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Monochromie Homie

October 17, 2011

I’ve been really into monochromatic outfits lately - obviously my all black ensembles don’t count, but just the other day I wore red from head-to-toe and loved looking like a tomato. This look is obviously much more subtle but I love how polished grey looks when paired with similar charcoal hues.

The other great thing about this outfit is that it’s as comfortable as a grey sweatsuit. The trapeze shaped cashmere sweater is as cozy as wearing a blanket and trousers with a little breathing room are a nice change from my everyday skinny jeans. If both pieces came in multiple colors I would definitely own them; I mean how great would this outfit look in emeraldy greens?! Peacock blues?! MUSTARD YELLOWS!? Oy!

The good thing is that this is an easy look to re-create no matter what pieces you have in your closet (sweater and trousers? I know you all have some of those in your wardrobe), so stay tuned for something similar coming real soon…

{ Zara sweater, Jigsaw wool trousers, Giles Deacon x Nine West booties, J.Crew bag }


.: A Week in Review :.

September 23, 2011
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by Sonia

Sometimes it feels like all bad things happen at the same time. Right before Fashion Week my apartment turned into a disasterous place to live (hello three leaks), I had chronic insomnia as a result, and things in my personal life hit the fan. Suffice it to say, I’m amazed I made it through without a breakdown.

Other times however, a whole slew of wonderful things can happen at the same time, and this week brought all kinds of exciting news:  I found the missing sock to my favorite pair that I’ve been searching for for months, I finally made-up my mind and have decided to move out of my apartment, I’ve signed on to a bunch of new projects for Runway Hippie, and I’ve taken on the position as Editor at Modelinia. Bing, Bang, Boom! Even though I’m still dealing with all the crappy stuff from a few weeks ago, all of that seems insignificant in comparison to the exciting new ventures I’m about to take on (and the pair of socks that I plan on wearing all weekend…).

Here’s a glimpse of how I spent my week:

{ Yummies from H&M’s showroom }

{ Gifted Giles Deacon x Nine West ‘Eek’ Necklace - HOW CUTE IS HE!? }

{ Scarf weather that lasted .5 seconds }

{ Favorite new Fall nail color c/o Revlon }

{ I blinged out my iPhone and I’m obsessed }

{ First  pumpkin spice latte of the season! }

Natural φ Disasters

August 24, 2011
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by Sonia

Yesterday I (among many other New Yorkers) experienced my first New York City earthquake. I was sitting on the 20th floor of a building in midtown and suddenly my chair went shaky shaky and my computer went wibble wobble. Having grown up and experienced my fair share of earthquakes in San Francisco, you would think I’d be the epitome of calm in such a situation. But no. I pretty much went cross-eyed, shoveled a ton of chocolate in my mouth and was the first (and maybe only) person on my floor to evacuate the building. Better safe than sorry or just awkward? Still not sure.

With natural disasters on my mind, I decided to collage some of the images I found on the interwebs with the look I wore yesterday, otherwise known as the outfit I was wearing when New York City experienced an earthquake. Let’s hope I only ever have to have one of those outfits…

{ Anthropologie dress, gifted Giles Deacon x Nine West boots (also worn here), YSL ‘Muse’ Bag, H&M necklace, vintage watch & bracelets }

∞ : Sand Dunes : ∞

August 18, 2011
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by Sonia

I’ve always thought it would be cool to hike on sand dunes, perhaps even roll down a few if the opportunity presented itself. There’s just something wonderful about endless, rolling hills of sand with the occasional shrub or camel sighting.

I bought this Mara Hoffman tunic-y thing over a year ago and have only worn it as a beach cover-up but it’s far too beautiful to reserve only for beach side occasions. So I threw it over a black bandeau top and a pair of black leggings for an imaginary excursion on some sand dunes. I love the way it blows in the wind and all of its intricate aztec detailings that Mara Hoffman does impeccably well. While probably best worn only in the summertime, I can totally imagine wearing it in the fall with a heavy leather jacket (I feel like I want to wear everything with a leather jacket and I’m ok with that…) and some ripped up jeans. However, a hot day on some dunes requires the most comfortable and light apparel, but next time I think I’ll go barefoot.

{ Mara Hoffman tunic, American Apparel bandeau & leggings, gifted Giles Deacon x Nine West boots, BCBG clutch, Ray Ban Wayfarers }

Camel face