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H&M Launches E-Commerce, The Butt-Mold on my Couch Deepens

August 1, 2013
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by Sonia

H&M-logo 2

Today’s the day folks. No, I’m not pregnant, nor am I referring the fact that it’s Jerry Garcia’s birthday, I’m talking about the launch of H&M’s e-commerce site. Commence the excessive online shopping!

I remember what it was like when Zara launched it’s e-commerce site on September 7th, 2011. Just as with any other major day in our national history, I marked my calendar and did what so many other Americans did that day, I checked to see what all the fuss was about. Well, the fuss was about a lot of things, most notably that the way I shopped was about to change drastically. Though I’ve been an online shopping enthusiast for years now — eBay was my kryptonite in college — my go-to store, Zara, still had me going to its various locations. In fact, a frequent topic among friends was deciding which Zara had the best stock and what times were best to avoid endless lines and crowds. But now that they have an e-commerce site, I really only step foot in a Zara when I have to return something that I’ve ordered online — one of the many perks of their e-commerce experience.

Now, with H&M’s new site, I imagine that my entry into any of their numerous locations will decrease significantly. No more lines. No more horrible fitting room experiences. Just me, my computer, and my loyal UPS guy, Jared. And what’s more? The Isabel Marant x H&M collaboration will be available online on the same day it’s available in stores, November 14th, 2013. Hopefully they’re prepared for the masses to invade their site and won’t have a situation similar to the fateful Missoni x Target crash of 2011.

But what I can’t help but wonder is if this is just another step toward ridding myself of one of the greatest things about shopping: the experience. I used to love the act of going shopping. When you go into a store you can sift through the racks, you can feel the fabrics, you have the option of trying on multiple sizes, you can actually become tired after a day of going in and out of stores. After all, it was Carrie Bradshaw who said, “Shopping is my cardio.” But now I’ve been presented with yet another reason to deepen the mold of my butt on my couch cushions. However, maybe this means less people will be in H&M stores thus making the experience of going into one of them much better? I don’t know. What I do know is that I already have six items in my cart and there’s no line for check out.

Isabel Marant x H&M…Oh, YES!

June 11, 2013

Hold everything. Isabel Marant is doing a capsule collection for H&M? I think it might be Christmas in June.
I don’t usually share fashion news/collaborations on ye ol’ blog, but when it seems too good to be true I can’t help but share (see the Marni collaborooski). So naturally, when I checked my email this morning and saw that my favorite Frenchy, Isabel Marant, is in the works to create an affordable capsule collection with H&M, my eyes bulged out as I screamed, “Awooooooooga!”
Until this point, I was pretty done-zo with the whole collaboration thing. It was starting to feel like overkill. And beyond that, it’s almost impossible to get your hands on the limited edition collection because they sell out in a split second. But an Isabel Marant collab? Sign this stud-obsessed, french enthusiast, and bohemian afficionado up! 
There’s no news yet regarding what the collection will entail, but do we really need to know? Has Isabel Marant ever disappointed? Obviously I want a preview, but should there fail to be one, I’d still set up a tent and barbecue outside H&M to get ahold of whatever she designs the day it hit stores, which happens to be November 14th.
Are you as excited as I am? Do you want to join forces and set up camp on Fifth Ave? I’ll get the coffee, you bring the bagels.

The Other White Denim

May 30, 2013
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by Sonia


After a long winter of tampons and black skinny jeans, I’m happy to report that the latter are folded up on the shelf for the summer (the former unfortunately is still planning her monthly visits, but whatever. For once this isn’t about Flo). Though I’m not quite ready for bare-legged season (we’re getting there though!), my growing collection of white denim has become the go-to alternative to my fall through winter black jean obsession. But after a few weeks of back-to-back white jeans combined with being too lazy to do laundry (don’t judge me. I know you relate), there comes a point when:

a) You realize you need to lock it up, get some quarters, and do laundry. But come on, this breakthrough only comes when you’ve run out of underwear.

b) Your friends start making side comments about your recurring outfits and/or the guac stain build up on your pant legs. ‘Tis the season for margs and guac! AmIright!?

c) You start seeking alternatives to your new and very obvious addiction.


I went with C. and found the next best thing to white jeans in a soft canary yellow pair that coincidentally match this house around the corner from my apartment. Go figure!

After a few tastings, like pork to chicken, I found yellow jeans to be the other white meat. Though they aren’t quite as versatile and uniform as a grilled piece of chicken (or white denim), when paired correctly or standing on their own (if going topless is your thing), they become the commanding item on the plate…or outfit. I’m losing track of whether I’m discussing pants or poultry here. But I digress…


The point here is that I still haven’t done laundry and am just waiting for the next pivotal stain  — be it guac related or because Flo’s in town — to make it’s mark. And until that happens, I find solace in knowing that yellow pants will continue to dominate in my daily sartorial choices, even while wearing a shirt that makes me look like Quasimoto from time to time.


But don’t worry, I won’t leave you with a photo of me channeling the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Instead, I leave with you this close up shot of some arm swag complete with a bracelet adorned in beads reading, “Let’s Bone.” Spring’s supposed to be about babies anyways…


Zara shirt (are you sick of it yet?) | J Brand jeans via Article& | Proenza Schouler shoes (again!) | BCBG clutch | Venessa Arizaga bracelet, H&M choker


// photos by the one and only, Emily Malan

For Fruits Sake!

March 13, 2013
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by Sonia


Pears my be one of my least favorite fruit; right up there with red apples. Unless prepared in a salad with gorgonzola, endive, and walnuts, I say no to the awkwardly shaped fruit because they are either too juicy or extra mealy. When I first saw this sweater I had mixed feelings. I obviously loved its kitschiness, but could I really promote a fruit I so openly despise? And then I realized this is just like those guys who wear baseball hats of a different team based solely on the color combination. If a Yankees fan can wear a SF Giants hat, then I can wear a god damn pear. Done deal.

So now here you see me wearing this pear-centric sweater on one of the more spring-like days we’ve had so far. There’s just something inexplicably wonderful about how kitschy tops — be it a cat, a toothy smile, or an in your face, bright yellow pear — lessen the seriousness of an outfit. Obviously wearing a giant pear shouldn’t be your go-to sweater for a job interview (unless you’re interviewing to be a babysitter in which case wear it everyday), but for those hectic errand-filled weekends when acting like an adult feels slightly exhausting, busting out something a little more playful is surprisingly refreshing. Extra points if you glue a pair of googly eyes on it.




Who needs the Harlem Shake when you can do the Skeptic Tap Dance?


H&M jacket (oldie poldie) | J.Crew sweater (this walrus/pear is pretty cool, too) | Madewell jeans | Gucci heels | Cole Haan bag

// photos by Emily Malan

The Purpose of Style

March 6, 2013
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by Sonia


With the exception of skyscraper heels, I’d like to think my style is pretty functional. Sure I’ll pile on the accessories or wear an extra layer or two, but it’s important for me not to have an outfit that requires a lot of fidget and fuss. Outfits that have you constantly pulling down a skirt or adjusting a belt are not only frustrating, but make you look uncomfortable. Style is supposed to be fun and experimental, not a nuisance. So for the most part, I nix any outfit additions that get in the way or serve no purpose.

I’ve often admired punks and 90s grunge icons for their ability to look effortlessly cool when really we all know their outfits took some serious time and thought to put together. Sid Vicious and his piling of spiked belts. Kurt Cobain and his multitude of layered cardigans. The kids hanging around Tompkins Square Park or St. Marks Place with their tattered tights and mohawks. Do you know how long it takes to actually get a mohawk to stick straight up? I don’t, but I imagine it takes awhile. And Sid Vicious, I love you, but I’m fairly certain your three spiked belts all fastened to the side were not all there to keep your pants up. Yet, while these pieces serve next-to-no-function (i.e. ripped tights do not keep you warm), they do serve a purpose; the purpose of style.

Taking cues from the Fall 2013 runways, I’ve been testing out different ways to add more layers to a single look before spring and summer roll around and I’m stripped of anything that will cause an excess of sweat. I don’t like things to feel too bulky — having socks bunch up while inside my shoes may be one of my biggest pet peeves — so I started simple with a 90s grunge inspired plaid shirt tied around my waist. Though it serves no functional purpose, it added an extra element of proportion, texture, and style to a look that felt a little too simple without it. I can also report that when double knotted I never had to fidget to keep it in place.






Schott leather jacket | H&M sweater (similar here) | Catherine Malandrino dress (similar here) | Rail shirt (similar here) | Zara boots | Chloé bag | Ray-Ban sunglasses | Michael Kors scarf

// photos by Emily Malan