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Quick Fix

January 18, 2011
tags: bathroom, bedroom, home decor, interior, make up display, make-up organization
by Sonia

Due to some new, upcoming projects and opportunities that have come my way (I promise to share soon!), I have been working from home more and more. Although I love the decor and cozy feel of my apartment (see here), I’ve decided that it’s time to revamp a few things to make it both comfortable for everyday living and productive for everyday working. That means that I not only need to finally invest in a desk and thus rearrange my living room, but I must also make it a place that isn’t so susceptible to such disastrous messes.

I’ve tried to keep all of my make-up and beauty supplies in my bathroom for my entire life and yet somehow I always wind up with them scattered all over my bedroom. Why I haven’t thought to create a space in my bedroom for those necessary items until now is beyond me, but I’ve finally taken the plunge. I decided to clean off a counter top on one of the bureaus in my bedroom to create a little section entirely devoted to those few key pieces that never seem to stay in the bathroom. Although the change isn’t drastically different, I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to know that certain things are finally where they should be in my apartment. Mascara, you can kiss that bathroom goodbye ’cause you’re staying in the bedroom from now on, no more of this back and forth business.

Next up…a desk…

before - total chaos •

after - clean and orderly •

small bowls and mugs are a perfect and cute way to avoid clutter

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