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V O N ▲ U N W E R T H

September 20, 2011
tags: black and white photography, cat mask, , edidtorials, ellen von unwerth, , isabeli fontana, lace cat mask, rosie huntington whitely, , siri tollerod,
by Sonia

It’s been awhile since I posted anything like this but Ellen von Unwerth’s photography has been inspiring me so much lately that I couldn’t help but share. While I love her colorful editorial pieces, I’ve recently been drawn to her black and white work. I’m not sure anyone can capture silly, erotic, beautiful, and sexy all in one photograph quite like she does. There’s also an intense, saturated quality to her photos that give them incredible dimension and really bring them to life. Ok, I’m done with my art historical rant but…I hope to do a shoot inspired by some of these photos very soon - dark eyeliner, polka dot tights and tongue faces!? It’s gonna be a cinch! Getting her brilliant quality? Not so much…

photos via pinterest

Emma Hardy

August 31, 2010
tags: east photography, emma hardy photography, fashion photographer, , Lady Gaga, landscape photographer, narrative photography, new fashion photographers, Photographer, portfolio, portrait photographer, up and coming
by Sonia

When I buy a new cd, there are usually only a few songs that I actually enjoy, the rest I’m pretty “meh” about. I think I can count the number of CDs I listen to straight through on two hands. Legend by Bob Marley & the Wailers, Feel Good Lost by Broken Social Scene, Staring at the Sea:the Singles by the Cure, Morrison Hotel by the Doors…the list goes on, but not for long.

I encounter this type of situation frequently; whether it’s a designer’s latest ready-to-wear collection, the food on a buffet table, or an art exhibit, I tend to only like a selection of what’s presented. Which brings me to the topic of this post; I recently stumbled upon the work of photographer Emma Hardy and while in the past I’ve had the easiest time picking out my favorite images to feature on Runway Hippie, this time I could hardly narrow it down to 10 images. Emma does everything from portraiture to landscapes to fashion editorial spreads, but there is a cohesiveness between all of her photographs. She has a real understanding of light and the saturation of colors in her images is breath-taking. There’s an apparent narrative to her photographs which is absent in so many editorial spreads these days. Or if there is a narrative I can’t figure out what it is for the life of me. It’s like trying to find meaning in a Lady Gaga performance…but that’s neither here nor there.

Here are my favorite images by Emma Hardy:

photos via emma hardy &

Pose & Shoot

August 9, 2010

Let’s be honest, half the fun of flipping through fashion magazines is for that glossy 8-10 page fashion spread featuring an A-list model wearing deliciously expensive designer clothing photographed by a high-profile photographer. From the pages of Vogue and Elle to Jalouse and i-D, there will without a doubt always be a fantastic fashion forward spread gracing its many pages.

Although I am constantly discovering new and different photographers,  there’s nothing like the famous, well-known fashion photographers that never fail to produce phenomenal pictures. Like a good ol’ all American cheeseburger, I can always count on photographers like Patrick Demarchelier, Annie Leibovitz, Steven Meisel, and Juergen Teller to satiate my fashion photography appetite. Below are some of my favorite photographs by each of them, although I must admit I had one hell of a time narrowing them down.

**click on the photos to view them at a larger size

Patrick Demarchelier

Annie Leibovitz

Steven Meisel

Juergen Teller

all photos via tfs

One Seventy Four

May 27, 2010
tags: Best Flickr Photographers, , Flickr Photographer, One Seventy Four, Photographer, The Netherlands, Valentina Vos
by Sonia

I love featuring new and upcoming photographers on Runway Hippie - snagging them just before their career takes off and their work begins to change. My latest photographer obsession is 23 year old Valentina Vos from the Netherlands.

People are her concentration, particularly young and beautiful models. With a heavy flash and peaceful scenery, Valentina produces powerful, evocative images reminiscent of acclaimed fashion photographer, Juergen Teller. These photos have received such positive recognition that she has turned her senior project into a book entitled, One Seventy Four. The book focuses on photographing twenty-five brand new models before their careers blow up. Valentina captures these young women in their most natural states looking alive and vulnerable.

For this project I photographed 25 young models. During these photoshoots I concentrated on portraying the characters of the girls instead of their appearances. Nowadays more and more young girls are being portrayed as women and I wanted to break with this. I’m showing you the girls, not the models.” - Valentina Vos

Valentina’s book is available for purchase in June and can be pre-ordered through

With an upcoming book release, tons of online coverage, and an endless portfolio filled with breathtaking fashion photography, Valentina is on the cusp of becoming one of the industry’s most coveted photographers. Make sure to check out her flickr, blog, and website so you can see all of her incredible work. Below are some of my favorites:

photos via valentina's flickr and blog