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November 5, 2010
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by Sonia

Tokyo has to be one of my top places to visit in the world (alongside Egypt and India). I don’t find the city itself to be as beautiful as some of the other places I’ve written about for my Weekend Getaways, but the overall idea of Tokyo fascinates me. Best known as the “Neon Jungle” this city attracts me like a moth to a flame: the bright lights, sky scraping towers, museums with focuses on everything from different kinds of pens to obnoxious modern art (I’m looking at you Murakami), and most obviously the endless amounts of trinkets and treasures that fill every mall, drug store, street vendor, etc. Obviously the home to all things Sanrio™ is a friend of mine!

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that people actually live in Tokyo. Between the countless fun and games and fast-paced lifestyle this city seems more like a real life video game than a city full of living and breathing civilians. With a roller-coaster located on the top of the Tokyo Dome, the world’s second largest ferris-wheel sitting alongside a life-size Transformer, and a store devoted entirely to all things cats, this definitely isn’t a place I would ever grow bored in.

While I’m no doubt interested in all the ins and outs of the history of Tokyo, I have to admit that the biggest lure for me to go to there is the shopping. And as a fashion blogger I don’t feel ashamed to say that! I can just imagine going NUTS in the stores filled with thousands of phone charms, pencil sharpeners, little containers, etc. and my jaw literally dropped when I saw what Tokyo’s Prada store looks like (photo below). So when/if I ever get to Tokyo I’m going to have to pack an extra bag to get home because there’s no way I’m returning empty handed.

Tokyo at night •

• Strawberry shaped Sanrio store •

• Roller coaster at the top of the Tokyo Dome •

• Umbrellas outside the National Museum of Science & Nature that open automatically when people approach •

• Store devoted entirely to cats •

• the Prada store •

• Ferris Wheel and GIANT Transformer •

• look at all those trinkets & treasures and bits & baubles! •

Have you ever been to Tokyo?


photos via flickr


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