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The Hoodie

October 17, 2013


I wore so many hoodies throughout college and high school I may as well have been Eminem in 8 Mile. While most hoodie-wearers paired the cozy tops with equally cozy bottoms — i.e. gut-expanding sweatpants or leggings — I took my hoodie cues from the homelessly chic Olsen twins; these sweatshirts weren’t just about comfort, they were style.statements. Hoodies were a more important component to my day-to-day look than shoes (guilty!), and I paired them with everything from fitted blazers to flared denim to cropped t-shirts that exposed my peach baby-fuzz snail trail.

This all began to fade away however, when I graduated from the days of textbooks and cafeteria food to day planners and martinis. Suddenly an outfit paired with a hoodie was no longer a desired look; it felt too youthful and casual for my New York City life. And soon, the hoodies which once took residence in one of the more accessible drawers in my apartment moved to a plastic bin under my bed.


In the past year, the relaxed, casual trend has made a comeback and consequently slithered its way back into my day-to-day style (let this be a lesson to all of you out there who love to throw things away. Things do come back into style!). I’ll still always have an affinity for sky-high heels and more sophisticated pieces, but it’s refreshing to have the option to wear, say, a fuzzy camouflage hoodie, and not look or feel like a complete and utter college-campus-bum. Other perks to the reintroduction of hoodies is the convenient kangaroo pouch (hello, cell phone!), the hood (hello, nap time!), and the sheer softness of the fabric (this isn’t your average itchy mohair sweater).

When it came to styling said hoodie, I opted for pieces that one might not immediately assume to pair with a sweatshirt (i.e. not jeans). After a few trial and error periods — the jeans were just so tempting! — I went with this crisp white pleated skirt, the heeled booties you’ve likely grown sick of, and the leather jacket that I may remarry this weekend just to make sure it knows the level of my devotion.

Do I think this trend will stick around? No, probably not. But hoodies, no matter how you wear them, be it curled up on your couch on a Sunday night or attempting your best Carrie Bradshaw strut down 5th Avenue, will always be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

You can quote me on that.


Alternative Apparel hoodie | Schott jacket | Supertrash skirt (this one is awesome, too) | Kelsi Dagger booties


// photos by Emily Malan

Camo Bo Bamo

March 25, 2013
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by Sonia


Trends are bullshit. You know why? Because the minute you say “I would never wear that” you find yourself coveting a similar item only a year or so later. Case in point: the camouflage print. I can attest that back in the day when items from Delia*s and Abercombie + Fitch dominated my closet there were indeed some camo pieces, but it has been over a decade since I even considered wearing it.

Until recently, the print reminded me of my not so stylish pre-pubescent days where braces were color coordinated with holidays and butterfly clips surrounded my ballerina bun. But now I find myself strangely attracted to the print and its surprising versatility. Like plaid or pinstripes, camouflage can stand as well on its own as it can when paired with equally busy prints — i.e. leopard. And so here you see me betraying my previous sentiments of hatred regarding the camo print and wearing it like it’s a necessary staple in my day-to-day wardrobe.

This not only supports my initial statement that trends are bullshit, but also that fashion is fickle. One second you’re swearing off anything snakeskin and then you’re wearing gold snakeskin pants that Snooki probably wore in the first season of Jersey Shore. Oh fashion, you trickster.





Zara jacket & shirt | Hudson jeans | Schutz shoes | BCBG bag | Celine sunglasses | Kenneth Cole watch

// photos by Emily Malan