Does anyone have any lip balm?” Guys usually fish into their pockets and pull out a standard stick of Chapstick™, whereas girls dive into their bags and resurface with a lip balm of which the brands are endless. One friend seems to always carry Khiel’s, while another swears by Nivea’s Milk & Honey stick. I have sampled both and can understand why they’ve become such staples in each of their handbags — they’re refreshing! But still, these are not my lip balms.


When it comes to a lip balm, I’m looking for something that’s going to coat and smother my lips. I want it to be thick and nourishing, last for hours, and not make my mouth look as though I’ve covered it in the glaze off a glazed donut. So far, my quest for the perfect lip balm has been satisfied twice. The first balm to make my lips feel as smooth as Silly Puddy was Aquaphor. This versatile ointment (god I hate that word) has been a longtime companion, keeping my lips hydrated through the harshest of winters and deadliest of sunburns. But carrying around a tube of the stuff never feels that glamorous. I know, it’s chapstick, who cares? But for some reason, I do. Unless in dire need of lip balm, no one gets excited when you bust out a tube of Aquaphor. It’s like the person who brings mixers to the party; it’s great it’s there, but it ain’t the booze! This brings me to the second, more glamorous lip balm (there is such a thing) which I am slightly embarrassed to admit I spent close to $30 on. Dior’s Crème de Rose Lip Balm feels like you’re applying rose-flavored butter to your lips. It’s thick, luscious, lasts for hours, and has everyone’s hands grabbing for it when you pull it from your bag, but it’s $27. Is it worth the dinero? Yes, absolutely, it’s probably more effective than Aquaphor. But, if you’re anything like me when it comes to chapstick, you risk the possibility of losing it. I have already done this…twice…and let me just say, it’s not easy to justify spending another $30 knowing full well that I’ll likely lose the tub of crème all over again. So, for now, I’m stuck with Aquaphor — a similarly satisfying, less exciting, but far more economical option.

However, even after finding these two “perfect” lip balms, I still test out every type that comes my way, convinced that there will be one, almighty chapstick that dominates the rest. So now I ask you, what lip balm do you use?