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The Ultimate Last Minute Halloween Costume

October 31, 2013


It’s Halloween and you’re still without a costume. We’ve heard it all before — heck, some of us have even been you! But fret not my procrastinating sweets! I have the easiest, most budget-friendly last minute costume for you and guess what, it doesn’t involve animal ears or horns!  All you need is a plain white t-shirt, a sharpie, and a bag of lemons because you are now officially going as Life. And what does Life do? It gives you lemons.


Your costume may not be the most elaborate. It may not be the most thematic. It may not win you best costume of the evening. But these are prices we pay for procrastination. What it will give you, and those around you, is a plentiful supply of lemons which, let’s face it, is a pretty clutch accessory (see what I did there?) when you need a little accoutrement in your drinky drink.



And on top of all that, you get to distribute a gift from life, leaving your recipients with the ultimate question: what will you do when life gives you lemons?


// photos by Emily Malan

A Week in Review

October 28, 2011
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by Sonia

{ A bowl of Candy Corn which I promptly devoured }

Everything I do this weekend will be Halloween related and I am PUUUMPED! Tonight I’m going to lay low, watch Hocus Pocus and put the final touches on my lamb costume. Tomorrow I’m dressing Finn up as a duck (he’s one every year) and hitting the dog park. Tomorrow night I’m off to a Halloween party with some friends. And Sunday I’ll be putting my final touches on my Halloween costume for Monday!

This week has been atrociously busy so I’m looking forward to nothing but fun and play this weekend. What are you all dressing up as?

{ An early morning dog park stroll with Finn }

{ Lighter jackets are swapped out for warmer coats }

{ Awesome necklaces at the Dietch PR Press Preview }

{ Spooky Poe stories that are definitely the cause of my weird dreams this week }

Ooky Spooky

October 24, 2011
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by Sonia

{ Skull streamers hanging on the walls }

As I mentioned on Friday, this past weekend was full of Halloween fun and preparation. I found a great pumpkin at the pumpkin patch, finalized my Halloween costumes (I’m now going to be a lamb and either the monopoly man or a dr. seuss character), and I finished up all the decorating around my apartment.

Growing up my family got REALLY into Halloween decorating - so much so that some kids actually wound up crying and running away from our house. Sucks for them but it meant more candy for me! While I don’t have any ooky spooky music or those bats that go off every time you walk by, I think for a little apartment in New York City my decorations are just fine!

{ A creepy crawly spider dangles from a doorway }

{ A traditionally carved Jack-o-lantern }

{ Ooky spooky skeletons hanging from a chandelier }

{ Beginning stages of my lamb costume }

{ Pumpkin streamers line a doorway }

{ Skulls crammed into a vase }

A Week in Review

October 21, 2011
tags: 1920s, breast cancer awareness, costumes, fashion blogger halloween, fly, golden ticket, , mac cosmetics, , , , , , what to be for halloween, willy wonka
by Sonia

{ A very Runway Hippie rack of colors at Tory Burch }

This weekend is devoted to Halloween preparation. My friends and I are going pumpkin picking tomorrow morning, carving them tomorrow afternoon, and then spending all of Sunday working on costumes. I take Halloween pretty seriously (in the past few years I’ve been a fox, a cannibal, a unicorn, and a snail) and this is the first year that I’ve been disgustingly unprepared. Shame on me. As of now my two costumes are (yes, I always have two costumes) a fly and Willy Wonka with my friend who’s dressing up as a golden ticket. All this could change on Sunday, but it’s what I’m going with for now.

Here’s a look back at my fairly kerbobbled week which revolved around me stressing about Halloween…

{ Halloween decorations are finally up in my apartment }

{ Ruby Woo slobber }

{ Preview of a project I worked on for Breast Cancer Awareness Month }

{ Candy colored nails }

{ Drop dead gorgeous ’20s inspired pieces at the Tory Burch preview }


October 29, 2010
tags: bat, bat cave, bran castle, carparthian mountains, castles, coffin, dr. frank-n-furter, dracula, dracula's castle, , halloween 2010, , museum, myth, queen marie, red velvet, rocky horror picture show, romania, spooky, transylvania, , , vampire, , what to do, where to go
by Sonia

In honor of Halloween weekend I thought it was only fitting for us to spend our “Weekend Getaway” in Transylvania, the home of the notorious blood-sucking villain, Dracula.

Transylvania is the largest region in Romania and is filled with all kinds of kooky myths and legends. There are over 100 castles and 70 churches scattered throughout the region, but the castle to which this post is focused is none other than Dracula’s home, the Bran Castle. Dracula’s castle is located within the Carparthian Mountains, a mountain range that is as equally known for its spectacular views as it is for its spOooOooky mists and gloomy hovering clouds.

While today the castle functions as a museum displaying a collection of goods belonging to the Queen Marie, I like to envision walking on creaky wooden floors through cobwebs and dark passageways stumbling upon black coffins lined with red velvet and basements resembling bat caves. Ok, ok so that might be a bit too scary for the likes of me, but myth or no myth it’s still fun to imagine that Dracula did at one point live in this infamous castle. Aside from traveling through the pages of Bram Stoker’s novel and laughing along with Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I have never actually physically been to Transylvania but I can picture myself freaking out by the slightest flicker of a candle. I have a tendency to spook myself out when there’s a creepy myth looming in the shadows, but regardless of the scare factor Transylvania is definitely a place I want to visit.

And on that note I wish you all a wonderful and Happy Halloween!!!

Bran Castle a.k.a. Dracula’s home •

• the castle grounds •

• Carparthian Mountains •

• view from the castle •

Have you ever been to Transylvania?

photos via flickr