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It’s a Pant Revolution

September 4, 2013
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by Sonia


Shopping for pants can be a bit daunting — OK, a lot daunting. With inconsistent sizes, unflattering fits, and frustrating fabrics that leave seam imprints on your skin, it’s no wonder sweatpants and pajama-style dressing has become a trend. Pants are supposed to be comfortable and flattering, so why do I find myself shuddering at the thought of trying on a few pairs for the upcoming season? Well, because a lot of the time pants are uncomfortable and detrimental to the beauty of our legs. For example, you will never see me in a pair of flared denim without heels because my legs more closely resemble that of the Michelin Man than they do the set I was born with. In short, they look stumpy and bulbous and last time I checked I had a 36″ inseam. But just as I was ready to throw in the towel and give elastic waistbands a more prominent role in my daily attire, LOFT announced the launch of their “Love Your Pants” campaign.

The brand teamed up with research company, Fortini-Campbell, to discover and understand exactly how women feel about pants, and as it turns out, most women find shopping for pants more unbearable than shopping for a bikini. That means that most women would rather be almost naked than have to play Goldilocks, sliding their thighs in and out of multiple pairs of trousers to find style that fits juuuust right.

Hearing the roar of over 10,000 women from coast-to-coast, LOFT reinvented their pants this season, applying all the things women wished their pants would do to their legs into the new collection. They removed excess fabric in the thighs for a slimmer look, lengthened the leg by lowering the knee break to make our stems appear longer, widened the waistband for a flatter, smoother stomach, and lifted and angled the rear to get rid of any sagginess. The result? A pair of pants that I’ve come to live in, be it at a casual brunch, late night dinner and drinks, or lounging on my couch watching Breaking Bad. They’re just that comfortable, stylish, and versatile.

Here I’ve paired LOFT’s Marisa pant with the aforementioned casual brunch look followed by a late night dinner and drinks look to prove that they work with flats, heels, a worn in tee, and/or or a sheer tank top. I would have included the look of me in the Marisa on my couch, but I think I’ll let your imagination run with that one.



Feasting with Friends Look: Vince shirt | LOFT pants | Office brogues | Mulberry bag | vintage hat and sunglasses



Whip Your Hair Back and Forth Look: BCBG blazer (similar!) | Enza Costa tank top | LOFT pants | Zara heels

Subway Gear

August 14, 2013


Perhaps the title of this post made you think you were about to see images of me in some sort of scuba suit stuffing my face with a Subway sandwich a la Jared Fogle, which let’s be honest, is entirely possible. Or maybe you thought I would be dissecting the MTA’s orange vest and blue polo uniform, which is less likely but still a possibility. But alas it’s neither of these. Instead, I’m here to fulfill a reader request inquiring about an outfit I might wear while commuting around the city. (Hear that folks? Reader requests are granted. So if you’re wondering what I wear to the gym or what kind of tampons I use, go ahead and ask.)

As much as I’d like to tell you that I wear intricate outfits and 4-inch stilettos while riding the L train, I just don’t (ok fine, sometimes I do). Until I can ditch my $112 Metrocard for a daily driver named Sal or Tony, my feet are sticking to flats during the daytime. And though the low soled footwear may not be my favorite kind of jam, my toes certainly dig them (insert toe jam joke here).


This is a very standard outfit for me: some type of skinny jean, a boyfriend blazer, sneakers (or boots in the fall), and a large bag to carry unnecessary things like torn up boxes of gum covered in sand. It’s pretty ideal for when you’re trekking around the city, though depending on the meeting I might bring a pair of heels with me since these Converse have been around since 2004 and are probably the reason my subway car was so empty the other day.

I should also note that because the subway is at least 20 degrees warmer than the temperature outside and about 100% more humid, pairing a blazer and tight jeans in the dead of summer may result in a shiny forehead (see below image), but that’s nothing an airconditioned subway car won’t take care of. This brings me to the realization that New York is actually really gross in the summer, but whatever, I love it anyways.


BCBG blazer | Helmut Lang shirt (yup, same one I’m wearing here and nope, I haven’t washed it) | Paige jeans | Converse sneakers | Zara bag | Tom Binns & The 2 Bandits bracelets
//photos by Emily Malan

The Other White Denim

May 30, 2013
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by Sonia


After a long winter of tampons and black skinny jeans, I’m happy to report that the latter are folded up on the shelf for the summer (the former unfortunately is still planning her monthly visits, but whatever. For once this isn’t about Flo). Though I’m not quite ready for bare-legged season (we’re getting there though!), my growing collection of white denim has become the go-to alternative to my fall through winter black jean obsession. But after a few weeks of back-to-back white jeans combined with being too lazy to do laundry (don’t judge me. I know you relate), there comes a point when:

a) You realize you need to lock it up, get some quarters, and do laundry. But come on, this breakthrough only comes when you’ve run out of underwear.

b) Your friends start making side comments about your recurring outfits and/or the guac stain build up on your pant legs. ‘Tis the season for margs and guac! AmIright!?

c) You start seeking alternatives to your new and very obvious addiction.


I went with C. and found the next best thing to white jeans in a soft canary yellow pair that coincidentally match this house around the corner from my apartment. Go figure!

After a few tastings, like pork to chicken, I found yellow jeans to be the other white meat. Though they aren’t quite as versatile and uniform as a grilled piece of chicken (or white denim), when paired correctly or standing on their own (if going topless is your thing), they become the commanding item on the plate…or outfit. I’m losing track of whether I’m discussing pants or poultry here. But I digress…


The point here is that I still haven’t done laundry and am just waiting for the next pivotal stain  — be it guac related or because Flo’s in town — to make it’s mark. And until that happens, I find solace in knowing that yellow pants will continue to dominate in my daily sartorial choices, even while wearing a shirt that makes me look like Quasimoto from time to time.


But don’t worry, I won’t leave you with a photo of me channeling the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Instead, I leave with you this close up shot of some arm swag complete with a bracelet adorned in beads reading, “Let’s Bone.” Spring’s supposed to be about babies anyways…


Zara shirt (are you sick of it yet?) | J Brand jeans via Article& | Proenza Schouler shoes (again!) | BCBG clutch | Venessa Arizaga bracelet, H&M choker


// photos by the one and only, Emily Malan

Camo Bo Bamo

March 25, 2013
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by Sonia


Trends are bullshit. You know why? Because the minute you say “I would never wear that” you find yourself coveting a similar item only a year or so later. Case in point: the camouflage print. I can attest that back in the day when items from Delia*s and Abercombie + Fitch dominated my closet there were indeed some camo pieces, but it has been over a decade since I even considered wearing it.

Until recently, the print reminded me of my not so stylish pre-pubescent days where braces were color coordinated with holidays and butterfly clips surrounded my ballerina bun. But now I find myself strangely attracted to the print and its surprising versatility. Like plaid or pinstripes, camouflage can stand as well on its own as it can when paired with equally busy prints — i.e. leopard. And so here you see me betraying my previous sentiments of hatred regarding the camo print and wearing it like it’s a necessary staple in my day-to-day wardrobe.

This not only supports my initial statement that trends are bullshit, but also that fashion is fickle. One second you’re swearing off anything snakeskin and then you’re wearing gold snakeskin pants that Snooki probably wore in the first season of Jersey Shore. Oh fashion, you trickster.





Zara jacket & shirt | Hudson jeans | Schutz shoes | BCBG bag | Celine sunglasses | Kenneth Cole watch

// photos by Emily Malan




The New Casual

March 11, 2013
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by Sonia


There are only two scenarios where you will find me dressed without thought: when going to the gym and/or when walking Finn. It’s not that throwing on a pair of leggings and some comfy shoes doesn’t cross my mind on a regular basis, but I like to look good and find I’m more productive when showered and “properly” dressed.

The last few runway seasons however, have blurred the line between sportswear and ready-to-wear. Colorful running shoes have become as much of a staple for the fashion elite as they have for gym rats. Track pants are no longer just paired with soccer cleats, they’re worn with designer heels. Sports bras have become a new sort of crop top, though you had better have a six-pack to go with them. And that’s just the thing — are all these new athletic style statements boosting peoples interest in exercise? I have no idea. Though I will say that people are far better dressed at the gym (myself excluded). It has also brought a new appropriateness to street style (myself somewhat included).

A few years ago I would never have considered running shoes and athletic-inspired pants as a feasible outfit for anything other than the gym or walking Finn. I have always shunned those women who wear sneakers for their commute to work and I was never one of those girls who looked good in oversize basketball shorts and a hoodie. So how could sportswear as ready-to-wear ever be right for me? I decided to test the trend this weekend.

I felt a little strange at first, mainly because never in my life have I worn running shoes for anything other than working out. But after a couple of hours I felt pretty cool — like one of those aforementioned girls who looks good in mens basketball shorts and a college hoodie. I was also ridiculously comfortable. Like I could have curled up and taken a nap or gone on a run. Had it not been for the blazer however, I would have felt a little slobbish. And that’s where the fine line is. I’m all for this sportswear trend, but if you’re going to wear it for a purpose other than exercising, at least throw something a little tailored and polished in with the mix.




BCBG blazer (similar) | MSGM shirt | LNA pants | Nike sneakers | J.Crew bag (similar & on sale) | BCBG watch | Catbird rings

// photos by Emily Malan