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The Hoodie

October 17, 2013


I wore so many hoodies throughout college and high school I may as well have been Eminem in 8 Mile. While most hoodie-wearers paired the cozy tops with equally cozy bottoms — i.e. gut-expanding sweatpants or leggings — I took my hoodie cues from the homelessly chic Olsen twins; these sweatshirts weren’t just about comfort, they were style.statements. Hoodies were a more important component to my day-to-day look than shoes (guilty!), and I paired them with everything from fitted blazers to flared denim to cropped t-shirts that exposed my peach baby-fuzz snail trail.

This all began to fade away however, when I graduated from the days of textbooks and cafeteria food to day planners and martinis. Suddenly an outfit paired with a hoodie was no longer a desired look; it felt too youthful and casual for my New York City life. And soon, the hoodies which once took residence in one of the more accessible drawers in my apartment moved to a plastic bin under my bed.


In the past year, the relaxed, casual trend has made a comeback and consequently slithered its way back into my day-to-day style (let this be a lesson to all of you out there who love to throw things away. Things do come back into style!). I’ll still always have an affinity for sky-high heels and more sophisticated pieces, but it’s refreshing to have the option to wear, say, a fuzzy camouflage hoodie, and not look or feel like a complete and utter college-campus-bum. Other perks to the reintroduction of hoodies is the convenient kangaroo pouch (hello, cell phone!), the hood (hello, nap time!), and the sheer softness of the fabric (this isn’t your average itchy mohair sweater).

When it came to styling said hoodie, I opted for pieces that one might not immediately assume to pair with a sweatshirt (i.e. not jeans). After a few trial and error periods — the jeans were just so tempting! — I went with this crisp white pleated skirt, the heeled booties you’ve likely grown sick of, and the leather jacket that I may remarry this weekend just to make sure it knows the level of my devotion.

Do I think this trend will stick around? No, probably not. But hoodies, no matter how you wear them, be it curled up on your couch on a Sunday night or attempting your best Carrie Bradshaw strut down 5th Avenue, will always be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

You can quote me on that.


Alternative Apparel hoodie | Schott jacket | Supertrash skirt (this one is awesome, too) | Kelsi Dagger booties


// photos by Emily Malan

The Perfecto

August 6, 2013
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by Sonia


Schott Leather Perfecto Jacket

I know, we’re in the sweaty midst of summer, so what am I doing sharing a leather jacket with you? I’m preparing you, that’s what.

As much as we may resent the faster-than-we’d-like end of summer, now’s the time to start prepping your wardrobe for the best sartorial season of the year, Fall! And what better way to get into gear than with the ultimate fall necessity — no, not a rake for leaves — a leather jacket!

While getting my neck and wrists decked out in jewelry at a shoot last winter, I noticed a deliciously buttery leather jacket draped across the accessory stylist’s shoulders. My first assumption was that it was the Acne biker jacket I’ve been writing to Santa about for years, but much to my surprise — and my wallet’s delight — it was by a brand I’d never heard of before, Schott. She told me she bought it at one of those Harley Davidson stores interspersed around multiple neighborhoods in New York City, and with one quick Yelp search, I was on my way to what I assumed would be the next best thing to a Biker Bar, of which I have been to one and it was not that great. ZZ Top, so not my type. A man’s beard should never be longer than my hair. I’m getting off topic here. Back to leather jackets.

I went into the biker apparel Mecca, expecting to turn around within thirty seconds of entering, but my eyes locked in on the leather number I’d seen only an hour before. A glance at the price tag, $530, and I knew it was mine. Now, I know it’s still a hefty sum, but comparatively speaking, it’s a pretty decent price for a leather jacket, as most run between $700-$2,000. What’s more is that these are the types of pieces I for one think we should all be investing in. If you’re going to wear something everyday — which, when it’s cooler out, I do — then it’s well worth paying a little extra on, don’t you think? I’d also like to note the durability of finding a piece that’s apparently worthy of a biker babe cruising down the highway on her Harley. If it can withstand the rough and tough lifestyle of a Hell’s Angel, then it can certainly handle my life on the L Train.

Here it is in action:

IMG_4665 copy


May 13, 2013
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by Sonia


I know what you’re thinking. “Sonia, you showed us a photo of this outfit on Friday. Throw something else out there.” And I hear you. I really do. But I felt I should give you a little more info as to my thought process behind the look.


When I was approached by StyleCaster to style an outfit for spring, my immediate thoughts went to my leather jacket. I realize that a leather jacket doesn’t exactly scream spring, but it’s transeasonal. Is that a word? Probably not, but I’m making it one. You see, the beauty of spring and fall is that the climate isn’t extreme. You can wear shorts with a puffer jacket. Pants with a tank top. A ski suit with flip flops. In this scenario however, I opted for florals (I know…”groundbreaking”) to break up the edginess of the leather biker jacket that I actually did buy at a Harley Davidson store.


The result is what I like to think as effortlessly European — as in “ooh I am wearing this floral outfit but there is a slight chill so let me just throw on this rough biker jacket before I hop on my Vespa to go drink wine outdoors with friends.” (I hope you all read that in a French accent). So maybe I should rethink those Isabel Marant sandals as my spring investment and go for a Vespa, because that seems pretty transeasonal too.


Schott jacket | J.Crew shirt | Asos skirt | Schutz heels | Celine sunglasses
// photos by Emily Malan


In the Buff

April 30, 2013
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by Sonia


If we were to play a word association game with the word “nude” a few years ago, I would have immediately jumped to Italian Renaissance and/or grandmas in retirement homes who wear squeaky nude reeboks, are savvy at Bridge, and dye their puff puff hair a lovely shade of lavender grey. Ask me to play the word association game today and I would respond with Tobias Fünke and/or Spring 2013.


Reiss sweater | Armani skirt | J.Crew heels


Speaking to the latter, the naked color made several appearances on the runways last season. In the literal sense, Marc Jacobs stripped his models of pants for his spring runway parade and Pucci’s Peter Dundas was all about visible lady parts. Kimberly Ovitz nixed the whole idea of footwear and had her models doing the barefoot thing on a runway made of clay, however something tells me barefoot in a metropolitan city will only lead to foot fungi that’s just not worth the style statement. And then there were the likes of Jill Stuart, Reed Krakoff, and Katie Gallagher who put the nude hue onto actual garments of clothing, while other designers stuck to nude finger tips and heels.

Pulling inspiration from these runways — as we do — I put together a head-to-toe nude look that sparked a couple of thoughts: 1) I don’t hate it, in fact I feel quite sophisticated. 2) I especially like how each piece blends in with my skin and could really throw people off in a game of strip poker.


Schott jacket | Reiss sweater | Armani skirt | Zara heels


However, should such an excessively monochromatic naked outfit not be your cup of Earl Grey, allow me to introduce the biker jacket — a faithful friend who has only further proven her loyalty in these last few months as she just seems to make every outfit that much better. With a switch into black pumps and a bulky black leather number thrown upon my shoulders, you can’t deny that the previous outfit worthy of an afternoon tea is now more fit for a Happy Hour martini.


Reiss sweater | H&M shorts | J.Crew heels


And if the thought of too much nude in one look still sends you to Heebie Jeebie-ville, then let me just say that my strip poker team and I fully support Never Nudes. Cheers to the season of denim cut offs in public and the new season of Arrested Development on May 26th!

Full disclosure: I don’t know how to play poker, I am not on a strip poker team, and the one time I tried playing that game at a sleepover in 6th grade I called my mom crying and asked her to come pick me up.

// photos by Emily Malan

Viva Mickey!

April 17, 2013
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by Sonia


I am officially convinced that fashion is regressing and I mean that in the most progressive way. Between the graphic tees, the overalls comeback, and even the foray into fur-lined Birkenstocks, it’s pretty obvious that designers are looking to some of the worst trends of the past and making them relevant for the streets of 2013. This could also just be me having the same response to the trends I now regret, so maybe in a few years I’ll look back and say “what was I thinking?” but I’m not going to get ahead of myself. Live in the moment. Breathe it in. Wear that ish.

When Marc Jacobs sent Mickey Mouse sweaters down his Spring 2013 runway, all I wanted to do was run backstage, hug Marc and say, “You get me! You really get me!” Anyone who validates my love for all things Disney — even if it involves a weird sounding mischievous mouse — gets a gold star. And though I don’t know Marc Jacobs and he probably doesn’t give two mouse ears about a gold star from me, I’m going to go ahead and hand it to him anyways. Badabing badaboom.

Of course Marc’s actual embellished Mickey Mouse sweater costs way more than anything you might find at Disneyland, but the inspiration is there and luckily finding a Mickey sweater is easier than finding a clean pair of underwear to wear on laundry day. If you don’t live near Disneyland or a Disney store, then trend-seeking megastore, Forever21 is probably your best bet for mousey goods. And actually, since amusement parks and theme stores are as notorious for overcharging as the airport, Forever21 is probably the cheaper route as well. Which is both economical and realistic as I can’t imagine that Mickey will stay on the forefronts of our shirts for much longer than a year or two. I hope I’m wrong though. Viva Disney forever!




P.S. Mickey’s iconic stance is harder to mimic than it looks. It took me several takes to get as close as I did in the above left photo, and the right photo is of my failure disappointment. Just FYI. Ok, bye.

Schott jacket | Forever21 sweater | Anthropologie trousers (similar) | Stuart Weitzman heels | Celine sunglasses
// photos by Emily Malan (durrrrrrr)