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Isabel Marant x H&M…Oh, YES!

June 11, 2013

Hold everything. Isabel Marant is doing a capsule collection for H&M? I think it might be Christmas in June.
I don’t usually share fashion news/collaborations on ye ol’ blog, but when it seems too good to be true I can’t help but share (see the Marni collaborooski). So naturally, when I checked my email this morning and saw that my favorite Frenchy, Isabel Marant, is in the works to create an affordable capsule collection with H&M, my eyes bulged out as I screamed, “Awooooooooga!”
Until this point, I was pretty done-zo with the whole collaboration thing. It was starting to feel like overkill. And beyond that, it’s almost impossible to get your hands on the limited edition collection because they sell out in a split second. But an Isabel Marant collab? Sign this stud-obsessed, french enthusiast, and bohemian afficionado up! 
There’s no news yet regarding what the collection will entail, but do we really need to know? Has Isabel Marant ever disappointed? Obviously I want a preview, but should there fail to be one, I’d still set up a tent and barbecue outside H&M to get ahold of whatever she designs the day it hit stores, which happens to be November 14th.
Are you as excited as I am? Do you want to join forces and set up camp on Fifth Ave? I’ll get the coffee, you bring the bagels.

The Seeds of Trends

February 19, 2013
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by Sonia


Just before Fashion Week kicked off, I guess you could say I did a bit of designing myself. No, I wasn’t up until 3am sitting at a sewing machine creating pieces for a runway show, but I waaaaaas collaborating with Trendseeder — a site that finds new, lesser-known designers and helps spread the word of awesome by selling their products on their site. In other words, a place where you find the cool before the rest of the world does.

I was honored to collaborate with three of Trendseeder’s designers: Mona, 34th Street, and Sahar Dada, the last of whom I got to go behind-the-scenes with to chat about how she made the blouse inspired by my style, her future plans as an up and coming designer, and why I don’t live in the furry vest she made (seriously, peep that precious wonder in the photo below. Ahh-maaahhh-zzzing, right!?) 


Sahar talking me through the intricate stitchings of my cape-blouse at ABC Beer


Sahar designed one of those ideal day-to-night blouses that can easily transition from a busy day at work to a boogie oogie shake down party. When paired with a blazer this high-neck blouse looks ready for a board meeting, but once you take it off that low-back is ready for a couple martinis; kind of like a mullet.  And if you’re like me and tend to indulge on carbs before a night out on the town, let me just say that the triangular cape-like silhouette is excellent for hiding the feast.



The Mona bird blouse that is so ready for spring barbecues it hurts just thinking about it


There are certain pieces of clothing that have a particular season written all over it, which happens to be the case with the piece Mona designed for me. Done up in a lightweight fabric complete with a pussy bow, this blouse is practically chirping spring and it’s not just because there are birds all over it. Though I’ve already paired it with leather leggings and a fur vest, all I can think about is when I’ll have the chance to wear it with some denim cutoffs and ketchup stains on my face.


These circular 34th Street rings have become such a staple in my everyday wear it’s hard to imagine my life before them


And last but certainly not least, I introduce you to these two 34th Street rings that sing to me like hungry sparrows calling for their mom — not only will I feed you with all my love but I will never let you out of my sight. When the circular beauties arrived on my doorstep there was not a moments hesitation before I slipped them onto my fingers. Feel free to ask me if I’ve taken them off since because I’m more than prepared to tell you that the answer is, no. And I plan to keep it that way.

Thank you to Trendseeder, Sahar, Mona, and 34th Street for this incredible opportunity! Now excuse me while I wear all of my pieces at once.

A Week in Review

October 26, 2012
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by Sonia

Amazing launch party for Margiela x H&M

Due to my schedule and kerbobbled brain, keeping a routine isn’t all that easy for me. It’s like women who are able to keep their purses clean and organized. Their cosmetics are kept in a cute little case, their pens (yes, they remember to carry pens) are placed strategically in a side pocket for easy access, and their cell phone most likely sits in the cell phone compartment that seems to be present in almost every tote these days. I am not this person. I have receipts everywhere, old broken cigarettes, and mooshed up chapstick buried in the bottom of my purses. Every once in awhile I’ll do a clean up and I try to keep that going for as long as possible but let’s be real here, give me two weeks and it’s back to stage 1 chewed gum in the gum wrapper.

This week I did a figurative “purse clean” on my life. I made it my goal to recreate a schedule, actually wake up with my alarm(s), and accomplish enough each day so that I could go to bed relatively stress free. It hasn’t been easy (that snooze button is just too tempting!), but I’m already starting to feel better, despite the nasty cold I picked up somewhere between the L train and East 53rd Street.

I often have to remind myself that I operate better with an organized schedule, which is half the reason why I started A Week in Review. It’s a way for me (and you!) to look back at the week and it’s accomplishments as well as put some closure on everything before the weekend. Here’s to hoping this kind of organization lasts me through this weekend’s Halloween activities; though if I wake up Monday morning with candy wrappers in my purse I won’t complain.

 Belated birthday gift from an old friend

Playful heels by Jimmy Choo x Rob Pruitt (how cute are those little pandas!)

A new fuzzy pillow — the first step of many in redoing my living room

Celebrating Kim‘s birthday! 

Am I a hipster? Am I a lumberjack? Do I just really love plaid?

Preview of an upcoming outfit post and my new nose growth

Meow Mix

April 19, 2012

I may flake out on things or cancel a dinner plan here and there, but if there’s one thing I’ll keep my word on, it’s purchasing cat clothing. Remember when I talked about my obsession with feline print clothing, particularly the Glamour x Opening Ceremony cat sweater collab? No? Meow? Fine. Well, I did (here), and true to my word here I wear my very own kitty sweater.

Though I’ve worn this sweater on more than one occasion (yesterday in my office, and I quote, “Oh! It’s the cat sweater again” — awkward), I really can’t wait until I’ve worked up just enough of a tan to pair it with denim cut offs and some bare legs. Enough of this wishy washy weather, get me to Miami! I need some sun.

Admit it, I totally look like this cat.

{ Glamour x Opening Ceremony sweater, Theory dress (old), Zara shoes & bag, American Apparel tights, Catbird rings }

//photos by Sevan Kalayjian

Marni x H&M

November 30, 2011
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by Sonia

I don’t normally post about things like this but when I heard that Marni was the next designer in line to collaborate with H&M my head practically spun off. I had a seriously hopeless love affair with Marni throughout high school and it was actually the first pair of designer shoes I purchased on my very own (see those suckers here).

 While I’ve been excited about the past H&M collaborations (the Versace one was pretty epic), it’s only with the announcement of Marni that I’m actually considering camping out the night before the collection launches on March 8, 2012. I love the quirkiness of the brand mixed with feminine sophistication and can’t believe it can be at my fingertips at a much more affordable price! Check out this little sneaky peek of the upcoming collection and let me know what you thinky think think!