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October 13, 2011

I don’t know why but something about this outfit makes me think of traveling to Europe with friends and eating/drinking at sidewalk cafes. I think it’s because all of the pieces by American Living are versatile and comfortable (crucial when packing) and yet a pop of raspberry red lips, a bright flower and a classic pair of heels make them slightly more sophisticated.

One of my favorite things about traveling with friends is the process of getting ready for a night out on the town. Everyone’s rummaging in each other’s suitcases, the frequent question is “does this look ok?” and by the end of an hour spent getting ready, everyone is wearing each others clothes and usually far dressier than they need to be.

Although I don’t have any travel plans in the near future, I’m definitely making a mental note of this outfit for the next time I jet off to a fun place with friends.

{ gifted American Living jacket & cargo pants, H&M shirt, vintage Louis Vuitton heels, YSL Muse Bag }

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*this is a post sponsored by American Living - all of the ideas and outfit selections are my own.

»· Gone Fishin’ ·«

August 2, 2011
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by Sonia

If you follow me on twitter (find me here!) then you may have noticed a large amount of tweets and photos about the little fishing extravaganza my family and I went on this past weekend. I’m nowhere close to being an advanced fisher(wo)man and have never fished in the ocean before but regardless of my lack of experience, I was excited to take on the big blue.

We boarded a fishing boat, got the low down on how to use the rods, and began our adventure hoping to catch some fish worthy of dinner. I only managed to catch one striped sea bass (my brothers caught at least a dozen - I’m convinced the fish knew I felt bad about killing them) but I will say that the thrill of feeling that tug on your rod and reeling in a giant scaley fish is pretty fantastic.

I’d love to practice fishing some more, but the thought of fishing in the Hudson or East River makes me want to barf…guess I’ll just have to wait until next summer!

{ Getting important instruction from my brother }

{ Wait…what was it that I’m supposed to do when I feel a bite?! }

{ OH! Right! Hold on tight and reel! }

{ Tharrrr she isarrr! }

{ Now it’s time to feast! }

*Wearing a Rag & Bone t-shirt, vintage Levi shorts, Karen Walker sunnies