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»· Style Icon : Gillian Zinser ·«

August 4, 2011
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by Sonia

I’ve only been a follower of Gillian Zinser for a few months but it only took a few seconds for me to consider her one of my style icons. She’s got the bohemian look down to a T and clearly wears far more vintage than any other brand or designer. My kind of girl!

I love how she pieces structured elements like cropped leather jackets and cinched button-downs with more billowy pieces like her maxi skirts and oversized dresses. Much like some of my other style icons like Zoe Kravitz and Georgia Jagger, Gillian’s style is evidently laid back and yet she looks so put together regardless of if she’s walking a red carpet or a grey sidewalk. Can’t you just see her style becoming more and more like Rachel Zoe’s? The queen of bohemian sophistication!


January 11, 2011
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by Sonia

I have been following Pia Arrobio’s blog “Fighting the War Against Blowing it” for a few months now and have become completely obsessed with the way she produces dreamy, nostalgic photographs and honest and raw writing. Pia grew up in Los Angeles and has been moving back and forth between NYC and LA for the past six years. However, after a recent freelancing gig during New York Fashion Week ended up turning into a full time job, Pia has since made NYC her full time home. With no apartment or furniture, Pia moved into the People’s Revolution building where she has been living for the past four months.

Pia currently works at Peoples Revolution and although she has a deep passion for photography and producing, she vows never to make it a full time profession. “It would create pressure for me around something - and maybe the only thing - in my life that is simple and thoughtless”. Indeed, her photos have a beautiful quality of peacefulness and lightness that can only come from someone who approaches her work with a free spirit and carefree attitude.

In her latest blog post, Pia featured a series of photographs that she produced for Oyster Magazine and before I knew it I’d saved every single photo on my computer. The editorial was shot at Pia’s best friend Chase Cohl’s (see my style icon post on her here!) cabin in Laurel Canyon, California with photographer Cameron Smith. Using the road trips that she and Chase took to the desert and up and down the California coast as her inspiration, Pia describes the shoot as a “casual day of dress up”. She and stylist Cat Wennekamp styled the model, Anna Speckhart, in a combination of clothes that Cat brought and that Chase had lying around the house, essentially dressing her up the same way the team dresses on a day to day basis…hippie chic. Aside from the clothing however, I have to say that what I love most about this editorial is that it seems to just be a glimpse into a fun day Pia spent hanging out at her best friends house. As much as I love editorials that are so outrageously far out they barely make any sense, there’s something to be said for the more quiet, intimate ones that have my mind replaying memories of growing up in California.

Below is combination of photos from the editorial spread and pics Pia took during the day of the shoot.

Wrapped Up

November 22, 2010
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by Sonia

One of my favorite pieces in my closet is my black Morphine Generation cape. While not easy to pair with everything, I find that whenever I wear it my level of chicness increases by a great degree. The only real issue with wearing a cape is figuring out how to  carry your handbag, which Garance Doré articulates beautifully in her recent blog post “My Cape” (see here). I’ve found that the best bags to carry while donning a cape are ones with short handles that can either rest on your wrist or be carried in your hand - anything else just hangs awkwardly or has to be hidden underneath the cape which just looks weird. So although not the most practical garment to wear (they’re not very warm either…), there’s no denying that capes look unwaveringly stylish. Like a sky-high pair of stilettos, a cape may not be very comfortable but it will always look good. All for the sake of fashion, right?


photos via harpers bazaar, the sartorialist, stockholm street style & google image

Style Icon: Isabel Lucas

October 7, 2010
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by Sonia

While now quite famous for her role in Transformers 2 and as a past love interest of Adrien Grenier, Isabel Lucas has been one of my style icons for quite some time. Much like Isabel I am a lover of vintage dresses but I often find their hemlines to be frumpy and unflattering, so I shorten them like nobodies business. Isabel however, manages to pull off that Little House on the Prairie look and manages to make it look both feminine and chic. When roaming the streets you’ll rarely see her wearing anything but billowy skirts and long dresses, but once she hits the red carpet she glams things up with tighter silhouettes by some of fashion’s most noteworthy designers like Marchesa, Pucci, and Chanel.

While there are some people whose wardrobes I would like to raid and others whom I’d like to go shopping with, it’s only with Isabel Lucas that I’d like to take on flea markets, thrift stores, and vintage shops. She certainly knows how to scour the racks for those one in a million pieces and you just know she has a couple of secret vintage shops where she finds only the best of the best second hand items.

But what I love most about Isabel’s style is that it’s one that I can really get behind/relate to. It’s not overly girly, it’s relaxed and comfortable, and it’s a look that transitions throughout each season just by adding or removing layers! A California girl’s dream come true!


photos via tfs