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A Time to Share

December 21, 2010

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions; truth be told I often either forget about them or break them within a week. That being said, I have always enjoyed the process of looking back on the previous year and making a note of all that I am grateful for as well as everything that’s made me happy and inspired me to continue doing the things that I love. So, in the first edition of my own personal “Best of 2010″ I thought I’d share the 10 blogs that have inspired me on a day-to-day basis to continue working, writing, and creating the things that bring me the most joy and happiness in my life. From incredible fashionistas and travel blogs to outstanding D.I.Y. ideas, here are my ten favorite blogs of 2010.

1. Louise Ebel of Pandora

2. Erica & Lauren of Honestly…WTF

3. Keiko of Keiko Lynn

4. Ryan & Dina of Vagabond Quest

5. Jovelle Hoverson of The Purl Bee

6. Kelly Framel of The Glamourai

7. Mara Hoffman

8. Sabrina of After Drk

9. Tamu of All the Pretty Birds

10. Lou & Sarah of Birds of a Feather

What are your favorite blogs of 2010?