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Tomboy Twist

November 26, 2013


Growing up with two older brothers meant that I was constantly stealing from their closets without permission. Oversize jeans, ripped up t-shirts, and dinosaur print sweatshirts were some of the more frequent pieces I “borrowed” before my brothers outgrew them and they became hand-me-downs. But even I wore their clothes, I always managed to put my own, girly spin on things. From a pile of plastic pearl necklaces wrapped around my neck to my first pair of white patent leather Mary-Janes that went clickity clock, there was never a moment when my outfit looked strictly tomboy. In fact, I distinctly remember the first time I stuffed my bra because I thought my brother’s San Francisco Zoo t-shirt paired with blue jeans was too boyish and figured the easiest way to put an end to that was with a pair of toiletpaper stuffed boobs.


Decades later and I still borrow from the men’s department, steal my brothers’ (and father’s!) clothes, and vamp up each menswear inspired look with a feminine twist. Some of my go-tos for doing so today are with a visible black bra which I no longer have to stuff, heels which still go clickity clock, and/or a bold red lip which you see me pursing here. You may not be the belle of the ball, but it’s one way to take a look from Billy Bob the Banker to ladylike Lydia…or something like that.


Rag & Bone hat | J.Crew shirt and trousers | Zara loafers | Dannijo necklace


// photos by Sara Neel
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