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Working the Slouch and Chunk

November 12, 2013


One autumn morning several years ago, I stepped outside my Alphabet City apartment to grab coffee with my boyfriend at the time. He was waiting for me downstairs and upon seeing me told me that I looked like a lumpy pillowcase. I was wearing an oversize chunky sweater and drop-crotch harem pants, and though I was extremely comfortable — and why shouldn’t I be?! We were just going to get coffee! — I glanced down and realized he had a point. It looked as though I’d robbed the local coffee shop and stuffed multiple loafs of poundcake around my middle section. The only area of me that was slightly defined was my ankles since the drop-crotch pants tapered around there. I shrugged off his observation — again, we were just grabbing coffee (and poundcake?) — but that was the end of pairing tent pieces together.


I’ve more or less graduated from my days of harem pants (I say more or less because I have a feeling they’ll come back), but oversize chunky sweaters remain a crucial part of my fall and winter uniform. There are the obvious benefits of wearing bulky sweaters — warmth, the concealing of muffin tops and stolen poundcakes, did I say warmth? — but I’ve also discovered that, after failing miserably with harem pants, when styled with something a little more body skimming on the bottom (i.e. skinny jeans, flared denim, mini and/or pencil skirts) they can actually be quite leg-slimming. So, with Thanksgiving a little over two weeks away and your inevitable debacle of, “What can I wear that’s flattering but still allows me to stuff as much turkey, stuffing, and pie into my person without bursting a seam?” allow me to recommend a slouchy sweater paired with something slightly more dressy than the cargo jeans I’m wearing here. Or just keep something like this close by for next day tummy coverage as you will most likely still be full from the previous day’s gorging. Or is that just me?


Rag & Bone hat | Mango sweater | Rich & Skinny jeans | Kelsi Dagger shoozies | Proenza Schouler bag


// photos by Victoria Tsigonis


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