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NYC Chocolate Festival

November 14, 2011

{ Me at roughly 2 years old hoarding the cupcakes }

As a wee tot I always preferred strawberry or vanilla over chocolate (see above) - something about the richness of chocolate never sat well with my refined two year old taste (kidding). Only in the past year or two have I really started to love chocolate. Milk chocolate. Dark chocolate. Chocolate mousse. You name it, I’m into it.

For my birthday this year, my friend Erin bought me a ticket to the NYC Chocolate Festival. On Saturday afternoon she and I took on the festival head first, hoarding every sample that came our way. Among the dozens upon dozens of chocolate stands, my favorite was easily the six week old bakery, Salt of the Earth. Combining two of my favorite ingredients, salt and chocolate, this baby bakery boasted the best brownies and chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had. Returning to their stand about three times to get a handful of samplings, I’m definitely going to have to order from their bakery sometime this week.

Here are some shots from the festival this past weekend.

{ Salt of the Earth brownies }

»· A Week in Review ·«

July 29, 2011
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by Sonia

My brother Phil is visiting this week, so I’ve spent the entire time up at my Mom’s house in Connecticut hanging out with him and my Mom, eating far too much delicious food and swimming until I prune. It’s so seldom that my family is all together and I’m so excited for my other brother and sister-in-law to arrive tonight. I can only hope for the kind of ridiculousness that comes around the holidays and birthdays.

What happens when your family gets together?

I have all kinds of new, fun projects in the works that I’m so excited to share with you all, but until then I’m going to go hit the shore with my brother and my fishing rod and hopefully catch something worthy enough for tonight’s dinner.

Have a simply splendid weekend!

{ Spicy bloody mary’s at Ocean House in Watch Hill }

{ Storm’s a-brewin’ - *note: this photo is not in  black and white! }

{ A visit to a local farm with baby turkeys and lambs! }

{ Straight up poolin’ it }

{ Finnie love }