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The Hoodie

October 17, 2013


I wore so many hoodies throughout college and high school I may as well have been Eminem in 8 Mile. While most hoodie-wearers paired the cozy tops with equally cozy bottoms — i.e. gut-expanding sweatpants or leggings — I took my hoodie cues from the homelessly chic Olsen twins; these sweatshirts weren’t just about comfort, they were style.statements. Hoodies were a more important component to my day-to-day look than shoes (guilty!), and I paired them with everything from fitted blazers to flared denim to cropped t-shirts that exposed my peach baby-fuzz snail trail.

This all began to fade away however, when I graduated from the days of textbooks and cafeteria food to day planners and martinis. Suddenly an outfit paired with a hoodie was no longer a desired look; it felt too youthful and casual for my New York City life. And soon, the hoodies which once took residence in one of the more accessible drawers in my apartment moved to a plastic bin under my bed.


In the past year, the relaxed, casual trend has made a comeback and consequently slithered its way back into my day-to-day style (let this be a lesson to all of you out there who love to throw things away. Things do come back into style!). I’ll still always have an affinity for sky-high heels and more sophisticated pieces, but it’s refreshing to have the option to wear, say, a fuzzy camouflage hoodie, and not look or feel like a complete and utter college-campus-bum. Other perks to the reintroduction of hoodies is the convenient kangaroo pouch (hello, cell phone!), the hood (hello, nap time!), and the sheer softness of the fabric (this isn’t your average itchy mohair sweater).

When it came to styling said hoodie, I opted for pieces that one might not immediately assume to pair with a sweatshirt (i.e. not jeans). After a few trial and error periods — the jeans were just so tempting! — I went with this crisp white pleated skirt, the heeled booties you’ve likely grown sick of, and the leather jacket that I may remarry this weekend just to make sure it knows the level of my devotion.

Do I think this trend will stick around? No, probably not. But hoodies, no matter how you wear them, be it curled up on your couch on a Sunday night or attempting your best Carrie Bradshaw strut down 5th Avenue, will always be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

You can quote me on that.


Alternative Apparel hoodie | Schott jacket | Supertrash skirt (this one is awesome, too) | Kelsi Dagger booties


// photos by Emily Malan

Glasses: The Most Versatile & Important Accessory

August 22, 2013
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by Sonia


The beauty of an accessory like sunglasses (or RX frames for all you lucky poor-sighted folk), is that they go with everything. Unlike handbags and jewelry which really ought to change with every outfit, peeper-frames are universal. Just look at how Jenna Lyons has worn her thick framed glasses to everything from a regular day at J.Crew to the red carpet at the Met Gala. Regardless of if she needs them for eyesight, she’s made them a necessary and complimentary addition to her signature style. But a common issue that I think we are all faced with when dealing with glasses is that price points can be Mt. Everest steep. And as much as I’m ready to drop dollars on an exceptionally flattering pair of designer frames, my clumsy, absent-minded self will no doubt sit on them before they even reach my face.

Warby Parker introduced a new and affordable way to buy eyewear and now, New York Fashion Week designer, Cynthia Rowley, has joined in on the fun with the launch of her very own site Each set of frames, of which there are many, many awesome pairs, are $99 or $129 for prescription. Cue the sound of your bank account clinking his heels together.


What I love most about the new collection is that, much like Rowley’s clothing, each set of frames can work with a number of different styles. Take the above look for example: a preppy blazer makes the light pink, round, and vintage-inspired sunnies look like they’re manufactured in Nantucket. Fun fact: they’re not.


If something edgier is more your speed then swap out those seersucker trousers for a leather motorcycle jacket and these shades will still work. Now I look more like I’m ready to get a tattoo on St. Mark’s than I am about to jump on a sailboat and eat lobster. Same sunglasses, different style, still working.


Should you find yourself the more feminine “I love to wear pink!” type of girl — which I am the furthest from but decided to embrace for the sake of this post — then again, you’re in luck with the versatility of Rowley’s eyewear. The round pink frames only girlify (made up word) the girlishness of this look which is also emphasized by the kissy face. Kiss kiss. Smooch smooch. Xoxo, Gossip Girl.


And finally we have the metropolitan eskimo. The sun blares extra bright against the snow, so sunglasses are essential to the style and well-being of an urban eskimo. For the record, I have no idea what an urban eskimo is, but if they exist, I imagine they’d wear a furry vest much like the one I’m wearing and Rowley’s eyewear, of course.

Now comes the even more fun part. From now through September 15th, Rowley Eyewear is offering all Runway Hippie readers a 20% discount! Simply use the code runwayhippie20 at checkout and bing bam boom look at that mushroom, the already affordably chic shades are even more affordably yours.

End scene.

// photos by Emily Malan

Do You Like My Buns?

April 10, 2013
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by Sonia


Back when I had long hair I almost never wore it up. Perhaps it was due to my butter fingers or the fact that I am as experienced with hair as a llama is with rollerblades, but the whole notion of “throwing my locks up into a perfectly messy bun” was non-existent. I would, without fail, end up with a dinosaur bump on the top of my head, a rat tail at the base of my neck, or a knot so complex that I became far too familiar with the term “rat’s nest.”

However, since impulsively chopping off my hair a few months ago I have started experimenting with different ways to wear my hair. I don’t have the most incredible hair in that it’s not thick and luscious like a Victoria’s Secret model, nor does it make a stylist throw his hands up in excitement as if he’s just seen a mouse, but it’s thin, wavy, and there’s lots of it. In short: it’s manageable and malleable.

As an avid admirer of the bun elite — aka the types of women who can just throw their hair up into a perfectly messy bun while running on the treadmill — I present you with three bun varieties that I’ve come to master thanks to many frustrating mornings, afternoons, and evenings in front of the mirror. And with them of course comes three very different looks from beachy and casual to sweet and sophisticated to chic and edgy.

The Low Messy Knot


This bun is perhaps the easiest to achieve. Leaving just a few strands in the front loose, gather your hair back into a ponytail at the base of your neck. Then pull it through an elastic twice, the second time only pulling it half way through, twisting the hair into a loose knot and securing with the rubberband. Give your scalp a little massage to loosen up the roots and go about your day as recklessly as possible. The messier the better is all I have to say on this. Think sex hair.

The Wispy Ballerina Bun


This is the kind of bun that would have gotten me in loads of trouble back in my days as a hardcore ballerina. But since I’m no longer doing tondues seven days a week, I can enjoy this kind of sloppy bun as much as I enjoy a trip to In-n-Out Burger. To achieve this look simply pull your hair up into a high, messy pony tail and secure with an elastic band. Wrap the ponytail around the base as if you were making a snails shell. Lock everything in place with a few bobby pins and then pull some strands out from the bun as well as around the front of your hairline. Embrace those wisps we all try so hard to hide!

The Power Bun


I am a very recent advocate of the slicked dominatrix bun. I always thought it would make my face look shapeless like a potato or that it would feel too reminiscent of my aforementioned hardcore ballerina days. But alas the slicked bun is as powerful a tool as red lipstick. With a little water, a brush, and some rock-solid hairspray this is a speedy way to look put together on even your most hungover of days. It’s also the kind of bun you might want to wear to a shindig that results in a next-day hangover. To achieve it, slick your hair back in a low ponytail at the base of your neck. Twist that horse’s tail into a snail shell and secure with bobby pins and hairspray.

Voila! Au revoir! 


December 13, 2012
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by Sonia

I’m really not much of an earring person. In high school I wore them all the time, but now I feel like they make me look a little too “done up.”

Most earrings really take glamorous to the next level (like this pair), which is not something I want for everyday. I’ve dabbled in small studs, but none have stuck as everyday wear like my rings and delicate bracelets.

I purchased this pair of gold bar studs a few weeks ago with the hope that they were just edgy enough to add to my permanently-on-my-body collection; and once I put them on my hopes came true. They’re subtle, edgy, and not that noticeable unless you’re really glaring at my ears, which would be weird. I haven’t taken them off since, and am starting to think they opened the door to other subtle earring options…but I’m not going to get ahead of myself just yet.

Defining Moments

May 5, 2011
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by Sonia

Someone recently asked me to describe my personal style and I think I looked at them with a blank expression for about half a minute before mumbling out some long description that made me sound like a pretentious poop. Truth be told I don’t think I really have a style that can be categorized, I’m really a day-t0-day type of person. However, I’ve been putting a lot more thought into it and I’d like to think that my style is a melting pot of all the places that I love in the world - a little California girl, a little Parisian bourgeois, a little edgy New Yorker…no? Or perhaps a mix of the eras that I love - 1920s flapper meets 1940s sophistication meets 1960s hippie meets 1980s punk? Golly gosh I just don’t know. See how jumbled I am about this!?

In an effort to “define my style” I’ve pulled together some images that inspire my outfits on a day-to-day basis.

How would you define your style?

images accumulated from various sites over a very long period of time (weheartit, tumblr, etc)