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DIY • Multi-Layered Necklace

May 25, 2011

Tom Binns is easily my favorite jewelry designer. From his safety pin cuffs (you can see me wearing one in practically every outfit post) to his brilliantly colored necklaces (see here & here), I just cannot get enough of his designs. Unfortunately, many of his pieces are out of my price range and I am thus forced to sit and stare at them like a puppy dog in a window hoping that my pleading eyes will magically place one of his swarovski crystal necklaces around my neck. I realize that this plan is a bit ridiculous (ok, a lot ridiculous) so I decided to take matters into my own hands and created a multi-layered necklace inspired by his designs. Since I don’t have access to swarovski crystals, I improvised with candy colored beads and a design that imitates many of his pieces.

You will need:

  • atleast three different kinds of beads
  • 24 gauge craft wire, metallic flex wire and illusion cord
  • pliers, metal clippers, tweezers
  • lobster claw clasp and 5 inches of gold round link chain

1. After deciding which bead you want to use as the main part of your necklace, string them onto the illusion cord (I strung about 36 beads) and fasten one end of the cord to the lobster claw and the other end to the gold round link chain.

2. String the same kind of beads from Step 1 onto metallic flex wire (I strung about 30 beads). Fasten each end of the metallic flex wire to the strand you made in Step 1. I counted six beads in on each side of the first strand before fastening the second strand.

3. Bend craft wire into half moon shape and string on the next set of beads (I strung about 18). Make two of these.

4. Fasten the craft wire onto the strand of beads you made in Step 2. I counted six beads in before clasping the craft wire and left six beads between the two sets of craft wire.

5. Finally, using the illusion cord, fasten your ornamental beads into the middle of each half moon and one in the center of the necklace.



DIY ♛ Princess Headbands

May 11, 2011
tags: bohemian headbands, , headbands, , princess, , , sparkly headbands
by Sonia

When I was little I was a huuuge lover of playing dress up. After forcing my brothers to don capes and armor, I’d dress up in lingerie slips, glittery flats and sparkly headbands and begin Act I of the play Rescue Sonia from the Evil Wizard. Now that I’m “all grown-up” (yeah, right…) I don’t think I stand a chance in getting my brothers to dress up as knights in shining armor, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dress up like a princess from time to time.

I already own a vintage slip (see here) and glittery heels, so all that was left on my “princess checklist” was the sparkly headband. However, instead of spending a fortune on just one twinkly headpiece, I decided this was a perfect opportunity for a DIY! So, without further ado, I bring you an easy-as-pie step-by-step guide to making your own princess headband!

You will need: a needle & thread, hot glue gun, scissors, elastic trimming, sparkly jewels!

1. Using the elastic trim (I chose a black velvet for this particular headband), measure the circumference of your head, snip snip with the scissors and then stitch the two ends together.

2. Once you’ve secured the two ends together, hot glue the sparkly ornament of your choosing onto the elastic and let dry. (**note: I like to glue the sparkly piece over the seam of the headband so that it doesn’t show)

3. Place the crown on your head and begin your reign as princess!

* Check out my festival headband DIY (here) for even more hands on fun!

She’s Crafty

August 30, 2010
tags: , arts, crafts, , etsy, , givenchy, green laundry, homewares, , make it at home, projects, ps i made this, Rachel Comey, spiked headband
by Sonia

I’ve always been a fan of D.I.Y. projects. From crafting headbands and jewelry to adding studs or spikes to pieces of clothing, I just love it when I can create something. There’s nothing like going to a store and seeing something for sale that you can easily make with your own two hands. Not only is it economical, but it’s fun and extremely rewarding!

While there are tons of different sites and books devoted to D.I.Y. projects (P.S. I Made This is my personal favorite/obsession), I find that I am constantly ripping pages out of magazines or saving images on my computer of things that I want to make. I admit that attempting to turn my apartment into a full on art studio can get a bit ridiculous, especially when I have little Finn stomping on my projects, but it’s a small price to pay for the fun  and satisfaction I get from these D.I.Y. activities. Below are a few items I hope to make in the near future.

Painted Sticks

via trendland

Patched Up Denim

Givenchy Spiked Headband


via greenlaundry

Rachel Comey Lace Pocket Blouse