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The Emoji Factor

June 10, 2013


If you were to ask me what my life was like before the emoji keyboard, you would find me speechless. How I was ever able to communicate my thoughts and feelings without smiley faces, salsa dancers, and well-groomed poodles is beyond my comprehension. Who has the time to type out that they’re angry when all they really need to do is use the scowling cat emoji? Why waste your energy telling someone that you’re in a cab when there’s a taxi emoji that can do just that for you? And why bother writing out a grocery shopping list when you’ve got fruits, vegetables, and all kinds of prepared foods like pizza, fried shrimp, and half a loaf of bread at the tap of your finger’s disposal? I personally can’t think of a reason. In fact, I’d say that emojis have such a focal point in my day-to-day life that I’ve taken to looking to them for sartorial inspiration, which brings me to this very post featuring one of my favorite emojis, the eggplant.


Now, to be frank like a hot dog, I don’t really like eggplants. I find their texture to be too mooshy, their taste to be bitter, and I’m not big on the color purple. But there’s something about that emoji. Its rotund shape, swing in its hips, and fine, I’ll say it, phallic symbolism makes it relevant in practically any conversation.

How are you doing today, Sonia?! Eggplant. Did you see last night’s episode of Game of Thrones? Eggplant. Will you marry me? Eggplant.


And it goes one step further in being colorfully relevant for an outfit that doesn’t scream eggplant but were you to think about it a little more you might think, “Hey, she looks like an eggplant.” And I’m OK with that. Because regardless of my fruity appearance (yes, I had to use Google to find out whether eggplants are a fruit or vegetable), this outfit could really swing its way into any type of occasion just like the emoji.

Want to go grab a drink? Eggplant. Meet me in the office in 5. Eggplant. Let’s go dancing. Eggplant.


Equipment shirt | Topshop skirt | YSL heels | Tod’s clutch | Elizabeth & James sunglasses | Kenneth Cole watch


Should you find yourself not so inspired by the eggplant, then what I’d really like to know is which emoji I should dress up as next. I’m thinking the rooster head, but am open to suggestions. Just look at the gloriously colorful icons below!


// photos by Emily Malan

Sporty Spice

December 3, 2012
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by Sonia

Remember those girls in high school who played volleyball and walked around all day wearing basketball shorts, running shoes, and some kind of oversize hoodie while still managing to look cute? I was not one of those girls. In fact, one time I tried wearing a similarly “athletic outfit” and a friend of mine told me I’d never looked so “butch”. As you can imagine, that was the end of that.

But there are ways to dress “sporty” without looking like you’re trying to avoid being caught doing the “walk of shame” by wearing last night’s hook-up’s gym clothes (we’ve all been there).

For me, this begins with accessories. I’ve now fully embraced the wedged sneaker trend, and picked up this pair of Nike’s with the full intention of testing sportier looks that didn’t scream tomboy-wearing-her-brother’s-hand-me-downs (though, I’m not opposed to that).

The next step in completing my look was this pair of mirrored sunglasses that either resemble a ski mask or something Kenny Powers would wear — I can’t decide. But the combination of the reflector sunnies with a slouchy beanie definitely added to my “cool athletic girl who was picked first for teams at recess” look.

After that I figured a jersey might be a bit overboard, so I opted for a neutral all black outfit t0pped with a red puffer. Not an outfit I would wear regularly, mainly because I just don’t have enough pieces like this in my closet to make it work, but definitely a statement look that added a little extra strut to my step.

Kenneth Cole ‘Awearness’ jacket c/o | Zara sweater | Pinky Otto blouse | J Brand jeans | Nike sneakers | Proenza Schouler bag | Ray-Ban sunnies | Saks hat

// photos by Emily Malan

A Living

October 25, 2012
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by Sonia

I often get emails asking me a) what I do for a living outside my blog and b) how I dress for my job.  Today I shall answer these questions for you.

a) For a long time I worked full time on my blog and did freelance writing on the side. It wasn’t until a little over a year ago that I decided to venture away from my pajamas all day freelance lifestyle to work in an office. I am currently the Editorial Director of a fashion site based in New York City. And if you’re now wondering how I manage to do both, allow me to confirm that I often pressed for time; hence the question in yesterday’s post regarding covering up under eye circles.

b) This is a pretty standard outfit for my day job: jeans, blazer, some kind of heel. Though to be honest a lot of the outfits I share on here are what I wear to work. I may dress things up if there are important meetings that day, but for the most part I’d say this is my “working girl uniform.” You should see what I wear after midnight…just kidding.

BCBG blazer | Topshop sweater | Denim & Supply jeans c/o Ralph Lauren | Steve Madden booties | Zara bag |Kenneth Cole watch | Bracelets by Noir Jewelry, C Wonder & Tiffany

// photos by Emily Malan

Go Bulk or Go Home

October 23, 2012
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by Sonia

I’m convinced that more women are afraid of testing the maxi trend than they are peplums. Everyday I get on the subway and have to meander my way through endless ruffles and peplums on everything from jackets to skirts to blouses to dog collars (fact). Now, before I go any further let me just say that I have nothing against peplums. It’s a trend I still have yet to try for fear of the accentuating affect, but it’s only a matter of days time before curiosity gets the best of me.

More on that later though as I’d like to discuss maxi lengths here.

I’ve mentioned before that they’re the perfect transition piece from spring to summer before you’ve applied a sufficient amount of self-tanner to the legs, but what about in the fall/winter?

I’m all about toying with proportions and in the past have found that a maxi skirt paired with winter appropriate tops can be unflattering in the sort of way that you never want to look like a tree trunk. But when I received this Michael Kors skirt, I knew there was no way I’d let it hang in my closet until next spring/summer. So to the drawing board (otherwise known as the closet) I went and began testing out different looks.

I tried everything from short sweaters to fitted tees and had zero luck. It was then that I decided it was go bulky or go home and I opted for a longer and slightly slouchy sweater with a more structured blazer on top. Jackpot! All this time I’d approached the winterizing of maxi skirts by trying lighter pieces on top like I do in the summer, when in actuality all I had to do was embrace the bulk!

J.Crew blazer | Reiss sweater | Michael Kors skirt | vintage boots | Soixante Neuf ring | Kenneth Cole watch | Minusey bracelet | Mulberry bag | Ray Ban sunglasses

// photos by Emily Malan

A Week in Review

September 28, 2012
by Sonia

Not my favorite kind of weather…

I’m not really a fan of rain (is anyone?), but it’s supposed to be cloudy and wet all weekend and I’m not in the least bit mad. I want nothing more than the opportunity and legitimate excuse to curl up in my bed all day watching movies and reading.

This week actually went by pretty quickly, which I attribute to the fact that Monday kicked off with a bang at a fun and tasty dinner at Kenneth Cole’s Grand Central store, followed by a lots of productive market appointments and meetings, and planning an upcoming Gatsby-themed party!

I’m flying to Amsterdam on Monday for the launch of a new collection (more to come!), so I plan to lay low until it’s time to hop in the car and jet off to Europe for the first time in FAR TOO LONG.

Until Monday pickles!

A yummy and beautiful meal at Kenneth Cole

A little irony c/o MSGM

Look what arrived in a giant Kenneth Cole box! ;)

Oh Lilies, I love you so much but your pollen makes me sneezy!