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»· Local Jaunt : Brooklyn Flea (Fort Greene) ·«

August 25, 2011

A few weekends ago my friend Erin and I rode our bikes to Fort Greene to eat some treats and wander around the Brooklyn Flea. Some of you may recall me writing about the indoor portion Brooklyn Flea a little over a year ago (see here), but the Brooklyn Flea I’m referring to in this post is outdoors (as a flea market should be) and only open between April and November.

There are few things I love more than a good flea market. Aside from my love of rummaging through other people’s “junk,” (my brother’s and I actually used to go dumpster diving…), I also draw a lot of my inspiration from just walking around and seeing what other people are selling. For example, I’d been in the market for a new way to organize my make-up and perfumes but was stumped as to how I wanted to go about it. Then I saw this mirrored tray at the Flea and boom!, suddenly I had a new way to display my products!

What I love about Brooklyn Flea is that the food is equally as important as the shopping vendors. Lobster rolls, watermelon juice, brisket, and tacos are just a few of the delicious goodies surrounding the flea market premises and I only wish I had the time and room to to try it all. Erin and I had plans to eat lunch at a nearby restaurant so I only got some watermelon juice and sliced mango, but it’s a rare occasion that I pass up a lobster roll…or a taco…or a Porchetta sandwich.

Although I went to the Flea just a few weeks ago, I’m hoping that, weather permitting, I’ll have a chance to go back sometime this weekend. If not for a vintage watch, then at least for the amazing lobster rolls…yum!

{ Undecided if this is reaaaaally creepy or kind of awesome… }

176 Lafayette Ave. (btw. Claremont & Vanderbilt Ave.)
Saturday & Sunday - 10AM - 5PM

Jumble Love

February 24, 2011
tags: aztec ring, bracelets, erin wasson low luv, jewelry collections, la mer collections, rings, , silver, , sterling silver, ,
by Sonia

With last week’s post on bracelet jumbles and my obvious obsession with rings, I thought it only appropriate to share my wrist and finger jewelry staples (and yes, I realize how weird ‘wrist and finger’ sounds…). While my jewelry always seems to be in an unorganized rotation, these pieces are a few that I haven’t changed in months. Although I do find that I seem to be adding to the daily jumble quite frequently, for example, the La Mer watch featured below is relatively new to my jewelry collection. I’ll keep you posted on what I add next!

La Mer watch, Low Luv x Erin Wasson ring, vintage turquoise & bronze cuff, bug bracelet from Puerto Rico •

• Tom Binns safety pin cuff, vintage sterling silver bracelet, vintage amber ring, Tom Binns birds nest ring, Andrea Lucille silver ring, Accessorize silver ring •

It’s All in the Wrist

February 18, 2011
tags: , bangles, , bracelets, , , jak & jil, , , tangled, , , wrists
by Sonia

I’ve been known to pile on the jewelry. There’s just something about building up that jumble of necklaces or rings over a period of time that always ends up looking so bohemian and chic! One summer I wore so many silver bracelets that my wrist ended up an entirely different color than the rest of my arm. While I should have learned my lesson, I have yet again begun to build up that collection of bracelets and bangles that not even in the shower. So, to further my jumble of bracelet inspiration, I’ve pulled together some beautifully accessorized wrists that are giving me some serious bracelet, cuff, bangle, and watch envy.

photos via & tumblr