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The Hoodie

October 17, 2013


I wore so many hoodies throughout college and high school I may as well have been Eminem in 8 Mile. While most hoodie-wearers paired the cozy tops with equally cozy bottoms — i.e. gut-expanding sweatpants or leggings — I took my hoodie cues from the homelessly chic Olsen twins; these sweatshirts weren’t just about comfort, they were style.statements. Hoodies were a more important component to my day-to-day look than shoes (guilty!), and I paired them with everything from fitted blazers to flared denim to cropped t-shirts that exposed my peach baby-fuzz snail trail.

This all began to fade away however, when I graduated from the days of textbooks and cafeteria food to day planners and martinis. Suddenly an outfit paired with a hoodie was no longer a desired look; it felt too youthful and casual for my New York City life. And soon, the hoodies which once took residence in one of the more accessible drawers in my apartment moved to a plastic bin under my bed.


In the past year, the relaxed, casual trend has made a comeback and consequently slithered its way back into my day-to-day style (let this be a lesson to all of you out there who love to throw things away. Things do come back into style!). I’ll still always have an affinity for sky-high heels and more sophisticated pieces, but it’s refreshing to have the option to wear, say, a fuzzy camouflage hoodie, and not look or feel like a complete and utter college-campus-bum. Other perks to the reintroduction of hoodies is the convenient kangaroo pouch (hello, cell phone!), the hood (hello, nap time!), and the sheer softness of the fabric (this isn’t your average itchy mohair sweater).

When it came to styling said hoodie, I opted for pieces that one might not immediately assume to pair with a sweatshirt (i.e. not jeans). After a few trial and error periods — the jeans were just so tempting! — I went with this crisp white pleated skirt, the heeled booties you’ve likely grown sick of, and the leather jacket that I may remarry this weekend just to make sure it knows the level of my devotion.

Do I think this trend will stick around? No, probably not. But hoodies, no matter how you wear them, be it curled up on your couch on a Sunday night or attempting your best Carrie Bradshaw strut down 5th Avenue, will always be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

You can quote me on that.


Alternative Apparel hoodie | Schott jacket | Supertrash skirt (this one is awesome, too) | Kelsi Dagger booties


// photos by Emily Malan

The Other White Denim

May 30, 2013
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by Sonia


After a long winter of tampons and black skinny jeans, I’m happy to report that the latter are folded up on the shelf for the summer (the former unfortunately is still planning her monthly visits, but whatever. For once this isn’t about Flo). Though I’m not quite ready for bare-legged season (we’re getting there though!), my growing collection of white denim has become the go-to alternative to my fall through winter black jean obsession. But after a few weeks of back-to-back white jeans combined with being too lazy to do laundry (don’t judge me. I know you relate), there comes a point when:

a) You realize you need to lock it up, get some quarters, and do laundry. But come on, this breakthrough only comes when you’ve run out of underwear.

b) Your friends start making side comments about your recurring outfits and/or the guac stain build up on your pant legs. ‘Tis the season for margs and guac! AmIright!?

c) You start seeking alternatives to your new and very obvious addiction.


I went with C. and found the next best thing to white jeans in a soft canary yellow pair that coincidentally match this house around the corner from my apartment. Go figure!

After a few tastings, like pork to chicken, I found yellow jeans to be the other white meat. Though they aren’t quite as versatile and uniform as a grilled piece of chicken (or white denim), when paired correctly or standing on their own (if going topless is your thing), they become the commanding item on the plate…or outfit. I’m losing track of whether I’m discussing pants or poultry here. But I digress…


The point here is that I still haven’t done laundry and am just waiting for the next pivotal stain  — be it guac related or because Flo’s in town — to make it’s mark. And until that happens, I find solace in knowing that yellow pants will continue to dominate in my daily sartorial choices, even while wearing a shirt that makes me look like Quasimoto from time to time.


But don’t worry, I won’t leave you with a photo of me channeling the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Instead, I leave with you this close up shot of some arm swag complete with a bracelet adorned in beads reading, “Let’s Bone.” Spring’s supposed to be about babies anyways…


Zara shirt (are you sick of it yet?) | J Brand jeans via Article& | Proenza Schouler shoes (again!) | BCBG clutch | Venessa Arizaga bracelet, H&M choker


// photos by the one and only, Emily Malan

Mom Jeans

May 9, 2013
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by Sonia


In honor of Mother’s Day (it’s this Sunday for all you terrible sons and daughters who forgot), I thought I’d address one of the fashion stigmas they’ve bestowed upon the world: ‘Mom Jeans’. For those unfamiliar with the garment, Mom Jeans are the awkwardly baggy yet tapered jeans that sit high around the waist, sag around the butt, and are as unflattering to the female figure as a silk romper bunched up around the camel-toe. But back in the prime time of Mom Jeans, our mothers were not wearing jeans to make style statements and attract men. They already had our dads on lockdown, as is evident by giving birth to us and becoming moms. These jeans were built for comfort when driving in mini vans and station wagons to pick up us kiddies from school and do all the other kinds of schlepping our loving mothers do. (My mom cut the crusts off my sandwiches, did yours?)


It took me several years to get my mom out of Mom Jeans, and it was a slow and steady process — all beginning with the brand Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. I am happy to report that she is now looking and feeling babe-a-licious in the Sheri Skinny Jean, but in order to address the Mom Jeans stigma I asked to borrow the very pair she wore throughout my eighties/early nineties childhood. I also busted out some Wasa crackers because I have yet to meet a mom who doesn’t eat those (mine enjoys hers with peanut butter in the mornings). This station wagon also happened to be parked right outside my apartment and just felt all too fitting. Carpool, anyone?


Brochu Walker sweater | Calvin Klein jeans ca 1985 | Sperry loafers | Bottega Veneta bag | Wasa crackers


Worn with a standard cashmere sweater, Bottega Veneta bag, and leopard loafers (for the sassy mom), I made sure to show off the worst qualities of the Mom Jeans by doing absolutely nothing to them. Every time I tried to roll up a cuff or add a belt I kept saying to myself, “Don’t do it Sonia. Let these jeans have their moment.” So here you see them, having their glorious billowy moment, 7-inch zipper and all. I admit I was comfortable, but the poor fit was all too awkward to even go grocery shopping or walk Finn. Five minutes of Mom Jeans shame and I ran back inside to play tailor.


Ten minutes later and I was feelin’ sharp. Kind of like how my mom feels in her new skinny jeans. By cuffing her hand-me-downs a few times at the ankle to give them a more tailored tapered leg and adding a cropped sweater to show that there is actually a waistline around that seven-inch crotch to button closure, I actually felt more ladylike than I do in my everyday sausage casing denim. Mom11

With snakeskin pumps (keeping that sassy feeling I got from the leopard loafers, but elevating it five inches), a bib necklace, and my usual jamble of bracelets and bangles, I no longer felt like I should be eating Wasa crackers. Give me a fresh baguette with pâté and a glass of Pinot Noir!


And even though there was still a bunched up nature around the crotch region, I just viewed it as extra room for extra comfort which, need I remind you, is the essence of Mom Jeans! Talk about full circle.


Opening Ceremony sweater | Calvin Klein jeans ca 1985 | Coye Nokes heels | Zara bag | BaubleBar x Honestly WTF necklace


So before you go harping on your mom for her awkward fitting Mom Jeans, I leave you with this advice. Give her a break, because her jeans are actually more awesome and wearable than you think! Not Your Daughter’s Jeans? Please…Not Your MOTHER’S Jeans (even though they are, but you get what I’m saying).



//photos by Emily Malan

Miami Breeze

April 23, 2012
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by Sonia

And I’m back from Miami without any semblance of a tan or sunburn thanks to a day of endless rain and thunderstorms that let up just in time for the wedding ceremony. The wedding was so beautiful (and emotional!) and as for the reception? I don’t think I’ve ever danced so much in my life! I’m not one to cut a rug, but there was something about being with my best friends and adopted family that had me throwing all inhibitions out the window and tearing up the dance floor until it was time to go home. The dress you guys picked out for me also played a major role in my dance-a-thon. All that billowy fabric served as a major asset to the dance moves I didn’t even know I had in me. But let’s keep talking about the dress…

When it first arrived I was so skeptical. It was a total tent on me and looked more like a nightgown than an evening dress fit for a Miami wedding. But after some trial and error I cinched the waist with a red belt that ended up adding a nice pop of color to the breezy look. I completed the outfit by matching my lipstick to the belt, keeping things neutral on my feet, and going for some much needed sparkle by way of my clutch.

Now the next challenge is making this dress casual for a summer day in the city. Thank you all for picking something so beautiful for me to wear!

{ Tibi Dress, J.Crew belt, bangle & shoes, Mikkat Market clutch }

//photos by Gillian Smelick

Wardrobe Game-Changer

February 29, 2012
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by Sonia

This blazer is a wardrobe game-changer. At first glance you might be wondering what on earth a rabbit hole is doing dangling around my thighs, but allow me to explain. Along with adding a modern touch to an otherwise standard piece (it actually kind of reminds me of Kimberly Ovitz), this rabbit hole makes it possible for me to wear this blazer in at least five different ways. Slipping an arm through the hole suddenly turns the blazer into an elegantly sexy blouse, while putting my head through it adds an entirely new and structured look. Pure architectural genius.

I decided to wear it in its most simple format the other day, but stay tuned for a post where I show you all the different ways it can be worn!

{ Harputs Blazer, Zara Shirt (similar here), Hudson Jeans, Kelsi Dagger Boots, Zara Bag, Stella & Dot Necklace, Bauble Bar Frog Cuff }

// photos by Sevan Kalayjian