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October 13, 2011

I don’t know why but something about this outfit makes me think of traveling to Europe with friends and eating/drinking at sidewalk cafes. I think it’s because all of the pieces by American Living are versatile and comfortable (crucial when packing) and yet a pop of raspberry red lips, a bright flower and a classic pair of heels make them slightly more sophisticated.

One of my favorite things about traveling with friends is the process of getting ready for a night out on the town. Everyone’s rummaging in each other’s suitcases, the frequent question is “does this look ok?” and by the end of an hour spent getting ready, everyone is wearing each others clothes and usually far dressier than they need to be.

Although I don’t have any travel plans in the near future, I’m definitely making a mental note of this outfit for the next time I jet off to a fun place with friends.

{ gifted American Living jacket & cargo pants, H&M shirt, vintage Louis Vuitton heels, YSL Muse Bag }

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*this is a post sponsored by American Living - all of the ideas and outfit selections are my own.


January 14, 2011
tags: adventure, berlin, berlin wall, berlin zoo, berlinerdom, brandenburg gate, bust of nefertiti, , fernsehturm, fete de la musique, Germany, marienkirche church, photo booths, tiergarten, tour guide, tourist, , , what to do, what to see, where to go
by Sonia

If you couldn’t already tell, one of my favorite things to do is fantasize about places I’d like to live someday. Paris, London, Amsterdam are all on the list but there’s one city I have yet to see that my Mom seems to think I’m going to be adding to the tippy top of said list, and that city is Berlin. When I was studying abroad in Barcelona (see here), my friend Alana and I traveled to a different city or country with each other every weekend. The only weekend we didn’t travel together was over Thanksgiving when I went to Venice to see my Mom and she went to Berlin to visit a friend who was studying there. While I came back to Barcelona boasting about having seen Elton John at a restaurant, she topped my celebrity sighting with all her stories about Berlin and how I just “have to go there”. Since then, those four words “have to go there” have continued ringing in my ears like a mosquito you can’t flick away. Berlin, it’s time you and I met.

Berlin is the largest city in Germany and is known as a cultural mecca of design, art, music and fashion. Sounds right up my alley already, right?! The city is filled with a vast number of museums, concert halls and shopping districts and is one of the only cities that has as much new architecture as it does old. Much of its culture is a result of the city’s destruction after World War II and the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, parts of which are still intact and currently function as a Memorial Site.

Berlin is one of those large cities that even given a weeks visit wouldn’t do it justice (and I’m just saying this after being overwhelmed by reading about all there is to see/do/experience!). There are at least five museums that I’d like to spend a week’s time in, but at the top of my list is the Pergamon Museum which houses Ancient Greek sculpture and the newly renovated Neues Museum which contains tons of prehistoric findings as well as my personal favorite, Egyptian art, including the bust of Nefertiti! There are also dozens of architecturally and historically interesting churches that offer views of the city, but the unbeatable view has to be within the Fernsehturm (aka TV Tower) which has an incredible observation deck.

The city is also filled with picture perfect parks such as the Tiergarten, where people picnic and barbecue on the weekends, and epic flea markets open every weekend. And speaking of shopping, after reading through my travel books it seems that Berlin is filled with not one, not two, but three major shopping districts. Credit cards beware! Oh! And how could I forget the Bronx Zoo!? Home to the largest amount of animal species in the WORLD! HELLO!

I’ll say it again, Berlin, it’s time you and I met.

Judging by how my exclamation points increased by the end of this post, I clearly got more and more excited as I thought about the possibility of visiting this incredible city. There really are just too many amazing places to see in the world, when oh when am I going to find the time!?

left over bits of the Berlin Wall •

if this little guy isn’t incentive enough to go to Berlin, then I don’t know what is •

• Brandenburg Gate •

• Fete de la Musique - a musical festival that takes place throughout the city

photos booths are open to the public 24/7 •

Tiergarten •

Fernsehturm (aka TV Tower) •

Have you ever been to Berlin?


photos via tumblr & flickr


October 26, 2010
tags: , asia, , , COS, COS clothing, COS online site, , Fall/Winter 2010, look book, lookbook, merchandise, online shop, , , UK, US, women's look book
by Sonia

I recently discovered the fashion site COS, a European based store that sells a variety of structural and minimalistic silhouettes for both men and women. Pulling pieces from over sixty new and independent fashion designers from Europe and Asia, COS’s products are not only avant garde in their design but surprisingly affordable (I mean come on, some of the outfits above look like Balenciaga’s S/S 2010 collection). I love that even though the color palette is subtle and the hemlines are reserved, there is a sexy modernism to this lookbook that seem fitting for practically any age group.

Unfortunately, while this all may sound too good to be true, it appears that the COS merchandise is currently only available to those living in Europe, but with the recent move of Asos and Topshop to the US market it’s most likely only a matter of time before COS does the same. And when it does, that camel leather dress and olive green capelet will most certainly be making full-time appearances in my wardrobe. Until then, check out more pieces from their look book here.


October 15, 2010
tags: , black cat, Book, cafe, Claude Monet, croque monsieur, , France, garden, Giverny, guide, home, house, impressionism, Les Nymphéas, lily pads, Linnea in Monet's Garden, Monet's Garden, , the boat at giverny, , Trip from Paris to Giverny, water lilies,
by Sonia

Growing up, one of my favorite books was Linnea in Monet’s Garden, a wonderful story about a young girl who takes a trip to Giverny to learn about Monet and his water lily paintings. It’s probably from demanding that my Mom read this book to me on a nightly basis that my love of Monet paintings came to be. So, by the time my family and I went to Giverny I was well versed on the ins and outs of Monet and his garden - ready to peep under lily pads for frogs, walk across the Japanese bridge, and pet the friendly black cat that Linnea met while walking through the garden.

Although I was only about 3 or 4 when I visited, I distinctly remember being amazed that the boat I remembered so vividly in The Boat at Giverny painting was still in the pond, and devouring one of the best croque monsieurs I’ve ever had at the café Les Nymphéas.

Linnea of Linnea in Monet’s Garden • The Boat at Giverny•

Aside from strolling through Monet’s home there isn’t much else to do in the town of Giverny, so it’s a perfect little day trip if you’re staying in Paris (only about an hour by bus!). That being said, this house and garden has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth - it’s no wonder that Monet did the majority of his painting in his own backyard. Indeed you’d be silly not to bring your own sketchbook when you visit because every inch of this place is full of beauty and inspiration. And while so many photos are taken of Giverny in the spring, I imagine that it looks equally as beautiful in the summer, winter and fall; can’t you just imagine the walkways covered in snow? Christmas lights filling every branch of every tree? So while the town of Giverny may be small in comparison to my other Weekend Getaways (see here), it easily surpasses them in beauty.

Have you ever been to Giverny?

photos via tumblr & flickr