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V O N ▲ U N W E R T H

September 20, 2011
tags: black and white photography, cat mask, , edidtorials, ellen von unwerth, , isabeli fontana, lace cat mask, rosie huntington whitely, , siri tollerod,
by Sonia

It’s been awhile since I posted anything like this but Ellen von Unwerth’s photography has been inspiring me so much lately that I couldn’t help but share. While I love her colorful editorial pieces, I’ve recently been drawn to her black and white work. I’m not sure anyone can capture silly, erotic, beautiful, and sexy all in one photograph quite like she does. There’s also an intense, saturated quality to her photos that give them incredible dimension and really bring them to life. Ok, I’m done with my art historical rant but…I hope to do a shoot inspired by some of these photos very soon - dark eyeliner, polka dot tights and tongue faces!? It’s gonna be a cinch! Getting her brilliant quality? Not so much…

photos via pinterest

Out on a Brim

December 16, 2010

Yesterday as I was doing some of my Christmas shopping at All Saints I couldn’t help but try on their Salerno Fedora, a perfectly sculpted menswear inspired hat that I ended up wearing around the store while shopping for friends and family. I didn’t end up buying it which I now kind of regret, but it reminded me just how much I love a good fedora. In the summertime I’m rarely seen without one of my straw ones (see here), and in the fall/winter I find nothing adds texture to a bundled up look quite like my vintage felt fedora.

While some trends may come and go, the fedora trend has stood the trend test of time in womens wear. In 1937 silver screen siren Carole Lombard looked particularly fantastic wearing a fur fedora (see below), and today it’s impossible to browse through a street style blog or tabloid magazine without seeing at least one style icon sporting one of these gangster-inspired hats. So, in my efforts to find new ways to wear my fedoras instead of buying a new one, here are some sartorial inspirations for rocking these ever popular sturdy brimmed, wooly felt hats.

Carole Lombard, 1937

photos via google image search, refinery 29, stockholm street style & fashion toast

Suspend Yourself

October 21, 2010
tags: , diane kruger, , fashionable suspenders, feminine suspenders, girls in suspenders, , , , suspender looks, suspenders, , , women in suspenders
by Sonia

Suspenders are easily the most underrated accessory for both men and women. I myself almost always grab a sturdy leather belt to keep my pants in place instead of a pair of springy suspenders. In fact, unless the pants have buttons specifically designed for suspenders I’m not so convinced they function as anything more than a bold, contrasting accessory. But since when is there anything wrong with that?

Although rare, whenever I do reach for a pair of suspenders I’m always blown away by how easily they jazz up a boring outfit or add some edge to an otherwise feminine look. However, even though they quickly spruce up an outfit, they’re not the most versatile accessory. I find that they’re best paired with high-waisted pants, skirts or shorts; anything lower than my belly-button and I could easily pass for Humpty Dumpty. But even if you have to go through a few trial and error ensembles before getting the suspender look down right, once you do I guarantee that you’re going to want to incorporate these stretchy straps into your outfits much more frequently.

photos via chictopia, just jared & tfs

Golden Globes 2010

January 18, 2010
tags: , avatar, Cameron Diaz, Carey Mulligan, Christian Dior, designers, Dianna Agron, , , , Emily Blunt, golden globes 2010, hurtlocker, January Jones, kate winslet, Lanvin, Lea Michele, Marion Cotillard, Meryl Streep, Nina Ricci, , the hangover, ,
by Sonia

As a whole, I was not very impressed with the dress choices of this years Golden Globes. That being said, there were a few that stood out to me as favorites.

However, before I reveal my faves, can we just take a second to note that THE HANGOVER won a Golden Globe!!? And that AVATAR beat THE HURTLOCKER!? I’m seriously shocked and embarrassed by the people who voted for those films to win best picture.

Enough bitching…here are my favorite dresses.

Carey Mulligan in Nina Ricci

January Jones in Lanvin


Dianna Agron

Emily Blunt in Dolce & Gabbana

Cameron Diaz in Alexander McQueen

Kate Winslet in YSL

Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior

Drew Barrymore in Versace

Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta

source:, justjared

flower child

November 16, 2009

I recently stumbled upon this old photo of Drew Barrymore.

She is so cool to me. Seeing how she has changed under the spotlight from being a notorious bad girl to one of Hollywood’s sweetest actresses amazes me.