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The Perfecto

August 6, 2013
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by Sonia


Schott Leather Perfecto Jacket

I know, we’re in the sweaty midst of summer, so what am I doing sharing a leather jacket with you? I’m preparing you, that’s what.

As much as we may resent the faster-than-we’d-like end of summer, now’s the time to start prepping your wardrobe for the best sartorial season of the year, Fall! And what better way to get into gear than with the ultimate fall necessity — no, not a rake for leaves — a leather jacket!

While getting my neck and wrists decked out in jewelry at a shoot last winter, I noticed a deliciously buttery leather jacket draped across the accessory stylist’s shoulders. My first assumption was that it was the Acne biker jacket I’ve been writing to Santa about for years, but much to my surprise — and my wallet’s delight — it was by a brand I’d never heard of before, Schott. She told me she bought it at one of those Harley Davidson stores interspersed around multiple neighborhoods in New York City, and with one quick Yelp search, I was on my way to what I assumed would be the next best thing to a Biker Bar, of which I have been to one and it was not that great. ZZ Top, so not my type. A man’s beard should never be longer than my hair. I’m getting off topic here. Back to leather jackets.

I went into the biker apparel Mecca, expecting to turn around within thirty seconds of entering, but my eyes locked in on the leather number I’d seen only an hour before. A glance at the price tag, $530, and I knew it was mine. Now, I know it’s still a hefty sum, but comparatively speaking, it’s a pretty decent price for a leather jacket, as most run between $700-$2,000. What’s more is that these are the types of pieces I for one think we should all be investing in. If you’re going to wear something everyday — which, when it’s cooler out, I do — then it’s well worth paying a little extra on, don’t you think? I’d also like to note the durability of finding a piece that’s apparently worthy of a biker babe cruising down the highway on her Harley. If it can withstand the rough and tough lifestyle of a Hell’s Angel, then it can certainly handle my life on the L Train.

Here it is in action:

IMG_4665 copy

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