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New York Fashion Week - Day Seven and Eight

September 21, 2010
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by Sonia

The last two days of Fashion Week were thankfully, relatively low key. Wednesday morning started off with one of my favorite designers, Jeremy Scott who always delivers quirky collections that I laugh and lust over. This season he produced a grungy New York themed runway show complete with trashbag dresses and Lady Gaga meat ensembles. Unfortunately I did not get a single good shot of the collection, but I did meet Kanye, so that was pretty awesome. But let’s be real here, Team Taylor Swift for life!

Oh, hi Kanye… •

Next on the agenda was Eva Minge which was so bad it’s not even worth talking about…so onto bigger more important things like…PROENZA SCHOULER! I was beyond excited because I got to go backstage before the Proenza show and see the clothes first hand. After gushing over the clothes for a good thirty minutes, I looked around and realized who I was surrounded by…Karolina Kurkova, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Anja Rubik, Isabeli Fontana, Jacquelyn Jablonski…the list goes on but you can imagine how speechless I was. I finally mustered up the courage to do my job and interview a few of them. Karolina Kurkova and Anja Rubik were even more breathtakingly beautiful in person and extremely nice. And I think it’s safe to say that I’m officially obsessed with Jacquelyn Jablonski. Aside from being drop dead gorgeous, she was incredibly funny and down to earth. We chatted about everything from friends and family to how difficult it was to get the clay from the Alexander Wang show out of her hair. I could have talked to her for hours but duty calls and she had to get ready and I needed to go grab a spot in the front of the house!

This necklace takes my love of statement jewelry to a whole new level •

The last and final day of New York Fashion Week started off with Jeremy Laing at MILK. I somehow managed to arrive early so I took part in one of my favorite Fashion Week activities, people watching. Amidst the slowly growing crowd I spotted Julia Frakes looking her cute and adorable self.

I really enjoyed Laing’s collection, probably because it reminded me of Rick Owens’ spring 2010 RTW collection. Long silhouettes, lots of drapery, black and white…yes, very Rick Owens indeed. While I don’t think that I would ever wear a complete look from the runway, there are definitely certain pieces that I wouldn’t mind adding to my closet.

The last and final show on my schedule (at this point my feet and I were singing “hallelujah”) was Rebecca Moses. I had some time to kill before the show though so I met up with my friend Michelle from Fash Addict and she took some snaps of me for a “Fashion Week Wrap Up” article.

I’m wearing a SUNO jacket, H&M Dress, Urban Outfitters hat and SPIRAL Foundation bag (last sen here) •

I admit that I was a bit skeptical about the Rebecca Moses show, mainly because I was unfamiliar with her work. However, apparently I was the only one because as I made my way to The Box in Lincoln Center I saw a giant line of people waiting to see her presentation that wrapped halfway around the tents.

Once I made it into her presentation I was completely blown away. She had set up the room with giant sets made to look like a library. Everything was oversized and colorful, I loved it! I think I obsessed over the sets more than the clothes, but the whole presentation was simply delightful. A perfect way to end a fabulous week filled with fashion.

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