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A Case Study

April 18, 2013


We all know that accessories make the outfit. A standard black blazer and pants pairing suddenly pops when adorned with a bright bag. A hat adds a whole new dimension to  an outfit, both literally and figuratively. And braces bring a muted sparkle to a crooked smile. While we will forever have these essential accessories like bags, hats, shoes, and orthodontia, I’d like to welcome a new addition to the elite group of accessory swag. The iPhone case.

While the first iPhone case was invented to “protect” the phone from shattering, it has since become an accessory that essentially defines who we are. Harajuku girls cover their phones in rhinestones, rainbows, and cats. Businessmen keep things sleek in black, chrome, or leather. And the bull in the china shop goes for beefy (inappropriate?) cases that can take a beating or chuck across the room. You could look like the grumpiest gal on the L train, but if I see you whip out an iPhone case with cat ears, then I’ll now you’ve got some silly lighthearted side to you. Or that you’re a crazy cat lady. But I digress…

The thing is that most people buy one iPhone case and stick to it. But I am not most people and am about has fickle as it comes with iPhone couture. I probably change my cases more often than parents change their kids’ diapers. Similar to the way I approach my closet every morning, I pick my iPhone case based on my mood. Am I bear phone girl today or is it time for astronaut cat? Judge my fickle attitude as you will, but my iPhone is with me 24/7 so why shouldn’t it get its very own outfit…or closet? Not convinced? Then just see what these iPhone cases add to the looks below.


“Excuse me, is that the new Chloé mini?”

“No, it’s just my iPhone case.”

Yes, ladies and gentlebeans, Giovanna Battaglia has gone so far as to forego any sort of purse by adorning her mobile device with a strap. Call it what you will, but I’m dubbing this the purse of the future. Who knows, maybe that flap opens up and you can store your credit cards in there.


Moschino is at the forefront of the fashionable tech world, getting teddybears and geese onto the iPhones of fashion’s A-pack each season. Mother Goose and Teddy Ruxpin aren’t just for kids anymore — and neither is Mickey Mouse.


And then we have our don’t-mess-with-me-girl. She’s got her studded army jacket, a blingy necklace (recognize that?) and a brass knuckle iPhone case that probably isn’t very good for fighting but I wouldn’t want to get hit by it anyways.


This girl and her owl case are the perfect example of the powers of the iPhone case as an accessory. Here you have a girl on the run, dressed in a basic black trench and sunnies — not very exciting. But then pow! That hooting blue owl and it’s bulging eyes make her look worthy of a street style snap! You just wouldn’t get that with a caseless phone now wouldya?

Because It’s Awesome

March 21, 2013
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by Sonia


Each time I wear either this jacket or these shoes I get a variety of comments — some positive, some negative. For example, a boy once said to me in reference to this outerwear, “why on earth did you buy that?” Ok, a few things here. One: I can’t believe a guy actually said “why on earth” — I feel like only people who say “geez” or “golly” or “soda pop” say that.  Two: do you really want me to explain why I bought this jacket? Because it’s a pretty uninteresting, anti-climatic story. So, I simply responded with “because it’s awesome” and walked away. (Jerk.)

Now, when I was younger (ages 5-24) a comment like that would have sent me to Insecure City where people hide in corners and try to blend in with the walls. But as I’ve matoooooored (that’s “matured” with an obnoxious accent), I’ve grown to care less and less about what people think in regards to my sartorial choices. Much like the belief that most people would rather be overdressed than under, I would rather dress like myself than try to blend in with the vanillas of the world. This is starting to sound like a preachy post, and though that wasn’t my initial intention I’m going to roll with it. You see I’m under the belief that if you feel like your look is a little on the “is this appropriate?” side then you should definitely wear it. So I leave you with this: should someone question your outfit or comment on its ridiculousness, tell them it’s awesome and walk away. (Cause they’re a jerk.)






William Rast jacket (similar here) | Splendid shirt | Moschino skirt | Tibi clutch | Burberry wedges | Ray-Ban sunglasses

// photos by Emily Malan

Holiday Gift Guide • Under $100

November 27, 2012
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by Sonia

I love buying gifts for other people but it’s not always the easiest thing to do, especially when you’re working with a budget. For this year’s series of gift guides, I’ve decided to keep everything under $100.

Obviously my own personal tastes factor in to these gift guides quite a bit, but in my opinion who wouldn’t want a ceramic dolls head that doubles as a candleholder? Or a driftwood log that also charges your iPhone? Clearly I’m into things that have more than one purpose this year, but should that not suit your or your grandmother’s taste, a Diptyque candle is forever a win in the gift department.


1. Moschino Teddybear iPhone Case - $75

•I’ve had my eye on this gummy friend for a few months now. Perhaps not the best present for the man in your life, but everyone needs an iPhone case with it’s own personality. Am I right?

2. Diptyque Tuberose Candle - $60

•I reiterate the above statement: a Diptyque candle is forever a win in the gift department.

3. The Kate Moss Book - $85

•Another surefire A+ gift is a beautiful coffee table book. Extra points if it includes nudity, which this new anthology of Kate Moss does starting on the very first page.

4. C Wonder Monogram Box - $78

•I love how monograms have made an impact in fashion outside the world of Vineyard Vines and Lands End. These affordable boxes come in an assortment of colors and can snazz up even the dumpiest of dorm rooms.

5. Giles & Brother Skinny Cuff - $85

•Versatile jewelry works for any lady friend, especially in an adjustable cuff form so that it doesn’t slide around on the slender wrists or get stuck on the chubbier ones.

6. Horn Cups - $55-$65

•Everyone needs a toothbrush holder, a cup for pencils, or something to just stash random baubles in. Why use a plastic cup from Duane Reade when there are beautifully shaped horn ones just a     mouse click away?

7. Little Joseph Candle Holder - $99

•I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want this.

8. Kitty Cat Shoulder Bag - $90

•I also don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want this.

9. Driftwood iPhone Dock - $64

•This may be one of the coolest inventions I’ve stumbled upon on the internet. A lot of my friends gather driftwood every time we go to the country, so it’s about time such covetable pieces of nature were put to some good material use.

10. Estee Lauder Zodiac Compact - $70

•Much like a monogrammed box, zodiac accessories always make a gift feel more personal. Kind of like a reminder that you not only remember their birthday, but also their sign! (Just don’t tell them you had to look it up on Wikipedia.)

11. Gargyle Lab Bottles - $65

•Another undeniably awesome way to freshen up a dumpy space. Put a candle in these glass guzzlers or just scatter them around the apartment for a vintage-y cool vibe. Stepmoms would like this, I guarantee it.

12. Kate Spade ‘Gia’ Pouch - $78

•Perhaps not the best gift for someone in AA, but a statement clutch (literally), is bound to get a round of laughs. I suggest giving this to your kooky aunt or 21 year-old sister.


Win Win Accessories (on eBay!)

November 6, 2012
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by Sonia

I’ve always said that with the right accessories any outfit can look chic and refined, especially in the fall and winter months.

While bags and shoes are the bread to my butter, I also have an affinity for scarves, hats, gloves, etc. I don’t enjoy the cold all that much, but I do love a good pair of mittens or mukluks.

I find a sufficient amount of my accessories by shopping/bidding on eBay, and consider myself to be quite the eBay scavenger — I’ve scored everything from a Marni clutch to a Hermes bracelet on the site, and at discounted prices no less!

Using keywords like “authentic” or “NWT” (stands for “New With Tags”) is helpful when searching for designer pieces on eBay, but I also find that looking a seller’s history is crucial to knowing that what you’re bidding on is coming from a good and honest place.

Another tip for eBay hunting is to not bid until the very last couple of minutes. The prices go up pretty quickly (especially with accessories) once you start bidding, so the longer you wait the better. I add things to my “Watch List” on almost a daily basis, and currently have my eye on the 8 pieces below.

I have yet to go into a bidding war on any of these, but mark my words, I know how to watch and win. It’s all about knowing your limits.









DISCLAIMER: This post is part of eBay Finders, a new partnership that present collections of items curated by a carefully selected group of style setters. Find more information at eBay Fashion #eBayFinders