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November 19, 2010
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by Sonia

When I visited Amsterdam six years ago it was love at first sight and I have been itching to go back ever since. Amongst the cities I would like to live in, Amsterdam easily takes a spot in the top three. Now, before you start pointing your fingers and pegging me as a big pothead, let me just say that that particular part of Amsterdam holds absolutely no appeal for me. What I love about this city is its countless bike paths, old brick buildings, Venice-esque canals, and the Dutch are some of the nicest people out there.

Amongst the charming sidewalk cafes and history packed architecture are the incredible Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum, tons of medieval churches, the Heineken Warehouse, the house where Anne Frank and her family were discovered, the infamous Red Light District and my personal favorite the Torture Museum - one of the creepiest places I’ve ever seen. When I do go back I plan on renting a bike and getting to know the city more personally as I roll through the narrow alleyways and cobblestone streets.

Zuiderkerk Church •

Red Light District •

Heineken Brewery •

• Statue of Anne Frank near her home •

Torture Museum •

Have you ever been to Amsterdam?


photos via flickr & tumblr
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  1. kirsty permalink
    November 19, 2010

    love the pics thanks for sharing xxx

  2. Leonie permalink
    November 19, 2010

    Yeah, my hometown! :)

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