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Classically Beautiful

June 25, 2010
tags: audrey hepburn, brigitte bardot, classic beauties, classic fashion, grace kelly, iconic beauty, jackie kennedy onassis, marilyn monroe, sophia loren
by Sonia

This morning as I approached my closet in the hopes of creating an incredible outfit, I became thoroughly disappointed by my lack of creativity. No matter what I tried on, everything looked terrible and all I wound up with was a pile of clothes on the floor surrounding my feet. Let me just say how much I hate such mornings as these. It’s not like I’ve never worn these clothes before, but for some reason, on a day I want my closet to present me with something magical, I wind up sweating, irritated and self-loathing.

But not this morning my wonderful readers. Not this morning, indeed. For this morning I decided not to let my lack of creativity force me into a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt; instead, I returned to the classics. I turned my fashion inspiration towards women of the past who are known for their elegance, sophistication and tasteful sense of style. From Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly to Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, these women stuck to classic, feminine silhouettes that flattered their figures and highlighted their features.

So, with these iconic beauties in mind, I re-approached my closet and wound up with a high-waisted white skirt, a nautical blue and white vertical striped oxford, a pair of woven brown leather wedges and finished it all off with a coral shade of lipstick. Trust me, when you’re in a fashion bind, returning to classic shapes, prints and fabrics will not only allow you to walk our of your apartment looking great,  but you’ll feel confident about it too.

Here are some classic beauties who inspire me:

Grace Kelly •

• Brigitte Bardot •

• Sophia Loren •

• Audrey Hepburn •

• Marilyn Monroe •

• Jackie Kennedy Onassis •

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  1. Melissa permalink
    June 26, 2010 11:35 pm

    I wanted to decorate my closet with pictures of these style icons. Love the pictures!


  2. MayaStar permalink
    June 27, 2010 3:10 pm

    yes, they are amazing!

  3. July 2, 2010 9:02 am

    “… I wind up sweating, irritated and self-loathing.”


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