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Luna Park

February 4, 2011
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by soniaevers

February is hands down my least favorite month of the year. Even though I managed to make it through last February without a single accident, trauma, or life-spinning-rapidly-outofcontrol mess, the second month of the year never comes without a bit of dread and fear. I’ve found that the best way to get through such months as this is to stay busy and involve myself around people and things that make me happy. Thankfully, this month is already looking to be pretty packed with Fashion Week less than a week away and one of my best friends Gillian and my Mom coming to visit soon there after. But I couldn’t start February off  without a Weekend Getaway post that only emits positive and happy thoughts and memories.

Luna Park.

Although it’s a name shared by dozens upon dozens of amusement parks around the world, the Luna Park I’m thinking of is one I went to with my family in Viareggio, Italy back when I was a wee tiny tot. In case you didn’t pick up from my birthday post (here) that part of me is still easily five years old, then perhaps this will make it clearer. There are few things in life I love more than amusement parks. Yes, more often than not they’re overcrowded and it seems that I’m never able to win any of the games, but there’s something about the atmosphere, bright colors, and never ending fun that has me returning to them whenever I get a chance.

Aside from being horribly terrified by the Haunted House (my Mom was screaming too), I distinctly remember nothing but smiles and laughter when I went to Luna Park. I think my brothers and I must have gone down the ripply slides at least a dozen times and rammed into each other with bumper cars until our necks couldn’t take it anymore. I can still taste the fluffy sweetness of the pink cotton candy, can feel that moment of butterflies when a ride is about to start and can hear all those wonderfully playful sounds that can only be associated with an amusement park. I would love to spend just one day this month channeling my inner five year old at an amusement park like Luna Park. And I bet if I tried hard enough I could win one of those big stuffed animal prizes…ok, whom I kidding I suck at those games.

is this not one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen? •

Have you ever been to Luna Park?


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