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Style Icon: Lou Doillon

December 15, 2011

I know. I know. I’ve featured her before. But truth be told, she’s the person I’m always looking to for style inspiration. She sticks to classic silhouettes but her individual articles of clothing are always a bit more modern and risqué. Take the outfit in the bottom right corner por ejemplo- what looks like a basic sheer blouse paired with black trousers is actually a jumpsuit! Huzzah! Or the simple white cocktail dress just above it is classic in silhouette but has all kinds of architectural and sculptural elements. Perfection!

There’s nothing fussy about Lou Doillon’s style - you can tell she knows what she likes, wears what she likes, and feels good in what she’s wearing, which is essentially what my style is all about. Nothing too complicated but always pulled together with a touch of edge.

» · Style Icon: Abbey Lee Kershaw · «

November 2, 2011
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by Sonia

Even though my new job has me looking and learning about models everyday, I’ve been following Abbey Lee Kershaw’s style religiously ever since I saw her in a Numéro editorial back in 2008. It’s only in the last few years that she’s started popping up on all the street style blogs which means my style stalking has grown sufficiently.

There are few people who have as unique a style as Abbey Lee, in fact it’s so unique it’s practically impossible to replicate. This isn’t only because so much of her clothing is vintage and/or thrifted, she also has an ability to put unexpected yet complementary pieces together that the best I can do is compare her style to dadaism. Maybe I’m making a stretch there, but fashion=art and vice versa right?

I think the biggest thing that I take away from her personal style is that while simple, staple pieces are always key, it’s also good to go outside your comfort zone and wear something totally outlandish and statement making (i.e. her Oscar the Grouch green fur coat). Or maybe that’s just my excuse for having such a ridiculous jacket collection…

»· Style Icon: Clémence Poésy ·«

September 6, 2011
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by Sonia

It was only a year ago that I bookmarked a photo of Clémence Poésy wearing a monochromatic grey outfit and I’ve since become an avid follower of her style. Unless given an occasion to dress up, Clémence’s style feels effortless and casual in simple skinny jeans and loose fitting tops - a look I’m quite familiar with. I like that she brings out her girly, elegant style for those red carpet appearances but keeps things minimal and androgynous for her everyday looks. And I obviously love the fact that she’s equally as obsessed with layering as I am - three cheers for the approaching cooler climates so that we can all layer away!

Clémence is religiously photographed during Paris Fashion Week and I can only imagine what kind of goodies she’ll be breaking out for those street style candids! But until then, feast your eyes on some of her past look and get inspired!

Also, anyone who recognizes her from Harry Potter gets a gold star.

»· Style Icon : Gillian Zinser ·«

August 4, 2011
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by Sonia

I’ve only been a follower of Gillian Zinser for a few months but it only took a few seconds for me to consider her one of my style icons. She’s got the bohemian look down to a T and clearly wears far more vintage than any other brand or designer. My kind of girl!

I love how she pieces structured elements like cropped leather jackets and cinched button-downs with more billowy pieces like her maxi skirts and oversized dresses. Much like some of my other style icons like Zoe Kravitz and Georgia Jagger, Gillian’s style is evidently laid back and yet she looks so put together regardless of if she’s walking a red carpet or a grey sidewalk. Can’t you just see her style becoming more and more like Rachel Zoe’s? The queen of bohemian sophistication!

»· Style Icon: Chloë Sevigny ·«

July 7, 2011
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by Sonia

Obvi this one goes without saying, but she’s too cool not to feature. What I love about Chloë Sevigny’s style is that it doesn’t necessarily fit into a single category but it’s certainly eclectic. Her red carpet looks always have a sophisticated edge and in terms of her day-to-day looks? who doesn’t love a good vintage tee and a pair of Doc Martens?! I’m pretty sure she invented the denim cut-off and no one looks better in sockies and sandals than she does.

This is the first of my “style icons” that had me online shopping/browsing equally as much as finding suitable photos for this post. As if I didn’t already want all of the Chloë Sevigny x Opening Ceremony collections, seeing her wearing every piece made me want them even more. Hello eBay, we meet again.  Or for that matter, if anyone is a size 8 or 8.5 and selling any of her shoes - email me stat!!!

There’s such a unique simplicity to her look that makes her style feel totally attainable but at the same time somewhat difficult to pull off. There’s no denying that Chloë’s got an attitude that makes rocking head-to-toe Louis Vuitton look just as easy as a pair of broken in Levi’s and a vintage Cramps tee (yet another item I’ve been coveting for years). Chloë, if you’re reading this, I’d love at least half of your wardrobe.

photos via tfs