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Everything Counts

November 15, 2011

I enjoy dressing in swamp tones, as is made apparent by this earth hued outfit I threw together yesterday (complete with scarab beetle necklace). Ever since I nixed my bad habit of spray tanning after senior year of high school (orange just isn’t a good everyday color for me), I’ve learned to embrace my pale post-summer complexion and as a result, consistently dress in rich, dark colors.

These J Brand jeans arrived on my doorstep a few weeks ago and I’ve worn them half a dozen times ever since. While I normally only really wear black jeans, I was surprised by the versatility of this dark green pair. What’s even better is that with every pair sold, 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to City Year in their efforts to prevent high school dropouts. Had it not been for my high school experience I could still be frequenting the fake tanning salon and looking like an oompa loompa!

{ Free People Coat (also worn here), Zara Blouse, gifted J Brand ‘City Year’ Jean, gifted Dolce Vita Boots, Mulberry Handbag, Scarf via LF, RayBan Aviators, Bauble Bar Scarab Necklace, Forever21 & nOir Jewelry Bracelets }

//Photos by Emily Malan for Runway Hippie

[ Everything Counts - Depeche Mode ]

Birthday Dress

October 10, 2011
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by Sonia

This past weekend was perfect. I celebrated my birthday with my Mom and my closest friends, I ate more pizza than you can possibly imagine, and I found the perfect party dress for my birthday party.

After browsing around Opening Ceremony and Barneys, my Mom and I stumbled into Jill Stuart (whose collection I pretty much cried over last season) and boing! there was this dress. I tried on a few others but something about the colors in this one had me sold. I love the 1920s vibe combined with the gold accents and accordion skirt - you better believe I was fanning it out all night. Since my birthday party was a bit more low key, I dressed my party frock down with some chunky boots and a leather jacket (when it got cold) but boy oh boy I can’t wait to really jazz this dress up!

{ Jill Stuart dress, Dolce Vita boots, YSL ‘Muse’ Bag }

And now to announce the winner of the Eden bracelet. But first let me just say, WOW I loved all your comments and I should make you guys tell me what your favorite animals are more often, that was so entertaining! Thank you!

Without furtherado the winner of the bracelet is #25, Gwen Bircham! Email me with your address information and that bracelet will be on its way to you in no time!

In the White Room

September 5, 2011
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by Sonia

I have always hated the “no white after labor day” rule. What poppycock!  Did you know that the rule was supposedly made in the late 19th century because wearing white clothing makes you cooler and you should thus avoid it in the fall and winter months? Well, most of us have air conditioning and heat now so I think it’s time we kick this fashion etiquette rule out the door. I love winter whites and plan on wearing them as much as possible in the upcoming months.

I figured I’d start this week off with an all white ensemble complemented by all white rooms (which I also happen to have an affinity for - see here) to fully embrace my petition against the no white rule. I understand that such an outfit also begs for lots of food stains but that’s a chance I’m willing to take.

{ vintage shirt & tank top, Anthropologie jeans, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Dolce Vita shoes (also worn here), La Mer Collections watch, thrifted belt }

}{ Jurassic }{

August 11, 2011
by Sonia

Every once in awhile people irritate me. I know that makes me sound like a big ol’ poo head but sometimes I just have those days when I need some space from humankind. Yesterday was one of those days; I got trampled on my way to the subway (which also took over an hour to come and I was late to a meeting), my neighbors were blasting crappy music for the better half of the day, and when I went to go take pictures someone was in the spot I had in mind. Ugh!

So, I figured why not take a break from boring humans and hang out with some dinos!? They may look mean, but that’s just because they’re frustrated and misunderstood. For example, the tyrannosaurus in the above picture isn’t about to bite my head off, he’s just complaining to me about how his arms are too short. Rough life! And the pterodactyl below is only squawking at me about plans for Friday night. Dinosaurs. They’re just like us!

Ok, ok…I know this is a bit ridiculous but truth be told I needed something to get my mind off of yesterday’s caca. And let me tell you, it worked. Amazing what a little imagination wandering (and photoshop fun) can do for the soul.

{ gifted Three Dots dress, Dolce Vita boots, Tom Binns safety pin cuff, thrifted bracelets }

A Week in Review

April 22, 2011
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by Sonia

Even though this week wasn’t nearly as hectic as last week, it still felt as if I had hardly a minute to kick my feet up and relax. Either way it’s been a great week and now I’m in Austin, Texas hanging with two of my best friends for the weekend. Suggestions on what to do/where to go are always welcome!

The week kicked off with my very first Passover at my friend Sevan’s house in Connecticut where I also got to meet her two very silly cats! The rest of the week was spent photographing outside for upcoming projects, so I couldn’t help but capture the bits of spring that are beginning to pop up all over the city. It’s amazing how much happier New Yorkers are when it’s warm out. I think I actually saw someone smile and say thank you while I held the door for them, but I could have easily hallucinated that…hm…

This week was also spent celebrating my friend’s birthday, mingling at a party my friend Erin throws once a month, and previewing True Religion’s Fall 2011 collection which has re-awoken my love for blue jeans all over again. Oh, and leather leggings, but that should come as no surprise to anyone here. Right? Right.

And now my sweets I’m off to explore the city of Austin! Have a wonderful weekend!

{ Phenomenal matzo ball soup }

{ Beautiful necklace sent over from Thandu Zulu }

{ Fact: I love Magnolia cupcakes }

{ Success! Found my staple heels for spring/summer }