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All Black, the Encore

November 18, 2013


It was a mere two weeks ago that I stood up in defense of the all black ensemble, claiming its lack of color as powerful a sartorial statement as mixing patterns and textiles. Goths aside, this achromatic combination yields a look that will always appear put together, even when everything else in one’s life is not. And so, here I am, putting my own spin on the all black outfit which, as you can see, is essentially imitating my shadow plastered on the brick wall in this photo shoot’s background.


Unlike my shadow however, this outfit showcases a variety of proportions and layers thanks to some super flared pants (which also happen to be velvet and as comfortable as standing around in the buff), the lopsided beanie which rarely leaves my head come winter time, and the double-breasted coat that sparked this whole topic of whether opting for something in black over a color is a cop out. And, like in any outfit, colorful or not, it is these proportions and layers that make a certain look work. A shorter jacket paired with this exact outfit sans double-breasted coat would simulate a much tougher vibe whereas straight leg trousers instead of these flared velvet wonders would create a more tomboyish look. Same goes for my hat choice; had I chosen a wide-brimmed fedora instead of my beanie, I would have looked like I was channeling my inner Jimi Hendrix, whereas a newsboy cap might make me look like one of those creepy dudes coming in to Manhattan to go clubbing on a Saturday night (barbed wire bicep tattoo not pictured).


So, my point here is, that an all black outfit is just as complex and transformable as a wildly colorful outfit. In fact, all black looks may take even more effort because should you pair things together poorly you’ll end up looking like a lost crew member or stage manager wandering the concrete jungle instead of the sleek, put-together lady that you are. Or maybe you think that I look like a lost crew member right now, in which case feel free to tell me so in the comments below.


Saks beanie | Theory sweater | J Brand pants | Zara jacket | J.Crew belt | Zara bag | BCBG watch | Elizabeth & James sunglasses


// photos by Sara Neel


Accessorized Structure

August 5, 2013


Have I ever expressed how much I love shapeless dressing? Maybe I have, so call me a broken record because I’m doing it again. When the sun’s blaring and my sweat glands are leaking, nothing is quite as refreshing and comforting as an air-conditioning unit and a potato sack to schvitz in. Unfortunately, designers have yet to answer my calls about the shapeless bag-turned-garment, so I’m forced to fend for myself with a style that I’ve happily seen continue on its trend journey: pajamas.

Aside from the obvious reason of pajama-inspired pieces being more comfortable than my actual pajamas — I sleep in ratty t-shirts and boxer shorts, not silky pants and matching blouses — they’re also a fashionable solution to the heat complex we suffer from in these summer months. I know, I know, you’ve heard this all before, but stick with me.


A frequent issue with such form-free silky pieces is that they can often make us look like we’re either shopping in the maternity department (sidenote: has anyone tried this? Cause sometimes those pieces are really cute…) or that we are trying to hide our figures, to which I say embrace your shape, people!

 So where do we find structure and shape in clothes that are fit for a sleeping sumo-wrestler, you ask? Well, my curious camels, we find the structure in accessories. A boxy bag can do the trick, and so too can a hat like the one sitting atop my double-chin making face.


You see, without the hat I might just look like I’m getting ready to roll into bed. But with the hat, I might look more like I’ve just rolled out of bed and naturally look so awesome in the morning that all I have to do is brush my teeth and throw on a hat to start my day. Of course this is not the case, I look like crap in the morning — drool marks, ratty hair, and last night’s makeup dribbling down my cheeks — but you wouldn’t guess that with one look at me in these pajama-inspired pieces, now would you?


So, if you’re going to take anything from this post, take this:

1.) If you’re dressing shapelessly, consider adding structure in accessories that don’t interfere with the billowiness of your look (i.e. a belt).

2.) I brush my teeth.


 Rebecca Taylor shirt | Alice & Olivia pants (similar here) | Rag & Bone hat| Proenza Schouler heels | Gypsy05 clutch | Tiffany bracelet

// photos by Emily Malan

Teenage Dreams

June 5, 2013
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by Sonia


All throughout high school you could find me dressed in flared jeans, oversize sunglasses, and some kind of vintage leather bag. (I wore shirts too, but they’re irrelevant here simply because they were belly-button bearing t-shirts that I stole from my friend’s little brothers.) Not unlike today, I was very much about the accessories — earrings, sunglasses, bracelets, and bags. And while I was content with my handbag selection, there was one bag that haunted my dreams like a lion after you’ve watched it rip it’s lunch to shreds at the zoo (anyone else have this experience? Anyone? Bueller?)


It was a vintage brown pouch with engraved floral detailing that I saw at a thrift store on Haight Street for the whopping sum of $250 — a price well out of range for my 16 year-old self. And so for over a decade my dreams have been haunted. Nights pained with regret, loneliness, and longing. Why hadn’t I just saved up the money and bought the bag? Was it really so necessary that I spend all my allowance on weekly mani/pedis and trips to the Urban Outfitters sale rack? At the time I thought it crucial to my well-being, but in retrospect no. Absolutely not.


As you may have imagined or noticed from the beautiful bag featured in this very post, my dreams have been rescued from torment. My saving grace? Patricia Nash; the creative mastermind behind this Marciano Leather Crossbody with the tooled floral detailing that caught my eye in the midst of my adolescence. (I was a late bloomer, which is funnily coincidental since these tooled blooms were late to joining my life as well. Ha. Get it?)


With a snap closure, interior pocket perfect for things like lipstick, hair ties, and lint, and a very reasonable price of $128, I’d say your dreams have been rescued as well, whether you knew you were having sleepless nights of handbag longing or not.

And with that I’ll just say that I was all too ready to slip back into my high school staples of flared denim and oversize sunglasses, since they really do just look so much better with the proper, vintage-inspired handbag. I skipped on the little boy t-shirt, though knowing my repetitive nature, they could easily find their way back into my wardrobe sooner than I think.

End scene.


Rag & Bone hat | Zara shirt | Textile Elizabeth & James jeans | Isabel Marant heels | Patricia Nash bag | Elizabeth & James sunglasses | 2Bandits & vintage bracelets


// photos by Emily Malan