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January 17, 2012

Alexander McQueen

As someone who dresses a little more simply on a day-to-day basis, details are really important to me. For example, I love it when pants are lined with a bright color or when a collar is decorated with studs. The Spring 2012 runways were full of details but the gold adornments were the ones that caught and nestled in my eye. I mean, who doesn’t love a little gold bling in their everyday wear?

To put my art history major to good use, let me just say that Balmain’s collection was like Art Deco meets Byzantium with its angular lines decked out in gold. And then there’s Valentino with those perfect gold studs that seem to be the brand’s new defining factor. Jill Stuart may have been an Easter egg in fabric and colors but the nails were bedazzled in gold dots that I’m officially dubbing my next DIY. Dries Van Noten dabbled in the metallic hue with hints of copper on their shoes and Gucci had an Art Deco 1920s collection that I’d give my first child for. But if I had to choose a single gold embellishment for my Spring 2012 wardrobe, I’d have to go with Yves Saint Laurent’s gold-plated pepto bismol pink loafers that I hope to buy the second they hit stores.



Jill Stuart

Dries Van Noten


Yves Saint Laurent

Green Gucci Envy

January 12, 2012

I don’t normally do posts like this, but new year, new ideas, new posts. You feel me?

Anyways, I didn’t watch the People’s Choice Awards last night (I’m not a big TV person) but upon browsing through my usual morning reads I blacked out while falling in love with Emma Stone’s look last night. I’m pretty convinced this girl can do no wrong (I think I went a little lesbian when she wore that peach Calvin Klein gown to last year’s Golden Globes), and this tuxedo inspired ensemble is my epitome of outfit perfection. The cropped green Gucci jacket with the tailored trousers is so waiter-chic I can’t stand it. I just searched the internet in the hopes of finding this jacket but had no luck. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. But actual jacket or not, you can expect to see me replicating this outfit in the very near future.

What do you think of it?

A Week in Review

December 9, 2011
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by Sonia

{ Surprise subway ride on a train from 1931 }

I’ve had an event every.single.night this week and while I’d love to say I’m happy the weekend is here, it’s looking like things won’t be slowing down this weekend either. Although I don’t have any events on the agenda, I’m planning on strapping myself to my desk all weekend to get a ton of work done. Why you ask? Because next Saturday I’m heading back to San Francisco (yippee skippee!) and I want to make sure that I can focus the majority of my attention on Christmas preparations (not to mention I have a ton of deadlines next week that are making me cross-eyed just thinking about them). As much as I enjoy a busy beaver schedule, I’m really starting to crave some time off. Here’s to next Saturday!

{ Cinnamon tortilla chips at El Diablo Royale }

{ Any and every amount of free time was spent DEEP in Hunger Games - I’m on Book 2 now! }

{ My free time was not spent attending to the pile of jewelry growing on my dresser }

{ An evening at MILK for Coco Rocha’s documentary film “Letters to Haiti” }

{ Scent du jour - Gucci “Guilty” }

Fashion’s Past

September 29, 2010
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by Sonia

Although there are a whole slew of amazing new ad campaigns hitting the newsstands as I type (Refinery29 does a pretty great round-up of them here and here), there are certain campaigns from the past that stick out in my mind like a Meryl Streep movie.

Anyone born before 1986 can’t help but remember the notorious Calvin Klein ads featuring a waifishly thin Kate Moss and extra hunky Mark Wahlberg…oh, excuse me, I mean Marky Mark and his “Good Vibrations”.  Or how about the heart melting Ralph Lauren “Romance” ads with Tanga Moreau and Cedric Jimenez? Or, one of my personal favorites, the ever classy Claudia Schiffer clad in over-size Jackie-O shades in the Salvatore Ferragamo campaigns.

When I was younger I used to save every.single.magazine that I bought. I had stacks upon stacks of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and no I’m not afraid to admit it…Seventeen Magazine (hey, it was cool in the 90s). But, in attempt to not turn my room into it’s own episode of Hoarders, I got rid of all my old, perfume scented glossys and thus lost all the hard copies of some of my favorite ad campaigns. While this “cleanse” happened years ago (we’re talking 1998 at the latest), I still think about those campaigns that caught my eye back in the days of braces and school uniforms; the days when I would often rip pages out of magazines and tape them to my wall, admiring them while I attempted homework.

When these adolescent years passed, I was still obsessing over fashion ads, but in a much different way. Instead of taping them to my wall, I would rip them out of their publications and store them in an over-stuffed folder that managed to travel with me from highschool to college and then to New York, but I stupidly threw it out on my last apartment move. While I didn’t look at them very frequently, I would often look back through them when I needed inspiration. But, after some serious research I managed to find online scans of a few of my favorite ads that I thought were gone forever and thought I’d share them with you.

Chanel 1998 by Karl Lagerfeld

Calvin Klein Jeans 1993 by Herb Ritts

Gucci F/W 1996 by Mario Testino

Missoni F/W 1997 by Mario Testino

Romance by Ralph Lauren 1999 & 2001 by Bruce Weber

Louis Vuitton Jewelry 2004 by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

Salvatore Ferragamo F/W 2007 by Mario Testino

Kate Spade S/S 2006 by Tim Walker

Ralph by Ralph Lauren ca. 2001

Miu Miu S/S 2008 by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

photos via tfs

Léa Seydoux va à Cannes

May 20, 2010
tags: Cannes 2010, , Jean Paul Gaultier, , , , Robin Hood, , what was she wearing?
by Sonia

Runway Hippie “It-Girl”/favorite Léa Seydoux is dominating the red carpet this year at Cannes Film Festival. She’s there promoting her latest film Robin Hood, but like most Cannes participants, she’s managed to keep a busy schedule, attending a variety of screenings and parties, which for the likes of you and me means, MORE FASHION!

I have always loved Léa Seydoux’s style; she’s quirky, sexy, and elegant - a rare mix these days - but I think I have fallen even more in love with it since seeing her latest looks on the Cannes red carpets. I’m not sure if she has a stylist, but let me be the first to say that whomever is behind her dress choices this year has a little bit of genius in them. From a Jean-Paul Gaultier corseted cupcake dress to a dazzling, straight-from-the-runway Louis Vuitton to an ethereal emerald green Gucci gown, Léa has not only dabbled in a number of different A-List designers, but she’s also shown off her style diversity.

I can’t wait to see what else she has in store.