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Tomboy Twist

November 26, 2013


Growing up with two older brothers meant that I was constantly stealing from their closets without permission. Oversize jeans, ripped up t-shirts, and dinosaur print sweatshirts were some of the more frequent pieces I “borrowed” before my brothers outgrew them and they became hand-me-downs. But even I wore their clothes, I always managed to put my own, girly spin on things. From a pile of plastic pearl necklaces wrapped around my neck to my first pair of white patent leather Mary-Janes that went clickity clock, there was never a moment when my outfit looked strictly tomboy. In fact, I distinctly remember the first time I stuffed my bra because I thought my brother’s San Francisco Zoo t-shirt paired with blue jeans was too boyish and figured the easiest way to put an end to that was with a pair of toiletpaper stuffed boobs.


Decades later and I still borrow from the men’s department, steal my brothers’ (and father’s!) clothes, and vamp up each menswear inspired look with a feminine twist. Some of my go-tos for doing so today are with a visible black bra which I no longer have to stuff, heels which still go clickity clock, and/or a bold red lip which you see me pursing here. You may not be the belle of the ball, but it’s one way to take a look from Billy Bob the Banker to ladylike Lydia…or something like that.


Rag & Bone hat | J.Crew shirt and trousers | Zara loafers | Dannijo necklace


// photos by Sara Neel

Bee to a Sandwich

December 12, 2012
tags: bag, bee to sandwich, , blue metallic, bright accessory, , cat eye, City, construction orange, , electric, , , , , gap, , , jcrew, , jeans and white shirt, leopard coat, manhattan, metallic, necklace, , nine west, , orange bag, , pop, pumps, , , , , statement accessory, , sunglasses, ,
by Sonia

Orange is a recurring color/theme on here, but I wouldn’t even consider it one of my favorite colors (for those of you wondering, my favorite color is green). There’s something about the inevitable orange pop(!) that draws me to it like a bee to a sandwich.

As I’ve mentioned, bright and bold accessories are a must for those dreary outfits (read: fat days when you want to wear black from head to toe). You may feel like shit about your look, but I guarantee people will notice your bright accessories before they notice your bland outfit (read: fupa). But back to the color orange…

The citrus color plays an integral role in our lives beyond the world of OJ (not Simpson) and vitamin C. Construction sites use the standout color to say “don’t fucking walk in here”; it’s become one of the two colors of Halloween and Thanksgiving due to the pumpkin factor; prisoners usually wear the color so they’re easily spottable if trying to escape; it’s the color of the California state poppy; Buddhist monks wear orange robes; orangutans have to wear the darn color every day; I could go on…

But obviously its most important role is providing my brain-dead, jet-lagged self with a pop of color for outfits when I have no energy to think past jeans and a white shirt.

Zara coat & shirt | Gap jeans | J.Crew bag | Nine West heels | DIY necklace (see how-to here) | Minusey & vintage bracelets | Elizabeth & James sunglasses c/o

// photos by Emily Malan

Risking Denim on Denim

March 19, 2012
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by Sonia

Ah, the Canadian Tuxedo. Such a fine line between looking totally put together or totally ridiculous; but what it really comes down to is texture and wash.  For one, you don’t want to do a complete denim match-up, otherwise it looks like you’re wearing a denim jumpsuit - though even that has a time and place beyond the world of carpentry (see overalls) - and you also want to pay careful attention to the thickness of each piece, as bulky denim can be a little overpowering when worn together (see Justin & Britney c.2001).

On perhaps the most springy day we’ve had so far, I went out on a whim and paired two of my palest denim pieces together with the daily sartorial question, “I wonder if these would look good together.” Far too many times such a question has turned out an outfit so horrid it could break a mirror, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised by this denim-on-denim outcome. I definitely got a few double takes while walking down the street, but sometimes you just have to risk the stare downs and think, maybe they’re going home to replicate the look right now. Or maybe I’m just a freak and trying to defend my weird sartorial choices. I’m cool with either.

{ J.Crew Shirt, Madewell Jeans, Proenza Schouler Heels (similar here), SPIRAL Foundation Bag, Juliet & Company Necklace, Vintage Belt }

// photos by Emily Malan