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»· Local Jaunt : Daha Vintage ·«

July 21, 2011

After receiving so many emails about where I shop, eat, drink, sleep, etc. in NYC I thought I’d add a new category to my blog called Local Jaunts, where I document and share some of my favorite places to do the aforementioned things.

First on the list is Daha Vintage, an adorable vintage shop around the corner from me that I frequent on a weekly basis. The store is filled with endless amounts of goodies from vintage boots to leather satchels to the most colorful dresses in all kinds of silhouettes and lengths. There aren’t a ton of designer names on the racks, but I’ve been lucky enough to find some amazing vintage Diane von Furstenburg dresses, an Emporio Armani shirt and a Pucci skirt that I still regret not buying.

Just like with any kind of vintage shopping, the key to Daha is to go in with an open mind and the patience to sift through the racks. Another key to Daha? Many of their dresses are on the longer side of the spectrum, but that’s nothing a little tailoring can’t fix. Vintage dresses are some of the easiest pieces to get tailored so just because it doesn’t fit in the store doesn’t mean you can’t make it work for you!

175 Orchard St.
New York, NY 10002
(212) 388-1176

I’m With the Band

August 2, 2010
tags: bruce springsteen, morrissey, Music, nick cave & the bad seeds, , sf, the cramps, the smiths, the talking heads, vintage rock t-shirts, , vintage t-shirts, wasteland, what goes around comes around
by Sonia

When in a fashion bind, one of my go-to outfits is a pair of black jeans and a vintage rock t-shirt; however when it comes to buying vintage rock tees I’m about as picky as a food critic with twenty allergies. I need like my vintage tees to be relatively soft and thin, the graphic has to be aesthetically pleasing, and obviously, I’ve got to love the band - if I’m not a fan I’m not going to wear the memorabilia.

• Becka Diamond & Pamela Love (left) ~ Agyness Deyn (right) •

Although I currently have a plethora of vintage music t-shirts, like most avid vintage shoppers and music fanatics I am constantly on the lookout for more. My brother has an incredible Rolling Stones shirt from one of their concerts he went to about 15 years ago, and despite my vast attempts to steal it from him, he always manages to steal it back.

I buy a lot of my rock t-shirts from vintage stores like Wasteland in San Francisco and What Goes Around Comes Around in NYC, however I’ve also found eBay to be a great vintage rock t-shirt resource. Below are a few of the bands that I’ve been on the t-shirt hunt for as well as one of my favorite songs of each of theirs.

Anyone want to do a t-shirt exchange?


Speedway by Morrissey

A few years ago I came across a Morrissey t-shirt that was about as perfect as can be except that it cost 250 bucks! There are too many Morrissey/The Smiths shirts out there for me to spend that much money on one, but you better believe I’ve been on a rabid search since!

The Cramps

Human Fly by The Cramps

Bruce Springsteen

Tenth Avenue Freeze Out by Bruce Springsteen

For the amount of times that I’ve seen Bruce in concert I’m shocked that I don’t own a t-shirt.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Up Jumped the Devil by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

The Talking Heads

Houses in Motion by The Talking Heads

Obviously there are a ton more that I could share, but I’m not trying to overwhelm anyone here. :)