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The Skinny Boyfriend

November 21, 2013
by Sonia


There are a lot of unflattering clothes out there — spandex unitards, balloon pants, ski suits — all of which I tend to stay away from. But then there’s boyfriend jeans, a style of jeans I have yet to be convinced look good on anyone and still we ladies, myself included, can’t seem to get enough of them. Aside from being comfortable and loose —ample eating room, hello!— boyfriend jeans don’t offer much, especially when it comes to appearance. In fact, while recently wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans, a male friend of mine told me that my butt had never looked dumpier. This should have been a red flag signaling me to throw out said pair of jeans and hit the gym for some backside lifting, but instead I brushed off his comment by way of pointing to his growing beer belly and continue to wear the jeans to this day. I hear dumpy butts are making a comeback anyway. (Don’t quote me on that.)


A few weeks ago however, I was introduced to a new style of boyfriend jeans, the skinny boyfriend jeans, which feature a considerably more flattering fit. This updated style is still loose like all of my other boyfriend jeans—albeit slightly less so—but don’t sag in all the places I try so hard to keep tight and firm (i.e. the tookus). On top of that, I discovered that pairing the skinny boyfriend jeans with the rest of my wardrobe was infinitely easier. Amazing what wearing something that doesn’t make your lower half look like a lumpy blob of poorly stuffed sausage can do! Where once I struggled with upper-body proportions to offset the awkward drooping of yesteryear’s significant other pants, I now rejoice in the ample possibilities provided by a more tailored, female-friendly “boyfriend” design.


One final note on boyfriend jeans: have you ever actually tried on your boyfriend’s jeans? They never fit the way women’s boyfriend jeans do.  They are either too big (though actually I have been known to date men in the past who shared my pant size), too long, too straight, and usually have a little too much room in the crotchal region because well, I don’t have testicles. But never do they slouch around my mid-thigh or fold at the knee or taper at the bottom like their female jean counterparts. So really, why shouldn’t we try and tailor our boyfriend jeans a little more? It’s not like the fit is all that accurate in the first place. And that’s where I’m ending things today.

Forever21 scarf | H&M jacket | T by Alexander Wang shirt | Denim & Supply jeans | Zara loafers | Proenza Schouler bag



// photos by Emily Malan
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  1. allie permalink
    November 21, 2013

    NEED this scarf! oversized tartan is my kind of party.

    allie at

  2. Kristi permalink
    November 21, 2013

    I love these skinny boyfriends! I think they’re just what I need. I’ve been suffering from that dumpy butt thing lately in my not-so-skinny boyfriends…


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