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New York Fashion Week - Day Four

September 18, 2010
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by Sonia

Day Four started at a leisurely pace. My first show wasn’t until 2pm, so I slept in, ate a scrumptious breakfast and lounged around my apartment for awhile before getting dressed and making my way up to Lincoln Center for Rebecca Taylor. There was a massive line of people waiting to see the show, but I thankfully ran into my friend Michelle so I had someone to hang with while waiting. Much like Cynthia Rowley’s show yesterday, they overbooked the seating, so masses of people were trying to push and shove their way into the Studio to see the show. Michelle and I wound up slammed against a wall unable to see anything which made being at the show relatively pointless. But, when I checked back to see what walked down the runway I nearly cried when I saw the above red dress. If there’s anything I need in my closet next season it’s that dress! From the color to the cut to the fabric I love this dress from top to bottom, inside and out. I can totally imagine wearing it in the breezy days of Spring with some cute wedges or even in the Fall with some tights, lace-up boots and a leather jacket! The rest of the collection was equally as beautiful, so I highly recommend checking it out on

Next up was Max Azria where I became completely starstruck as I saw Carine Roitfeld sitting across from me.

Bonjour! •

I have to say that the Max Azria collection was pretty boring. Slinky silk dresses and structured blouses dominated the collection in a palette of creamy whites, blushy pinks, and minty greens. It’s not that the clothing was ugly, because some of the pieces were actually quite beautiful, but it was very simple and, well… boring! I guess I just expected more from the Azria’s.

Erin Fetherston was next on the list, but I had a bit of a break so I took my time as I ventured downtown to MILK, stopping for a latte and a snack on the way. Once I got to Fetherston I was handed a complimentary glass of champagne (seriously, all designers should do this), and met the ever lovely Kelly Framel of the Glamourai! She was as adorable and sweet as she is on her blog; an absolute delight to talk to. And even more beautiful in person might I add! She’ll be working the Erin Fetherston this season so I’m excited to see how she brings her talent and creativity to the Fetherston label.

My camera started acting funky so those were the only pictures I got from the Fetherston show which is a total bummer because she showcased a lot of beautiful fabrics and bright, bold colors as well as these awesome sunhats that felt very Meryl Streep in Out of Africa. I love hats, they can seriously make any look go from bland to brilliant!

I was supposed to go to the Pamela Love preview after Fetherston, but had to make a mad dash uptown for the Montblanc Event. Pretty bummed I missed out on Pamela Love, but the Montblanc party was well worth it. The party was dedicated to remembering the life of John Lennon and was hosted by Susan Sarandon (Stepmom anyone?!). In addition to a private screening of Nowhere Man, a film about the early years of John Lennon’s life, there were appearances by Yoko Ono (I died) and Helena Christensen as well as a live performance by Christina Aguilara singing Imagine. So all in all a pretty awesome event, but I’m ticked off that my camera wasn’t working!

While I could have stayed at the Montblanc afterparty for hours munching on the five star hors d’oeuvres, The Strokes were playing the Tommy Hilfiger party so I obviously had to go to that. I hadn’t seen them live since highschool so I was pretty excited to hear them again. They’re not a band that I generally “put-on” but seeing them perform reminded me how much I enjoy their music!

Thank you Blackberry for taking this photo •

Day Five next! Stay tuned.

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