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Meow Mix

April 19, 2012

I may flake out on things or cancel a dinner plan here and there, but if there’s one thing I’ll keep my word on, it’s purchasing cat clothing. Remember when I talked about my obsession with feline print clothing, particularly the Glamour x Opening Ceremony cat sweater collab? No? Meow? Fine. Well, I did (here), and true to my word here I wear my very own kitty sweater.

Though I’ve worn this sweater on more than one occasion (yesterday in my office, and I quote, “Oh! It’s the cat sweater again” — awkward), I really can’t wait until I’ve worked up just enough of a tan to pair it with denim cut offs and some bare legs. Enough of this wishy washy weather, get me to Miami! I need some sun.

Admit it, I totally look like this cat.

{ Glamour x Opening Ceremony sweater, Theory dress (old), Zara shoes & bag, American Apparel tights, Catbird rings }

//photos by Sevan Kalayjian

Crazy Cat Lady

February 20, 2012

I have a real weakness for cat-printed clothing. Ok, fine. I have a real weakness for cats; but since this is a fashion blog, let’s stick to how cats may or may not have replaced the polka dot.

I’d like to think that it all began when Miu Miu sent out a line-up of sassy cat-printed pieces for its Spring 2010 collection* but I have a feeling it started well before then. Either way, I’ve picked up my fair share of pieces that would meow if they could, but nearly lost 9 lives when I saw the Glamour x Opening Ceremony Cat Embroidered Sweater on some of my favorite bloggers and editors during Fashion Week.

There was no question that this little sweater would soon make it’s way into my closet — though I did have some trouble deciding between the black and the white. I ultimately chose white because it reminds me of Kitten Marie from the Aristocats, but don’t be surprised if you find the black one sneaking it’s way into an outfit post in the near future…

*Note: If anyone is willing to part with any piece of this collection — namely the cat-print collar — I will gladly rip take it off your neck hands.

// photos via Tommy Ton & Google Image Search